what does cellular on ipad mean what are the pros and cons

What Does Cellular Mean on iPad?

So you might be thinking of buying an iPad, and you might be trying to figure out whether to put your money on a basic Wi-Fi iPad model or a WiFi+ cellular iPad model.  I’ve

how long do ipads last

How Long Do iPads Last?

We want to know how long iPads last, which helps us understand if that’s a worthy investment. So, if you’re looking to buy an iPad that isn’t cheap, you want to know what’s the average

is reading on ipad bad for eyes - 3 tips to prevent eyes train

Is Reading On an iPad Bad For Your Eyes?

The iPad is the most popular consumer tablet to date. Many individuals use it as their primary reading device or consume some sort of content in the text on it. This begs the question, will

iphone vs ipad for gaming. Are ipads good for gaming? which are the best ipads for gaming? find out

Are iPads Good For Gaming? iPhone vs iPad

Mobile gaming has boomed over the last few years. They have even outperformed console and PC gaming in terms of revenue. I’ve gotten a few questions from people asking me if iPads are good for

apple pencil compatibility with iphone

Does Apple Pencil Work with iPhone? (Answered)

The Apple Pencil has been around for quite some time now. Some of you might be curious to learn whether the Apple Pencil is compatible with iPhones.  Unfortunately, no! Apple Pencils don’t work with iPhones.

where do downloads go on ipad

Where Do Downloads Go On iPad?

Downloaded something on your iPad and can’t find it? I’ve been there, and I’m here to help and show you where do downloads go on iPad. Downloaded files are typically stored in the Files app,

8 ways to prevent ipad from ovearheating

8 Ways to Cool Down Your Overheated iPad

iPads have certainly grown in processing power over the years, with the latest generation of iPads now being packed with desktop-grade Apple Silicon. Using high-demanding apps will make your iPad heat up. One starts to

does ipad magic keyboard drain ipad battery - answered

Does iPad Magic Keyboard Drain Battery?

Apple’s iPad Magic Keyboard is a great keyboard to optimize your workflow. It changes how you use an iPad. I often get asked: Does iPad magic keyboard drain battery? iPad Magic Keyboard doesn’t have a