About Me

I’m here to help you decide which is the best iPad/tablet for you. I also write guides and tip articles to help you navigate your device. I’ve been writing about tablets & iPads and other gadgets since 2018 and I’ve learned quite a lot and I like to share that with you.

Who am I?

I’m Ernests. I use to have another blog where I wrote about tablets and iPads, but I had to sell that blog and start everything from the beginning, with a fresh start new vision, and even better articles than before.

You can read why I had to sell my previous blog here.

Why am I doing this?

It’s pretty simple – I like you to help find your next device by providing you with the necessary information – features, pros, cons, specifications, and my personal experience.

I try to write my articles in a very straightforward way. I know there are a lot of confusing terms and words and I try to simplify it and provide you only with the necessary information.

I’ve spent 4+ years researching iPads and Tablets and I’m aware of the most common issues people are facing while looking for their next gadgets and also I’m aware of the most common problems people face when they buy their devices, that’s why I’m not only writing the Top 10 articles but provide my readers with guides on how to set up your devices, how to manage them and how to use them properly.

What’s my rating process?

My method is purely subjective. I’ve done a lot of research and I will continue to do so. I always try to come up with solid criteria when writing top articles.

There are many use cases for tablets, some people just want to buy a tablet purely to watch Netflix in bed. In these scenarios I will consider the most important factors if that’s your main purpose – I will rate tablets according to these factors – screen size, resolution, sound, battery life because those are the main features you need to enjoy your favorite TV show or movie on a tablet.

Am I objective when it comes to raking tablets?

I try to be. I will never add a tablet at the top just to receive a higher commission or something, income from a blog is secondary to me, I try to write the most objective articles as I can with honest ranking.

I do receive a small commission from Amazon if someone clicks on the links below devices and actually buys them, but I will never try to manipulate these rankings just to receive a higher commission, that’s not my objective.

Translating process

You will notice that my blog is translated into German and Spanish language. I do speak and understand German, but not enough to do this on my own.

I work closely with Freelancer from upwork.com and they are helping me translate the content.


I’m a single man running this blog and I update my content on a regular basis, but each month there’s a new tablet and it takes time to test it and research it, but when I’ve done that I will update my articles accordingly.