android tablet vs ipad: what are the key differences, which one should you buy?

Android Tablets vs iPads – 8 Key Differences

Android tablets and iPads have always remained at odds when it comes to capturing their consumer base. While inherently similar, both operating systems have some unique intrinsic differences that make a comparison that much more …

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how to screenshot on samsung galaxy tab a8 guide

How To Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Taking a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is a very straightforward process. Since the tablet is relatively new, the entire process of taking a screen capture is quick and easy. So, we’ve gone …

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Samsung Galaxy tablets that are compatible with S pen

All Samsung Galaxy Tabs That Support S-Pen

The Apple Pencil really cemented the iPad as the de-facto standard for note-taking and drawing. But worry not, Android aficionados; while Samsung is late to their party, the S-Pen is an excellent alternative to the …

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how long should a child be on a tablet

How Long Should A Child Be On A Tablet?

Tablets have become a predominant part of our life. By extension, they are also being increasingly used by children and toddlers. This begs the question, how long should a child be on a tablet? Let’s …

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why android tablets are less expensive than apple ipads

Why Android Tablets Are Cheaper Than iPads?

iPads have long stood the test of time as maintaining their status as the defacto standard of what’s considered a good tablet. However, with contenders such as Samsung stepping up into the ring with competitive …

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what to do if you get your tablet wet

What To Do If You Get Your Tablet Wet?

Getting your tablet wet is a concerning time for anyone who wants their electronics to stay alive. While most tablets do have some sort of water resistance, they aren’t meant to be dipped in water, …

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