The iPad Pro is the top productivity tablet. But on its own, it’s unprotected. You need a good case to protect your iPad, ideally if it has a pencil holder, so you don’t lose your Pen.

The iPad’s magnets are strong, but in the rush and on the go, there’s a chance your Pen might just slip away unnoticed, and we don’t want that, do we?

That’s why there are specific iPad Pro Cases with Pencil Holders, and here are the best options:


zugu case with pencil holder at the back
Image Credits: Amazon

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The ZUGU Magnetic Stand Case has a very protective shell, I don’t suggest you to test it, but it will protect your iPad from drops, and at the back of the case there’s a pencil holder for your Apple Pen.

But what if you want to charge the Pencil? Even with the shell, the side of the iPad still supports wireless charging for the pencil. Attach it to the side and it will charge automatically.

The case is made of a ‘rugged TPU’ and has a microfiber lining. On the back, there are a few slits that act as air vents to cool down your iPad.

Where the case truly shines, though, is the magnetic kickstand. There are 10 different viewing angles in which you can position the kickstand.

This is the most adjustable viewing angle we’ve seen, so if flexibility is what you’re looking for, check this one out.

Plus, the magnets on the back of the case are really powerful. You can even mount your iPad Pro on metal surfaces for easy browsing, like fridges.

There’s a lot to love with the ZUGU case. It’s got everything covered; multiple viewing angles, drop and bump protection, wireless charging access for the Apple Pencil, and a sleek design.

The only downside is the price. The case will cost you up to $90, depending on the color. It is expensive, but honestly speaking, this case can do a lot that other cheaper cases simply can’t.

This is my favorite case. One is the case is great and protective and has pencil holder, but the other reason is the story behind the brand. It’s quite inspiring. They also donate 10% of their profits. You can read about it here.

I would summarize this case as protective and inspiring.

I also reached out to Zugu and asked the founder Tim Angel why don’t they create more cases, this is what he responded:

Tim Angel

Founder & CEO

We are laser focused on one product and are obsessed with constantly improving to be the best in the world.

Pitaka Folio Case 2

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Check Price on iPitaka.

What makes this case stand out is the foldable cover that has 4 different viewing angles. 

There’s a 57° angle for video calls, a 62° angle for reading in portrait mode, a 34° angle for drawing and writing, and a 53° angle for watching movies and videos. It’s a really flexible case that you can use in many different orientations. 

 And because of the way the case folds, your iPad Pro is secure and stable. 

 The case itself is made of polyurethane leather that’s both dust and scratch-resistant. It’s also skin-friendly so you don’t have to worry about rashes or abrasions. 

For the pencil holder, there’s a magnetic clasp that securely fastens your pencil to the iPad. For extra protection, you can get MagEz Case 2, which works together with this folio case and also with the magic keyboard.

It’ll set you back $60, which is pretty pricey for a case. But it’s a great case with an attractive design and a very functional kickstand feature. 

I personally love to use it in bed and watch movies and sometimes on my tablet just to get a better viewing angle. 

SUPFIVES Case for iPad Pro

SUPFIVES Case for iPad Pro
Image Credits: Amazon

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This iPad Pro case can do many jobs, but its main job is ‘to keep your iPad and Apple Pencil safe’.

Unlike other cases on this list, it has a hand strap at the back. There are many use cases for this.

Using a hand strap can reduce the strain on your wrist and forearm when holding your iPad for extended periods. It promotes a more relaxed and ergonomic posture and many professionals need this.

This can be useful to: professionals who are on the go, students, healthcare professionals, retail and inventory managers, travelers and commuters, and of course, creative professionals like tattoo artists, designers, etc.

At the back it also has a kickstand for more comfortable viewing and it even has a shoulder strap inside the package, which you can easily remove if not necessary.

It’s shockproof and made out of silicone.

So if you need an iPad Pro case with a hand strap that will also protect your Apple Pencil, this is the best option you will find.

ESR Case With Pencil Holder For iPad Pro

ESR Case With Pencil Holder For iPad Pro
Image Credits: Amazon

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If you like what you saw on the PITAKA MagEZ Folio 2, but don’t want to spend that much on a case, then the ESR Rebound Magnetic case is a great alternative. It’s cheaper and has a similar design and features. 

 The Rebound Magnetic is made of polyurethane material with a soft microfiber lining. 

But unlike the PITAKA, this is a trifold case that can fold into 2 viewing angles. You can either bunch it up for a kickstand in landscape mode or put it down for writing mode.

 It also doesn’t have a physical cover attached to the iPad and connects with magnets. It has a 1500g magnetic strength so it’s securely fastened. In other words, the connection is very strong and you don’t need to worry that your iPad will slip off.

Since the corners of the case are open, the pencil can connect directly to your iPad. There’s a magnetic clasp that keeps the pencil in place when you close it.

 But as is the ‘case’ with folio style cases, it’s not the most protective. It’ll help dissipate any shock or drops but don’t expect the full protection as you would from bulkier cases.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case with pen holder
Image Credits: Amazon

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The SUPCASE UB Pro is the case for people who need something that can take a hit. It’s an incredibly durable case that is made with multiple layers for extra shock resistance.

It’s also MIL-STD 810G-516.6 certified so you can be assured of its drop protection.

This comprises a PC hard shell on the exterior and a flexible TPU to cover the iPad Pro. The multi-layer design helps protect your iPad from both bumps and drops. But the UB Pro takes things a step further with a built-in screen protector.

The screen protector attached to the front of the iPad not only protects the screen but the front corners too. There’s also a convenient cutout to connect the Apple Pencil and store it safely magnetically.

The UB Pro also has a built-in kickstand so you’re not missing out on viewing angles when watching videos or movies. Plus, the case also covers up the ports which protect the tablet against dust and water.

This case is a tank that will protect your iPad Pro against anything short of a nuclear bomb. But the downside is, your sleek and trim iPad Pro is now bigger and bulkier.

It’s the price you have to pay for protection. If you really need heavy-duty durability, though, this is one of the best options available.

CHESONA Case with Keyboard

CHESONA Case with Keyboard
Image Credits: Amazon

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This is one of the few options for keyboard cases that actually feature a built-in pencil holder. While the sides of the case aren’t exposed, you can still use the wireless charging for the Apple Pencil.

This isn’t your standard folio case and actually features a removable Bluetooth keyboard. This makes it way easier to work with the iPad Pro and impressively enough, the keyboard even has a function keys row.

There’s also an option for a keyboard with a trackpad and backlit keys that’s slightly more expensive.

The case itself is made of an anti-fingerprint twill material and TPU leather. It doesn’t attach magnetically and has a separate back case to fit the iPad Pro into. This makes it more durable and protective since it’s covering the whole iPad.

It’s sort of like iPad Magic Keyboard alternative, just the keyboard isn’t as great, but it gives you more protection and it’s way cheaper.

There are 3 different viewing angles in the case can position in. It’s not the most flexible in terms of viewing angle, but it gets the job done.

All in all, the CHESONA keyboard case is a sleek and functional case. And since there’s a separate TPU shell to fit the iPad into, it’s more protective than thinner folio cases.

ZryXal Case

ZryXal case with pen holder
Image Credits: Amazon

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Check Price on Amazon (12.9-inch iPad Pro).

If your biggest fear is losing Apple Pencil, then ZryXcal case and Zugu cases are your best bets. This case has a dedicated Pen holder and when you close it, there’s no chance it’s going to fall out, unless you decide to play a frisbee with it.

It’s a stylish-looking case with more than 30 color options.

It has two viewing angles. it’s made out of a PU exterior, microfiber lining, and Soft TPU back cover. Materials look premium and it’s very sturdy, considering the price that comes as a surprise.

It’s very durable and hard to scratch, and even after a longer period of usage you won’t notice deprecation.

As a case it’s great, it protects your iPad and your Apple Pencil as well, but as a stand….not the greatest. It falls off easily, especially if you want to watch movies in bed or in the couch and one wrong move could make it fall over. A bit unstable.


Image Credits: Amazon

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Not only is it a great clear case, but it also has the most color options on the list. There’s a wide variety of colors and shades to choose from. If you wanted something brighter than the usual black case, this is a great option. There are 30+ colors to choose from.

The case itself is made of three layers consisting of a soft TPU shell, a PU leather cover, and a clear PC backplate. The case fits over the entire iPad and doesn’t use any magnetic attachment.

As an added protection, the case comes with a camera protector cover that protects the camera array. In terms of protection, this is a solid case that has decent drop and scratch protection.

On the corner of the iPad, there’s a slot for your Apple Pencil.

The interior is exposed so you can still use wireless charging for your pencil while it’s securely fastened. At the rear of the pencil slot, there’s a cutout so you can quickly tell if your pencil is there or not.

The case is a trifold case so you’re limited to two different viewing angles. It’s not much, but good enough for most people.

The only problem I have with clear cases is the ‘clear’ part itself. It’s a definite looker since you can see the premium iPad Pro finish, but these kinds of cases tend to scratch easily.

By the end of the first month, you’ll notice micro-scratches on the case. It isn’t a deal breaker, but it does get annoying if you’re the type to fixate on even the smallest scratches.

Does the Apple Pencil fall off the iPad Easily?

In most cases, the Apple Pencil is securely fastened if it’s on a stable surface without anything touching the pen. The magnetic connection is strong enough to keep it stuck to the iPad Pro even if you’re moving around. 

However, if the Apple Pencil happens to hit or touch anything with enough force, it will fall off.

A lot of people lose their Apple Pencils, if you are in a rush and always on the go, you might not notice your Pen detaching from your iPad and you might lose it.

That’s a major reason we recommend a case with a pencil holder. It’s more convenient and secure.

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