How Do I Wipe My iPad Before Selling It?

Selling your iPad can be a stressful procedure especially if it’s the first time you are going through with it. You really don’t want your personal information or passwords to be left on your device after you’ve given it away. This begs the question, how do you wipe your iPad before selling it?

To wipe your iPad clean before selling it, open the Settings application, then head to General > Transfer or Reset iPad and tap on Reset All Content and Settings. Before you do so, make sure your iPad is backed up.

In this article, we’re going to go over exactly how you can wipe your iPad before selling it and some steps you should follow before you sell your device to ensure you don’t lose any data along the way either.

Back-Up Your Device

Before you wipe your iPad or end up selling it off, it is important to back up all your data to iCloud to ensure you do not lose any of your personal information. You can either back up your entire information to your PC or to iCloud directly.

Whichever method you choose, make sure you do so right before you wipe your iPad and subsequently sell it.

Using Your iPad

  • Open the Settings application on your iPad
  • Now, tap on your profile picture and head to iCloud Backup
  • After connecting to a suitable WiFi network, tap on Back Up Now

Using iCloud

  • Download iTunes on your Windows PC or open it on your Macintosh
  • After doing so, connect your iPad to your computer
  • Now, click on the icon present at the top-left and click on Back Up Now

Sign Out Of iCloud

Signing out of iCloud ensures that after you wipe your iPad, the seller won’t go through any trouble of having your iPad locked under your Apple account. Moreover, it also ensures that they won’t be able to recover any information that might be directly present in your account.

Here’s how you can sign out of iCloud:

iOS 10.3 or later

  • Open the Settings application on your iPad
  • Tap on your profile picture, scroll down and tap on Sign Out
  • You will be prompted to enter your Apple ID password, enter it and then tap on Turn Off

iOS 10.2 or earlier

  • Open the Settings application on your iPad
  • Now, tap on iCloud and head to Sign out
  • Tap on the Sign Out button again and then tap on Delete From My iCloud
  • Enter your Apple ID password
  • Now, head to iTunes & App Store 
  • Head to Apple ID and Sign out from there too

Wipe Your iPad

Wiping your iPad effectively removes all personal information and all changes made to the iPad after you purchased it. It resets everything back to its default settings and there is no chance of recovery after you go forward with the step.

Here’s how you can wipe your iPad:

  • Open the Settings application on your iPad
  • Now, head to General
  • Scroll down to Transfer or Reset iPad
  • Tap on Erase All Contents And Settings
  • Follow all the on-screen instructions that follow

Note: Before you give your iPad away, make sure that you’ve gotten to the Hello section of the screen. If not, go through the reset process again as it indicates something went wrong with the process.


How Do I Wipe My iPad Before Giving It To Someone Else?

After you’ve backed all your personal files and information, head to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPad > Erase All Content and Settings. This way, your personal information will be gone forever on that iPad and it’ll be reset back to its factory settings.

How Do I Change The Owner Of My iPad?

To change the owner of your iPad, you can either reset it or open the Settings application, tap on your Apple ID, sign out and sign the new owner’s Apple ID in. If you are selling your iPad, we recommend resetting it. If not, you can just replace Apple IDs.

Will Erasing My Old iPad Affect My New One?

No, erasing your old iPad won’t affect your new one even if it is on the same Apple ID. You can always sign in to the Apple ID used on your old iPad and restore everything back to the new iPad by using a backup.

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