Are iPads Allowed On Planes?

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Choosing the items to put in your carry-on bag could be a daunting task for every traveler. But if you need entertainment during a flight, the iPad can help you out. iPads have the ability to store various forms of media, an iPad will also allow you to unleash your creativity and so much more.

Yes, iPads and Tablets are allowed on a plane. It will be classified as Personal Electronic Device(PED). You can take it in carry-on and checked baggage.

Let’s learn more about traveling with an iPad and discover all the fun activities you can do when the device is in airplane mode!

Can I put iPad in Checked Luggage?

Yes, it is allowed to put iPad in checked luggage. However, it is recommended by airline companies to keep electronic devices(and other valuable items and fragile items) in your carry-on luggage to minimize the risk of damaging your belongings.

The security checkup (TSA)

Every electronic device bigger than a standard phone needs to be reported and removed from a bag for screening. And iPads are definitely on that list. If you have ever traveled with a laptop, the procedure is the same.

Place an iPad in a separate bin, and don’t cover it with other things from your luggage. It is perfectly okay to keep your device in a protective case during the screening. Since TSA operates in the United States only, the rules might be different when traveling internationally.

How to put your iPad in an airplane mode

Airplane mode is an absolute must when traveling by air. So if you don’t know how to switch it on, you are in the right place! There are two quick ways to put your iPad in airplane mode.

Control center

The fastest way to ut your iPad in airplane mode is with the help of the Control Center. You can access it by swiping down from the top right corner of the screen. There will be a tiny gray button with an airplane at the top of the menu. Tap on it, and that’s it – your iPad is in airplane mode! The icon will become orange. Of course, you exit the airplane mode the same way.

how to enable airplane mode on ipad


The second option is to open the Settings and find the Airplane Mode tab on the right side of the screen. It is on the very top. There is a switch within the tab, and you have to tap on it. When it turns green, it means the device is in airplane mode.

how to enable airplane mode on ipad with settings

What is airplane mode?

Frequent fliers automatically switch on the airplane mode without knowing how that option works. When you enable airplane mode, your phone or tablet is no longer capable of connecting to Wi-Fi or cellular networks. The devices will work perfectly fine, but you won’t be able to browse the web or chat with your friends.

Airplane mode prevents a phone from disrupting the communication devices within a plane. Furthermore, it helps keep the cell towers working because the number of daily flights could cause global disruption.  

Awesome things to do on iPad while in airplane mode

You can’t access the internet while your iPad is in airplane mode, but don’t worry – there is still plenty of things to do even if you are not online! Here are some of them:

Catch up on a show

Most streaming services allow users to download episodes or entire movies to their devices, including iPads. So head to the App Store and find an app for the streaming service of your choice. From there, you can enjoy your favorite shows during an entire flight.

Read an eBook

iPad can quickly become an eBook reader thanks to the Books app. Users may download books, audiobooks, or even magazines in the app itself. Once they are in your library, you can read the books even if the device is offline. So if you are more of a book worm, a long flight is the perfect time to cross off another book from your to-read list.

Listen to music or podcasts

Did you know that you can download music through Spotify? Users don’t have to be online all the time to enjoy their favorite tunes. And you don’t have to limit yourself to a single album or artist. Instead, find a playlist you like and always have it on your iPad. Additionally, podcasts are super fun to listen to on flights too!


Is your iPad full of apps you never use but can’t find time to sit down and sort them out? A long flight is perfect for organizing your apps and cleaning up your iPad. Don’t forget about the gallery! After all, you probably have a lot of screenshots and photos you no longer need. You will free up storage space so you can download even more great shows for the return trip.

Play an offline game

Most of us completely forget about video games when we are offline, thinking we need the internet to play them. However, there are plenty of great titles you can play anytime and anywhere. Memory cards, sudoku, Plants vs. Zombies 2 – there is something for every type of mobile gamer!


Creative types may practice illustration and drawing while their iPad is in airplane mode. For instance, Procreate is available regardless of the internet connection. Considering how calming this activity can be, it is precisely what nervous fliers need.


Are iPads allowed during takeoff?

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration, it is okay to use small electronic devices such as phones and tablets throughout the flight. Therefore, they are allowed during takeoff, but you have to put them in airplane mode.

If you are still hesitant to keep your iPad in your hands while the plane is taking off or landing, ask your airline about their regulations. Remember that laptops are still banned since they are bulkier and could endanger you and fellow passengers if a plane encounters turbulence.

Can I use Bluetooth on planes?

You can use Bluetooth devices such as headphones or even wireless keyboards during a flight. These gadgets are short-range and won’t cause any communication interference. However, you might be asked to turn them off during the takeoff and landing. While most airlines allow Bluetooth devices, some have different regulations. You can always contact your airline before the flight to double-check.

Is airplane mode useful when I am not on a plane?

Yes, you can use airplane mode even if you are not traveling anywhere. If your kids often play with the iPad, switching on the airplane mode will prevent them from accidentally calling your contacts or making purchases online. They will still have plenty of things to do, such as enjoy offline games, read books, draw, or even take photos.

Some use airplane mode to eliminate distractions on their phones or iPads. But Apple’s new Focus option is more suitable because it allows you to eliminate the pesky notifications and select the people who can contact you even if you are working.

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