best 7 inch tablets (ultimate list with pros and cons, specificaitons and short descriptions)

Best 7-Inch Tablets

The world of 7-inch tablets has seen a lot of groundbreaking tablets over the years. While many would consider a tablet to be huge, that’s not really the case. There’s an actual reason why you …

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ultimate list of the best 10-inch tablets

Best 10 Inch Tablets: The Ultimate List

The 10-inch form factor is where the tablet market truly gets interesting. With a wide variety of options to choose from, a 10-inch tablet is one that combines the magnificence and intrigue of a larger …

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best 8 inch tablets the ultimate list

Best 8-inch Tablets(Premium & Budget)

The world of 8-inch tablets has not seen a lot of innovation in recent years. This is because these tablets usually are in the middle ground of extreme portability and tablet-sized performance, and display size. …

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