best tablets for school students (ultimate list)

Best Tablets for College Students

Laptops have long stood the test of time as the de-facto standard for any student who wants to get work done in school, college/university. But, with tablets now providing reasonable performance, better battery life, and …

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best lte tablets with sim cards with pros, cons, specs - the ultimate list

Best LTE Tablets(with SIM cards)

When you buy a tablet, it sort of becomes a part of you, and you’d want to carry it everywhere. One particular bottleneck you might run into, though, is the lack of an internet connection. …

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ultimate list of the best chrome os tablets

Best Chrome OS Tablets

I can tell you about Chrome OS. It’s a special type of computer software made by Google that runs on tablets. It has a built-in music and file player among other things and you can …

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best tablets for seniors - the ultimate list of best options

Best Tablets For Seniors

We were wondering how differently our seniors and elders use their iPads or tablets. So we did a little research. Do they use different apps? What are their use cases?  As it turns out, there’s …

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best tablets with stylus for note taking with pros and cons

Best Tablets With Stylus For Note Taking

Arguably tablets with stylus support are better than paper and pen. There are just some certain features that make them irresistible. It’s futuristic. You can organize your notes easily, you can search in your notes, …

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the best ipad for procreate app and one you should avoid

4 Best iPads For Procreate & 1 to Avoid

Finding the best iPad for Procreate is something that an increasing number of digital artists are pondering over. Over the years, drawing on an iPad has evolved into a serious professional alternative to traditional drawing …

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best drawing tablets with pros, cons, specifications and our subjective recommendations - ultimate list

Best Drawing Tablets

If you were looking to upgrade your dated drawing tablet for something new and shiny, we’ve compiled a list of The Best Drawing Tablets in 2023. A reliable tool is important in any profession. But …

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best tablets for adobe illustrator

13 Best Tablets For Adobe Illustrator   

We have reached a stage in this age where technology is everything. It almost seems like it is the be-all and end-all thing. From communications to gaming to streaming is all technology-based. Every day the …

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best tablets with usb ports

8 Best Tablets With USB Ports

Tablets provide us with several reasons to use them even in the presence of Laptops and mobile phones, as these are one of those devices which bring convenience to our lives. They are popular because …

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