Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is an excellent tablet, especially at its price point. With a great display, an emphasis on performance, and stellar battery life, having a case to protect your Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is of pivotal importance.

So, as soon as we got to review the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, and addressed some commonly found issues such as the battery not charging or it draining very fast, we started finding out the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8. And here are our picks.

1. Fintie Slim Case
  • Brand: Fintie
  • Color: Z-Blooming Hibiscus
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Material: PU Leather


Fintie offers a slim case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 in various colors including navy, purple, black, gray, and floral designs. It has a denim design with a felt material cover.

The case allows easy opening and features Auto Sleep/Wake functionality, eliminating the need to press the Power button. The front cover doubles as a stand with two adjustable angles. Magnets keep the cover closed securely. Despite its thinness, the case provides excellent corner protection with rubber edges.

2. TiMOVO Case
  • Brand: TiMOVO
  • Color: Black Transparent/Pink Transparent
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Material: PU Leather + Hard PC Shell


TiMOVO’s iPad-like case for the Galaxy Tab A8 stands out with its rectangular edges. The tablet fits seamlessly, and the case comes in pink and black. The back is clear plexiglass, prone to fingerprints. The front cover feels like leather and has a felt interior.

It features Auto Sleep/Wake and tactile click buttons. The cover can be rolled back and clicked into two viewing angles with a magnet. This case offers extra protection without covering the tablet’s back.

3. Unicron Beetle Pro Series Case
  • Brand: SUPCASE
  • Color: Black, Guldan, Tilt
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Material: Polycarbonate, Thermoplastic Polyurethane


The Unicorn Beetle Pro Series case for the Galaxy Tab A8 has a built-in screen protector and comes in black. The inside is made of honeycomb-esque TPU material, while the outside features glossy elements, branding, and a kickstand. The screen protector can be removed if desired, but it can be a hassle due to sharp edges. Attaching the screen protector and case is simple. The power and volume buttons are covered by tactile TPU material.

The case has a raised lip for extra protection and shock absorption. It has flaps for the charging headphone jack and charging port. The case provides a good grip and has a built-in kickstand with one viewing angle. While it adds weight to the device, it offers great protection for those serious about safeguarding their Galaxy Tab A8.

4. Ztotop Case
  • Brand: ZtotopCases
  • Color: Black, Brown, Blue
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Material: PU leather


The ztotop Tab A8 comes in Denim black and brown leatherette material. It has an elastic strap with a magnetic tab, a small front pocket for cards and papers, and cutouts for speakers, volume buttons, charging ports, and headphone jack.

There are no protective buttons, but it has a strap for better one-handed holding and two viewing angles. It’s an affordable option with a premium look and feel. Ideal for home use, it blends well with the environment.

5. Doohoeek Case For Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Brand: Doohoeek
  • Color: Black
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene


If you’re looking for a case with a keyboards, the Doohoeek is worth considering. It offers an affordable backlit keyboard for your Galaxy Tab A8, turning it into a laptop-like device. The trackpad has excellent tracking with minimal lag, but the clicking zone is not ideal due to the case’s hinge placement. Overall, the keyboard and case feel great, with satisfying keystrokes and a premium look. The backlighting has three brightness options, and the case has decent battery life.

The keyboard lacks an escape key, but most shortcuts are easy to replicate, although some may require re-learning as the ALT and CTRL keys are not in their expected positions. Despite the clicking issue, the keyboard is enjoyable to use, especially considering its price. It delivers on its promises and provides a superb typing experience.

6. SUPLIK Kids Handle For Galaxy Tab A8
  • Brand: Suplik
  • Color: Pink, Blue, Green, Cyan, Purple, etc.
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Material: Made of durable, child-safe, lightweight, wear-resistant, shock-absorbing and heavy duty EVA material


Tablets have turned into the norm in the classroom for kids. However, they still are fragile devices. The SUPLIK Kids Handle Case aims to fix that. With a handle that can rotate in any direction alongside a rubber / TPU material that engulfs the entire tablet, the case is able to offer a lot of drop-protection.

Moreover, the case also comes with two different viewing angles and a screen protector as well, like the Unicorn Beetle rugged case we covered earlier. Coming in six different colors, the case is great for kids who are picky with their colors. 

7. Ztotop Case Full Body Cover With 360 Rotating Hand
  • Brand: ZtotopCases
  • Color: Black
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Material: Hard Plastic


The Ztotop full body cover case offers a hard case with TPU plastic at the end. While it’s not as rugged as the Unicorn Beetle, it stands out with its 360-rotating strap at the back. This strap is a convenient feature for carrying the tablet, preventing hand fatigue. Additionally, it includes a shoulder strap for purse-like or shoulder bag-style carrying.

The case has well-placed cutouts with tactile touch and a bottom plug to prevent dust. It’s a great case to consider, especially if you need a strap that doubles as a shoulder bag.

8. URBAN ARMOR GEAR For Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Brand: UAG
  • Color: Black
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Material: TPU


With a soft, impact-absorbing core and a tough yet lightweight shell, the UAG Scout ensures that your Tab A8 remains unharmed even when subjected to drops or bumps. While it guarantees ruggedness through drop tests, it remains surprisingly lightweight and slim, avoiding unnecessary bulk. The kickstand on the back sets a new standard for reliability, and the added hand strap enhances safety and convenience while using the tablet on the move.

The only downside is the limited availability of color options, as it currently only comes in black.

Personally, this is my top pick, due to it’s outstanding design, it just makes the tablet look way better.

9. Golden Sheeps Kid Case
  • Brand: Golden Sheeps
  • Color: Blue
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Rubber


The Golden Sheeps Kid case serves as a tablet stand, perfect for keeping little ones entertained with Peppa Pig. It includes a handle for easy tablet carrying, which is especially convenient for kids. The case has a solid build quality, but it does have a noticeable plastic feel.

However, the plastic material provides durability. The stand offers two stable viewing angles, which are among the most stable compared to other cases. The plastic hinge at the bottom enhances sturdiness in comparison to competing products.

Verdict: Which Is The Best Case For Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Obviously, this is preference. I personally like the keyboard case and UAG case, and I recommend it to my friends and my blog readers for several reasons. It works as a kickstand. Your typing speed increases dramatically, and your productivity increases with that. Lastly, it also protects your device in case your drop it or someone else drops it for you…that happens more than you would like to think.

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