Apple iPad Air 4 Review

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There’s a newer iPad Air – 5th Gen 2022 model take a look

Well…You don’t have to go for the more expensive iPad Pro anymore. iPad Air 4 is its perfect alternative and with new updates and engines, it delivers big time. With dimensions similar to the iPad Pro, the iPad Air 4 can use the tools such as a magic keyboard without a hitch like the iPad Pro. 

We will delve into the features of the iPad Air 4 shortly but Apple Pencil being compatible with the tablet is something that needed to be said beforehand. Minor tweaks and changes are noticeable and that’s a good thing!

Before getting any further, let’s take a quick look at how the iPad performs across various categories.

Apple iPad Air 4 Pros and Cons

Apple iPad Air 4 Review
8.1/10 Our Score
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Elegant design
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Sharp display
  • Ultra-fast A14 Bionic processor
  • Support for Apple Pencil 2
  • Magic Keyboard
  • USB-C Charging
  • Average camera
  • The headphone jack is missing
  • Face ID is not available
  • Expensive accessories

For Movies8

For Note-Taking8

For Drawing7.5

For Gaming8

For Reading8

For Photo-Editing7

For Video-Calls8

For Web Surfing/Social Media10

Specifications of the iPad Air 4

  • Operating System: iPadOS 14.1, upgradable to iPadOS 14.4.2, Apple A14 Bionic (5 nm), Hexa-core (2×3.0 GHz Firestorm + 4×1.8 GHz Icestorm)
  • RAM: 64GB 4GB RAM, 256GB 4GB RAM
  • Display: Liquid Retina IPS LCD, 500 nits, 10.9 inches, 359.2 cm2 (~81.3% screen-to-body ratio) 1640 x 2360 pixels (~264 ppi density)
  • Dimensions: 247.6 x 178.5 x 6.1 mm (9.75 x 7.03 x 0.24 in)
  • Weight: 458 g (Wi-Fi) / 460 g (3G/LTE) (1.01 lb)
  • Camera: 12 MP main camera, 7 MP selfie camera
  • Port: USB-Type C; magnetic connector
  • Battery: Li-Ion 7606 mAh (28.93 Wh), non-removable

Who is This Device For?

If you fall under the below categories, then without any second thought, you can purchase the iPad Air 4, and you definitely wouldn’t be disappointed.

For All the Movie Buffs

You are bound to enjoy streaming YouTube, Netflix, and any video or movie of your choice on this 10.9-inch liquid retina display.

You can easily connect your headphones or any other audio system through the available Bluetooth or USB-C port.

For Business, Work, or Note Taking

With the availability and support of the Magic Keyboard, backlit keys, and a phenomenal trackpad, this tablet works wonders for increasing your productivity at work.

For the longer working hours, you can easily adjust the angle of the iPad at your convenience.

Working in the creative field? Just get your hands on the Apple Pencil 2nd gen, which magnetically attaches itself and charges by simply snapping to the top.

For All the Travel Lovers

Thanks to the fast performance, a stunning display, and a long-lasting battery of around 10 hours, this makes it an ideal choice if you are traveling.

Features of the iPad Air 4




Note-Taking (Stylus)8



Battery Life8.5




The iPad Air 4 is being offered in a single size to its users. It comes with a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display. This is a good size for a tablet. Not too small and not too big.

You have an enjoyable movie streaming and video viewing experience with the impressive resolution of 2360 X 1640 provided by this tablet and the vibrant color on the screen.

One thing you might miss here, if you have used some other high-end tablets, will definitely be the 60Hz display refresh rate, as compared to the 120Hz refresh rate offered by Apple on the top-end iPad Pro range. So, you might feel some lag while scrolling through news apps or your favorite social media feed.

But overall, the display has more pros than cons, with the large screen and the great display quality.


Storage is a point of disappointment with the iPad Air 4, as you only get 2 options: 64 GB or 256 GB. Now, 64 GB is something, which can never be sufficient, but the 256 GB variant can be a deal breaker if you are on a strict budget. Be ready to pay around $150 extra for the 256 GB.

So, if you are someone who likes to put everything on the phone, but not on the cloud storage, then the iPad Air 4 can be a bit disappointing for you.


With the straight edges, all screen front design, and without the home button, the iPad Air 4 looks a lot like the iPad Pro range.

Some might find the bezel area around the display a bit more, but still, the designs have been improved a lot if we consider the older iPad versions.

The edges are square in shape and sharper, and the design ensures a better grip for the users.

You have an option of a Touch ID scanner if you want to unlock your device with your fingerprint. This is well placed at the left of the top edge, along with the lock button. The speakers are placed, two each at the top and bottom edges.

The right hand edge is dedicated to the volume up and down button, along with the magnetic connector below the buttons, to attach your Apple Pencil stylus for charging.

You can connect the Apple’s Smart Keyboard with the second Smart Connector which is available on the rear side. The tablet is very fulfilling if you want to sketch or take notes or if you want to work with a word document.  Simply use the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard and your work is done. 

If you are a fan of colored tablets, you will really be spoilt for choices, as Apple has introduced this tablet in Silver, Space Grey, Green, Rose Gold, and Sky Blue options.

The weight of the WIFI-only version is 458 grams, whereas, for the LTE-ready version, it is 460 grams. The dimensions of these models are the same, 247.6 X 178.5 X 6.1 mm.


The speakers of this tablet are great. The stereo speakers are a delight for any music lover. With the clarity of the speakers, you will notice the presence of bass too. Even though the iPad Air is a thin tablet, you can be assured that the speaker quality is not compromised even a bit

You will get four speaker grills, two each at the top and bottom, and two stereo speakers.


With this tablet, you will get a single 12 megapixel back camera and a 7-megapixel front camera. The camera gives satisfactory results, and you can expect the best results in good lighting conditions.

The back camera can shoot videos up to 4K resolution and 60 FPS. Some other interesting features include the slo-mo videos at 1080p, 240 FPS, video stabilization, and continuous autofocus. However, there is no flash, and hence you need to rely on the natural lights for the pictures.

As far as the front camera is concerned, it is best to limit its use to video calls, as for the selfies, you should use your phone’s camera only if you want some really beautiful clicks. 

Note Taking Experience

Apple has just eased the note taking experience in the iPad Air 4, by providing support for Apple Pencil. So, if you want to take notes, or work on a word doc, or maybe just let your creative mind do its work, this tablet will be more than enough.

Just get an Apple pencil and start the scribbling! The pencil can magnetically attach itself to the tab and charges by simply snapping it to the top.

Battery Life

With the iPad Air 4, Apple provides you with a good battery life of around 10 to 11 hours. That means you can simply binge-watch your favorite shows for a whole day without having to worry about the battery dying.

Are you a fan of COD? Play on this tablet, and be uninterrupted for almost 6 hours!


With the tablet being so lightweight and having a decent battery life, portability will not be an issue.

What’s Inside the Box?

Do not expect any generosity from Apple when it comes to the accessories inside the box. With your new purchase, you will get the below items inside the box:

  • iPad Air 4
  • USB-C Charging Cable 1 meter in length
  • 20W USB-C Power Adapter
  • A user manual
  • Some Apple stickers

every other accessory you need like a case, keyboard, apple pencil – you have to buy those separately.

iPad Air 4 VS iPad Air 3

If you consider buying the iPad Air 3 just to save some money, then you should know that there are a variety of new features provided by the new iPad Air 4, and it is a major upgrade when compared with the iPad Air 3. The main upgrades being the ultra-fast processor, and the magic keyboard.

Before checking out the differences, let’s take a quick look at the similar features that both the tablets offer:

  • 7MP front-facing selfie camera
  • Tablets are compatible with Apple pencil
  • Dual Speakers
  • Storage up to 256GB
  • A good 10-hour battery life
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Compatible with keyboards by using connectors

Differences Between iPad Air 4 and iPad Air 3

iPad Air 4
iPad Air 3
iPad Air 4
iPad Air 3
10.9” Liquid Retina Display 1640 x 2360 pixels resolution
10.5” Retina Display 1668 x 2224 pixels resolution
458 g (Wi-Fi) / 460 g (3G/LTE)
456 g (Wi-Fi) / 464 g (3G/LTE)
A14 Bionic
A12 Bionic
Magic Keyboard
Magic Keyboard
Smart Keyboard Folio
Smart Keyboard Folio
Apple Pencil
Apple Pencil
Second Generation
First Generation

iPad Air 4 VS iPad Pro 2020

With some striking similarities between the two models, Apple has indeed put up a direct competitor for its own iPad Pro 2020 model. So, let’s discuss which one should you buy and which one suits your requirements the best.

Which has a better screen? 

If we discuss the dimensions, the iPad Pro has two different options, 11” or the 12.9” display whereas the iPad Air 4 has only a single size of 10.9”. Hence if you want a bigger screen size, iPad Pro should be your go-to option.

Apart from this, the 600 nits brightness provided by iPad Pro, outshines the 500 nits provided by the iPad Air 4. So, if more brightness is your requirement, you should select the Pro model.

A major point of discussion in the screen comparison is the ProMotion. The 120hz fluid display is worth a mention. This makes the iPad Pro feel super smooth and adjusts and lowers down the refresh rate as per the user’s content.

Both the models support the Apple Pencil, and the experience is only slightly better in Pro as compared to Air. Not much of a difference though!

Which has better performance?

Hands down, the iPad Air 4 will have a better performance than the Pro. The iPad Air is equipped with Apple’s brand new A14 Bionic processor. This is the latest and greatest silicon chip, even faster than the already fast A13 chip.

Which device is better for gaming?

With a powerful chipset, you can be assured that the gaming is similar on both tablets. You can select anyone and you won’t be disappointed.

Which has a better camera?

With the iPad Pro, you will get a 12MP rear main camera and an ultra-wide camera. The ultra-wide camera is missing in the iPad Air 4. So, you can expect a better quality of photography with the Pro model.

Verdict after testing both devices

After testing out both the models, we feel that the features provided by the iPad Air 4 with the price tag are a better deal than the iPad Pro model. 

If you are looking out for a tablet that is sufficient for your day-to-day use, with some business work and note taking, then iPad Air 4 will be best for you. 

However, if you plan on using your tablet as a replacement for your workstation, or you plan to do some heavy business work, or creative work, you should opt for the Pro model.

But clearly, for us, the more affordable iPad Air 4 is the winner.

The Final Verdict

If you are looking for a new tablet, then definitely you should consider the iPad Air 4. With this product, Apple has almost reduced the line between the premium tablets like the Pro and the mid-range tablets.

You will get everything with this one: a great performing device, excellent screen size and display, great battery life, top-notch quality speakers, and a great note taking experience.

The only downside we can think of is the 4 GB RAM, but again, when combined with Apple’s newest A14 Bionic (5 nm) chip, you can be guaranteed to have an amazing browsing experience. 

All the features at a base price of $599. Quite a catch, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Pencils Work With iPad Air 4?

Even though iPad Air 4 supports the Apple pencil, you can only use the second-generation Apple Pencil (Apple Pencil 2) with this model. You can use this for drawing, note-taking,10.9-inch, and any other task.

The first-generation Apple Pencil is not supported by this tablet.

What Accessories Can You Use With iPad Air 4th Generation?

With the iPad Air 4, you can use the below accessories:

  • Apple Pencil 2
  • Magic Keyboard
  • Screen protector
  • Apple AirPods Pro
  • USB C Portable Charger
  • USB C Power Adapter
  • USB C Card Reader
  • USB C to 3.5 mm headphone jack

Is iPad Air 4g Compatible?

 Apple provides two models of iPad Air 4. LTE and WiFi models. The WiFi model will of course not be compatible with 4G. If you’re on the go LTE version is very much recommended, although it’s a bit more expensive. A great workaround is – your mobile device. You can always enable a personal hotspot and connect your iPad to it. 

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