best tablets for students

11 Best Tablets for College Students

Tablets have become very popular among students. They are slowly replacing laptops in some programs. One of the biggest reasons is the Stylus support. You can take handwritten notes on your tablet. You don’t need

remarkable 2 alternatives

6 Best Remarkable 2 Alternatives

When I first saw the Remarkable 2, I was really impressed. It’s got a sleek design smooth writing, and it’s super easy to use. It totally changed the way I take notes and jot down

best ipad for procreate

Best iPad For Procreate (Top 4 and 1 To Avoid)

Searching for the ideal iPad to elevate your Procreate experience? Look no further! In the ever-evolving world of digital artistry, drawing on an iPad has transcended into a serious profession. Let’s embark on the journey

top tablets with keyboards - with pros and cons and our ratings

Best Tablets with Keyboards

Tablets are becoming an essential tool for students and working professionals alike. They’re compact, powerful, and increasingly replacing laptops as productivity machines.  But to fully take advantage of tablets, you need to find ones with

best drawing tablets

Best Drawing Tablets

If you were looking for a new or planning to upgrade your dated drawing tablet with something new and shiny, we’ve compiled a list of The Best Drawing Tablets in 2023. A reliable tool is

best tablets with stylus for note taking with pros and cons

Best Tablets With Stylus For Note Taking

Arguably tablets with stylus support are better than paper and pen. There are just some certain features that make them irresistible. It’s futuristic. You can organize your notes easily, you can search in your notes,

best tablets for adobe illustrator

14 Best Tablets For Adobe Illustrator   

We have reached a stage in this age where technology is everything. It almost seems like it is the be-all and end-all thing. Communications, gaming, and art it is all technology-based. Every day the demand

best lte tablets with sim cards with pros, cons, specs - the ultimate list

Best Tablets with Sim Card Slot (LTE)

When you buy a tablet, it sort of becomes a part of you, and you’d want to carry it everywhere. One particular bottleneck you might run into, though, is the lack of an internet connection.

best tablets for movies and netflix - top list

Best Tablets for Watching Movies & Netflix

Looking for the latest and greatest tablets for watching movies & Netflix? Well lucky for you, we have a fresh selection of the best tablets in 2023.  We focused on a few key criteria: display

looking for best tablets for seniors - here's our top list

Best Tablets For Seniors

We were wondering how differently our seniors and elders use their iPads or tablets. So we did a little research. Do they use different apps? What are their use cases?  As it turns out, there’s