Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is an excellent tablet, especially at its price point. With a great display, an emphasis on performance, and stellar battery life, having a case to protect your Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is of pivotal importance.

So, as soon as we got to review the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, and addressed some commonly found issues such as the battery not charging or it draining very fast, we started finding out the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8. And, here are our picks.

Top Pick
1. Fintie Slim Case
  • Brand: Fintie
  • Color: Z-Blooming Hibiscus
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Material: PU Leather

Fintie’s slim case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 comes in a variety of colors ranging from navy, purple, black, gray, and a few floral designs too. Featuring a denim design with felt material on the cover. 

The tablet is easy to open with the case and also features the Auto Sleep / Wake functionality which means that you won’t need to press the Power button when you close or open the case. The front cover folds up to turn into the stand with two different angles to choose from when in the stand position.

There are also magnets present in the front cover, which help ensure the book cover stays closed and doesn’t randomly open. Moreover, while the case itself is thin, it still has great corner protection with rubber protruding from all sides.


  • Doesn’t add much to the tablet’s weight
  • Plenty of designs to choose from


  • Protection isn’t all that great
2. TiMOVO Case
  • Brand: TiMOVO
  • Color: Black Transparent/Pink Transparent
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Material: PU Leather + Hard PC Shell

You might be confused at our naming for this particular case, an iPad case? Isn’t this a Galaxy Tab A8? Well, yes! The TiMOVO case’s rectangular edges help make it look similar to an iPad Pro. And, while that isn’t a pro in its own right – it does help the case stand out amongst the competition.

The tablet clicks into the case effortlessly, with the case coming in a pink and black color. The back of the case is a clear plexiglass-type material which will leave out some fingerprints. The front cover almost feels like leather with a felt material present inside. It also has the Auto Sleep / Wake function with TPU material present on the cutout buttons, which gives them a tactile click.

Rolling the cover backward helps you stand the case up until it clicks with the magnet with two different viewing angles. The case is excellent for when you don’t want to cover up the back of your tablet but still want some extra protection.


  • Volume buttons feel very tactile
  • Magnet feels very strong


  • Transparent case quickly turns into a fingerprint magnet
Best Rugged Case
3. Unicron Beetle Pro Series Case
  • Brand: SUPCASE
  • Color: Black, Guldan, Tilt
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Material: Polycarbonate, Thermoplastic Polyurethane

The Unicorn Beetle Pro Series case for the Galaxy Tab A8 comes with a built-in screen protector. It only comes in black color, with the inside of the case being a honeycomb-esque TPU material.

The outside of the case is a hard plastic shell with some glossy elements and branding alongside a kickstand. You can also pop the built-in screen protector if you aren’t in the mood to use it. But taking it off can feel like a bit of a hassle sometimes, especially because of the relatively sharp edges.

Putting the screen protector on just requires you to line up the protector with your camera hinge and then snap it on alongside the edges. Then, you can line the case up with the protector, and the case should snap right on. 

The power and volume buttons are covered by the TPU material on the side. You barely have to hit the buttons to use the case; they feel quite tactile and clicky. The case also features a big lip at the end to add in some extra protection and shock absorption.

While I wasn’t very happy with the way, the screen protector felt, I did get used to it pretty quickly. There’s also a flap for both the charging headphone jack and charging port. Moreover, the case is extremely thick on the corners allowing for even greater protection.

The grip on the case feels great, especially due to the glossy material we mentioned prior. The built-in kickstand allows for a singular angle that sits naturally on a table. The Unicorn Beetle is a great case for anyone who takes protecting their Galaxy Tab A8 seriously. But, case in point, it does add a lot of weight to your device. A worthy sacrifice? Perhaps.


  • Extremely durable, drop this from a building! (Don’t, please.)
  • Comes with a screen protector built in


  • Feels very heavy 
Best Book Case
4. Ztotop Case
  • Brand: ZtotopCases
  • Color: Black, Brown, Blue
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Material: PU leather

The ztotop Tab A8 comes in a Denim black and brown leatherette material. The case features an elastic strap with a magnetic tab that flips over and sticks to the back cover. It also features a small pocket on the front cover that can house a few cards and some papers. Nothing major, though.

It features cutouts for the speakers, volume buttons, charging ports, and headphone jack. There are no protective buttons. There’s also a strap present on the front side of the cover, letting you hold the tablet better with one hand. It features two different viewing angles just like most other folio cases in this list.

It is a nice affordable option that also looks and feels premium due to the quality of material used inside and outside the case. I feel like this is a great case to be used in the house especially if your tablet is often present on the sofa or some table as it perfectly blends in with the environment rather than having the tablet stand out like a sore thumb.


  • Material feels great
  • Subtly blends into the environment


  • Leather may deteriorate over time
Best Keyboard Case
5. Doohoeek Case For Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Brand: Doohoeek
  • Color: Black
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

If you are a fan of the Apple Magic keyboard, look elsewhere. But, if you want to use your Galaxy Tab A8 as a laptop sometime or the other and would like access to a backlit keyboard at an affordable price, the Doohoeek certainly gets the job done.

Tracking is excellent on the trackpad, with little to no lag. However, we aren’t great fans of the click. Since the case is hinged toward the top, the actual clicking zone of the trackpad isn’t all that great.

But besides that, the keyboard and case both feel excellent. Keystrokes felt great, and yes, while the keyboard is a membrane, the backlighting gives the case even more of a premium look. There are three brightness options, and you don’t need to charge the case much, even though it does seem to soak up the battery.

There’s no escape key present on the keyboard. But, let’s be real, it is not like the iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard has it, either. Some of the shortcuts feel easy to replicate. But, for half, you’ll have to re-learn some shortcuts as the ALT, and CTRL keys are not exactly present where you’d want to expect them.

Honestly, besides the bad clicks, I really enjoyed using this keyboard, and especially at the price factor it comes in, I can’t really complain much about the case simply because it does what it advertises, and the keyboard feels superb.


  • Keyboard feels great
  • Case is very durable


  • Trackpad clicks are poor
Best For Kids (Girls)
6. SUPLIK Kids Handle For Galaxy Tab A8
  • Brand: Suplik
  • Color: Pink, Blue, Green, Cyan, Purple, etc.
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Material: Made of durable, child-safe, lightweight, wear-resistant, shock-absorbing and heavy duty EVA material

Tablets have turned into the norm in the classroom for kids. However, they still are fragile devices. The SUPLIK Kids Handle Case aims to fix that. With a handle that can rotate in any direction alongside a rubber / TPU material that engulfs the entire tablet, the case is able to offer a lot of drop-protection.

Moreover, the case also comes with two different viewing angles and a screen protector as well, like the Unicorn Beetle rugged case we covered earlier. Coming in six different colors, the case is great for kids who are picky with their colors. 


  • Vibrant color choices
  • Offers great protection


  • Case feels cheap 
Best Case with Strap
7. Ztotop Case Full Body Cover With 360 Rotating Hand
  • Brand: ZtotopCases
  • Color: Black
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Material: Hard Plastic

The Ztotop full body cover case with a hard case and TPU plastic at the end. The case doesn’t compete with the Unicorn Beetle in terms of ruggedness. Let me tell you that upfront. But one thing that you’ll immediately notice is the 360-rotating strap at the back.

Now, the Galaxy Tab A8 isn’t an extremely heavy tablet. But, it gets harder to carry over time, and in most cases, I feel my hand tiring out after a while. So, this strap is a Godsend in that regard. Plus, it also has a shoulder strap that lets you carry the tablet the same you would a purse or a shoulder bag.

It also has great cutouts with a tactile touch. Moreover, a plug in the bottom helps ensure there’s no dust coming in at any time too. Overall, a great case to have, especially if you really need a strap that you can use as a shoulder bag. 


  • Features two straps, 360 and shoulder strap
  • Hard plastic feels great


  • Very bulky
Best For Kids (Boys)
8. Golden Sheeps Kid Case
  • Brand: Golden Sheeps
  • Color: Blue
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Rubber

The Golden Sheeps Kid case acts as a tablet stand for those who wish to keep their little munchkin occupied with some Peppa Pig. It also features a handle at the top that lets you carry the tablet around with ease. This is great for kids as it helps them move with their tablet without necessarily needing to carry it in their hands.

The build quality feels great, but the overall plasticy vibe you get from the case is hard to shrug off. But, since it is made up of plastic, it does offer greater durability simply by virtue of the material. 

The stand offers two viewing angles that are very stable. In fact, the most stable viewing angles out of all the cases I’ve seen so far. The plastic hinge at the bottom allows for greater sturdiness compared to the competition. 


  • Great kickstand with two different viewing angles 
  • Kid-friendly colors


  • Feels cheap at times

Do You Really Need A Case For Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

You can use it without one, of course, but keep in mind it provides your tablet with much-needed protection and, more importantly, utility. What sort of utility? From being able to put your tablet on an angle to converting it into a book or just turning it into an absolute tank. 

Verdict: Which Is The Best Case For Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Obviously, this is preference. I personally like the keyboard case, and I recommend it to my friends and my blog readers for several reasons. It works as a kickstand. Your typing speed increases dramatically, and your productivity increases with that. Lastly, it also protects your device in case your drop it or someone else drops it for you…that happens more than you would like to think.

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