Losing your iPad, AirPods, or Apple Watch is a common scenario, and thankfully, Apple has provided a robust solution to ease that anxiety through the “Find My” feature.

Apple’s Find My feature enables you to track your devices if you lose them. It not only provides location but also gives you the direction, which you can follow to find the device. You can enable a sound on your lost device. I have done this a few times when I can’t find my AirPods at home 😅

Let me show you how you can locate your iPad from iPhone with “Find My” app, which by the way is a default app on your Apple device, so no need to download anything.

Turn On “Find My” App on iPad

find my app on apple

To locate your iPad from the iPhone you will need to enable “Find My” feature on your device otherwise when you will search for it, it won’t appear on the list, so it’s recommended to turn this feature on when you are setting up your iPad.

find my ipad
  1. Open the Settings app on your iPad. 
  2. Tap on Apple ID 
  3. Tap on “Find My”
  4. Choose “Find My iPad.”
  5. Toggle the switch on
  6. Additionally, you have the choice to activate ‘Share My Location,” which allows you to share your location with family and friends. If someone can see your location you will see them listed there. By completing these steps, you ensure that your device can be located on the Find My Map

Note: Make sure that both devices are signed in with the same iCloud account. This clever connection between your Apple devices makes the finding process easier.

Find Your iPad using iPhone

Now that you’ve activated the Find My iPad feature, you’ll be able to track where your iPad is located. Here’s how: 

  1. Open the Find My app.
  2. There, you’ll see the Devices option, and you can tap on it.
  3. From there, you’ll see all the devices linked to your Apple ID.
  4. Wait a few seconds, and it will show you the location of your iPad.
  5. Select your iPad, which is misplaced.
  6. A Pop up will appear; tap only “Play Sound.”
  7. Wait a moment for the sound to start. Once it does, you can find your iPad.
  8. Just open or unlock it to stop the sound.

Also, I’m aware that in screenshots you can see my address, so please, don’t send me anymore of those iPads and MacBooks 😂

Find iPad From the iCloud 

Many users still think that iCloud is just for backup. However, it does more than just backup your data; it also offers the “Find My” feature to track your devices. 

It’s the same as the “Find My” app when you log in to the iCloud website using Safari or other browsers. Of course, it’s more convenient from iPhone, but if you don’t have access to your iPhone you can just login to any computer and go to iCloud to find your devices.

  1. Go to the iCloud website.
  2. Simply input your Apple ID and password.
  3. Choose the “Find iPad” option. You might need to enter your Apple ID password again for security.
  4. Select your iPad from the list, and its location will be displayed.
  5. That’s it! You’ll be able to locate your iPad using the iCloud website.

For any confusion, you can watch this video

Find Your iPad Using Siri

If you often leave your devices behind you can ask Siri for her. Siri can be a great assistant and even a better detective.

All you have to do is ask Siri to find your Apple devices by saying commands like:

Hey Siri! “Play a sound on my iPad.” Or “Where’s my iPad?”

After a few moments, my iPad started to beep right next to me. To make your iPad stop from beeping when you have located it, just press any button or unlock it.

By the way, if English isn’t your first language, you can easily switch the language and voice of Siri on your iPad and other devices.


In summary, if you ever misplace your iPad or iPhone, there’s no need to panic. Unless you haven’t enabled the “Find My” feature.

Using the “Find My” app you can easily locate your devices.

This smooth connection between technology not only offers reassurance but also shows how closely linked our digital existence has become.

So, if you ever encounter the distressing situation of misplacing an Apple device, just keep my steps in mind to swiftly find your gadget and save yourself from stress and inconvenience.

Can you turn Find My iPad on remotely?

No, you need to enable this feature physically from your iPad. If you don’t have this feature enabled on your iPad, you won’t be able to locate your device.

Can I ping my iPhone from my iPad?

Yes, simply open the “Find My” app on your iPad, press on your iPhone and press “Play Sound” if the iPhone doesn’t appear on the list it means you haven’t enabled “Find My” feature on your iPhone.

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