6 Best Magnetic Stands for iPad

iPads are incredibly versatile, serving both entertainment and productivity purposes. You can transform your iPad into a workstation by affixing it to a magnetic stand and connecting it with a keyboard and mouse, turning it into a touchscreen laptop.

Alternatively, you can position your iPad on a stand next to your MacBook, activate sidecar functionality, and use it as a second monitor.

For a more relaxed experience, place your iPad on a stand and enjoy movies or engage in various reading activities such as books or recipes.

iPad stands have multiple use cases, enhancing productivity and comfort. Elevating your iPad to eye level not only makes usage more efficient but also mitigates the risk of neck and shoulder strain.

So, without further ado, let’s explore the best magnetic stands for iPads:

Pitaka Magnetic iPad Stand

the number one of the best magnetic stands for ipad - Pitaka

Pitaka magnetic stand is the best value for the price. It’s not just a stand for your iPad. It also has a built-in wireless charger. You can charge your iPhone or AirPods and all other Qi-enabled devices just by placing them on the stand’s base.

The stand is adjustable. You could tilt the stand up (32.5°) and down (-5°). You can also rotate it in 360 degrees. You can seamlessly switch from landscape mode to portrait mode and vice versa.

The stand is made out of zinc alloy, it looks and feels premium, and it holds your iPad firmly. To use this stand with your iPad, you have two options. Either attach a case with built-in magnets to your iPad or affix a sticker with a magnet inside to your iPad. The sticker is included in the price, while the case needs to be purchased separately. (It’s called Magez Case 2)

It will work with all iPads: iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro (11inch and 12.9inch)

You can purchase the stand in marble white or carbon black.

SwitchEasy Magnetic Stand

SWITCHEASY Magnetic iPad Stand

SwitchEasy magnetic stand is made out of aluminum, the same material MacBooks

The stand can rotate 360 degrees and tilt 180 degrees, allowing you to find the perfect eye-level angle when using your iPad and switch from horizontal to vertical view.

The design is slick, and the magnets are strong. It can work together even if your iPad has a case on, but using it without one is recommended for a better grip. I was able to attach the iPad to the stand even with the Smart Folio case on. I just folded the folio case back, and the grip was still strong.

It will work with iPad Air & iPad Pro (11inch and 12.9inch)

Available only in color Gray.

Meaowxva Magnetic iPad Stand

Meaowxva Magnetic iPad Stand

Meaowxva Floating Magnetic iPad Stand has unique angles that Pitaka and SwitchEasy stands don’t offer. You can adjust the height of the stand, which allows you to place it at an angle where you can draw and take notes on your iPad comfortably.

It’s foldable and portable. You can fold it and place it in a bag. It has a 360° rotating design that provides vertical and horizontal viewing. The stand is made out of hard, durable aluminum. It looks great, the magnets hold your iPad firmly.

It will work with iPad Air & iPad Pro (11inch and 12.9inch)

Available in space gray color.

KU XIU iPad Magnetic Foldable Stand

KU XIU Magnetic iPad stand

KU XIU iPad magnetic foldable arm stand with a unique design. Unlike other stands on the list, you can’t place it on the desk; you need to use the c-clamp to attach it to the edge of the desk (screw locking structure). The clamp has silicon cushion, so it wouldn’t damage your desk.

It can be fitted on other places like tables, kitchen cabinets, bookcases, etc.

You can get multiple angles on the arm. There’s a universal rotating head on the stand that allows 360-degree rotation. You can use the iPad in landscape or in portrait mode. You can stretch out the arm to 23.62 inches (Max Height).

The stand is crafted from high-hardness aluminum alloy and equipped with strong magnets that hold the iPad firmly.

It reminds me of a gooseneck, just more stylish and more sturdy. It doesn’t wobble when you use your iPad with your hands.

It will work with iPad Air & iPad Pro (11inch and 12.9inch)

It comes in Gray only.

Qwiizlab Magnetic Stand Hub

Qwiizlab Magnetic Stand Hub

Qwiizlab Magnetic Stand Hub comes with a solid metal base a stable magnetic panel(N52 magnets) on which you can place your iPad. The panel is made out of silicon, so it won’t scratch the back of your iPad.

Unlike other stands on the list, Qwiizlab is also a hub with ports. It includes 1 x HDMI 4K@60Hz, 1 x USB-C PD 60W, 2 x 5Gbps USB 3.0, SD and microSD card readers up to 100MB/s.

The magnetic panel offers a 360-degree rotation and an 80-degree tilt, allowing you to achieve the perfect eye level and minimize the risk of neck strain.

It will work with iPad Air & iPad Pro (11inch and 12.9inch)

It comes in Gray only.

VANDOSSY iPad Magnetic Stand

The VANDOSSY magnetic stand stands out with its unique and eye-catching design, enhancing the aesthetics of any room.

It offers universal compatibility. In the package, you’ll find two stickers that can be attached to any device, allowing you to secure it to the stand effortlessly.

The stand is equipped with 132pcs strong magnets in this small pad. You can easily adjust your iPad’s height to match your eye level. You can switch from horizontal to vertical mode.

You can also place the iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple Pencil, and other accessories on the stand.

All in all, it differs from other magnetic stands for iPads; the design is more like a kickstand.

It will work with all iPads: iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro (11inch and 12.9inch)

It comes in Black, Gray, Yellow, Orange, Green, etc.

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