Top Tips for Taking Your iPad Productivity to the Next Level!

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While it is not exactly a laptop, an iPad can get things done! It is the perfect companion for people who are constantly on the go. This device won’t take too much space in your backpack, but it can make you super productive.

Of course, learning a thing or two about all the exciting features this device has is a must. So, let’s begin!

1. Personalize your iPad with widgets

Widgets have been essential for increased productivity on an iPad. They are a phenomenal way to customize your Home screen and keep you organized. For instance, you can keep your Calendar app widget right on the screen, with all the upcoming events and tasks listed for you to see.

personalize your widget on ipad for productivity

If you want to improve your workflow or reduce distractions, widgets can help you out. Customize each Home screen differently. So you have your work screen, entertainment screen, etc. As an example, add your inbox widget and a to-do list to your work screen. You will have everything you need to start your morning right.

2. Use Quick Note

Imagine that you are going through a lengthy article or perhaps browsing Instagram for content inspiration. You see something you like and want to write it down immediately. Enter Quick Note! This nifty feature is easily accessible. All you need to do is swipe diagonally from the bottom right corner of your iPad. You will see a small note pop up.

use quick notes on ipad

You may add anything there – links, images, text, or even use your pencil to write notes. Every quick note will be stored in your Notes app, and you can access it later.

3. Copy and paste faster

Gestures can help you copy and paste faster. Of course, you have to work on these moves a little to make sure you can use them seamlessly in your routine. Once you feel comfortable, you will copy and paste like a productivity machine.

The first thing you need to do is highlight any text. Then use a three-finger pinching gesture. Your iPad will tell you that you copied the text. Find where you want to paste the text and use a three-finger zooming gesture. It does sound a bit tricky, but practice makes it perfect!

Learn how to use a clipboard on an iPad

4. Try out Focus

The Focus was one of the most revolutionary features of the iPadOS 15. Let’s face it – most of us get easily distracted by notifications. But Apple gave us a clever solution to that problem. Focus filters the alerts, allowing you to be fully present. If you use an iPad for working or studying, you have to give Focus a try.

A user can create several custom Focus profiles. It all depends on what you are doing on an iPad. Want to be focused on writing your term paper only? Mute all alerts except for urgent messages and calls. On the other hand, those who game on the iPad can pause all notifications and set a busy status.

5. Live text

When Apple introduced Live text, I immediately knew it would be a nifty feature. It allows you to grab any text from an image. It can save you so much precious time. Students can take a photo of a book page, select a paragraph, and paste it into a document.

Furthermore, users may save phone numbers, email addresses, a list of social media tags, and more just by taking a photo of it. Live text is excellent at detecting letters, and there are rarely any mistakes, which is a huge plus.

6. Split view for multitaskers

A Split view is a lifesaver for everyone, especially students. It makes doing the research and typing out the important parts easier. If you are not familiar with Split view, it essentially allows you to access two apps side by side on your screen.

For instance, you can open Safari and Notes at the same time. Use the three dots at the top of your screen to launch the Split view. There is a divider down the middle of the screen, and you can adjust it as well, making one window bigger or smaller.

7. Turn notes into text

Apple Pencil is ideal for writing down quick notes during lectures or meetings. But sometimes, we need to copy the written text into a new document or in your digital planner. Luckily, you can turn your handwritten notes into text.

turning notes into text with ipad

The process is pretty straightforward – open your Notes and select your handwritten text by double-tapping on it. Then choose Copy as text from the menu and paste it wherever you want. It is a quick way to convert your notes and use them elsewhere.

8. Read books on an iPad

Those of you who want to read more shouldn’t dismiss the power of an iPad as an eReader. Yes, paperbacks are great, but an iPad can store hundreds of titles, and they are available to you at all times. The Books app offers many useful options like highlighting and a dictionary.

Researchers may multitask and pair the Books app with a note-taking app. You may save quotes and helpful references. Goodnotes is my favorite note-taking app because it allows you to create different notebooks for various subjects. Of course, the app store has numerous other note-taking apps, so finding the right fit for you is not too hard. 


Sure, there are other ways how to use your iPad productively. Some apps that will help you keep organized like Notion, Trello, Muse App, apps that will help you learn languages, apps that will help you to learn piano, so many other things you can do on iPad that would be considered productive, but it’s all on you what you choose to do, here’s some example how we use it, hope this gave you some new ideas on how you can take advantage of your iPad.

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