The newest iPads all have flash. When you take pictures or videos, you can see the flash. But not all iPads can turn on the flashlight separately.

As of now, the standalone flashlight function is exclusively available for the iPad Pro and the iPad Mini 6

All of the new iPads do have a flashlight next to the rear camera, but not all of them are capable of turning it on separately without taking a picture.

If your iPad doesn’t come with this feature, you can install an app that utilizes the iPad’s bright screen to provide light. Works like a nightstand, great for reading, great for finding things at night, and great for kids.

Do iPads Have Flashlight?

Currently, the iPad Pro and iPad Mini 6 are the only models capable of turning on the torch.

iPad ProYes
iPad AirNo
iPad MiniYes

In the future, we might see some changes, but now, there’s no official information.

iPads are intended to be used as productivity devices, for media consumption, and for content creation, where the flashlight feature may not be as essential as it is on a smartphone. This is why Apple has prioritized other features instead of a flashlight.

How To Turn Flashlight On or Off

If you have an iPad Pro or iPad Mini 6 you can turn on the flashlight and this is how you can do it:

turn on flashlight on ipad
  • Swipe down from the iPad’s right corner (The Control Center will appear).
  • Tap on the ‘Torch icon.’

If you don’t see the torch icon in control center, you will have to enable it in the settings.

No Flashlight Icon in the Control Center? Enable It in the Settings

You will have to go to the control center settings to enable the torch.

enable flashlight on ipad settings
  • Open iPads Settings
  • Open Control Center
  • Add “Torch” to included controls

If you don’t see the torch icon under ‘more controls,’ that means your iPad doesn’t have the function.

How To Control iPads Flashlights Brightness

Sometimes, it’s too bright or not bright enough, so this is how you can control the brightness of the flashlight:

To adjust the flashlight brightness, press and hold the flashlight icon until a new icon appears on your screen. Then, swipe up to make it brighter or down to make it dimmer.

Best Flashlight Apps on iPad

You can use the flashlight on your iPad to find things at night, turn it on to get some reading done or leave it on for your kids.

Let me show you some flashlight apps for your iPad.


Download on the App Store

What I like about this app is that you can turn on Flashlight on an iPad with it, and you can turn your iPad into a night light. It brightens your screen up to the maximum, and you can use this feature to get some reading done or put your kids to sleep.

Flashlight ⊜

Download on the App Store

Simple app with three simple flashlight functions.

  1. You turn on the flash, and it stays on until you turn it off.
  2. You turn on a flash that signals SOS.
  3. Adjustable strobe – it allows you to modify the frequency of how often the flash goes on. It’s a cool feature for parties or signaling a friend.
flashlight app on ipad 3rd party

Flashlight ϟ

Download on the App Store

I liked this app for its simplicity. You open the app, and there’s a flashlight, and you turn it on and off with the red button.

It shows some other features like color changes and morse code, but those features don’t work on the app.

Turn iPad Flashlight On with Siri

You don’t even need to unlock your iPad. Just simply say, “Hey Siri, can you turn the flashlight on?”

If it doesn’t work by any chance, you have to go to settings and enable Siri. Sometimes, it’s disabled, and it won’t respond to your commands.

turn of flashlight on ipad with siri

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This function should work on all iPad Pro models running iOS 12 or newer and iPad Mini 6. You can also use Siri to turn the flashlight off.

Does iPad 10 Have a Flashlight?

iPad 10th gen has an LED flash for the rear camera, but it doesn’t have the functionality to turn it on separately without taking a picture.

However, you can use the iPad 10 bright screen as a flashlight.

Does the iPad Mini Have Flashlights?

Only the iPad Mini 6 generation has the function to turn the flashlight on and off. Older generation iPad Mini’s don’t have this function, but they do have flash when taking pictures with a rear camera.

Does the iPad Air 5 Have Flashlights?

It lacks a TrueTone flash for its rear camera, which is the essential hardware component used by the iPad (and iPhone) flashlight feature.

However, you can use the iPad Air screen as a flashlight by turning the brightness up to the maximum.


Does Flashlight Affect Battery Life?

Using a flashlight on an iPad does affect your iPad’s battery life. It requires your device to emit bright light, which consumes more power. How much battery it consumes depends on the brightness levels and for how long it’s being used.

Can I use a third-party app on my iPad to turn on Flashlight if It doesn’t have a built-in Flashlight?

Yes, you can utilize third-party flashlight apps that use the screen as a light source. I recommend the MyLight app for this purpose.

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