How Long Do iPads Last?

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Often before we buy something, we want to know how long it last, which helps us understand if that’s a worthy investment or not.

According to experts, a well-cared iPad should last up to 7-years on average. However, many users choose to upgrade their iPad after 5-years. The lifespan of an iPad really depends on how well you take care of your device, how many drops it has had, and other aspects.

Here are the top reasons why people choose to update their iPads:

  • Desired new iPad
  • Too slow
  • No more software updates
  • Insufficient RAM/CPU
  • Not enough storage

A most common reason is just people want new tech. There’s something special about buying a new iPad, unpacking it, and setting it up. It feels a little like Christmas.

The Lifespan Of iPads

Experts will say 7 years, and your friends and peers will say 5 years, but the truth is somewhere in the middle, probably. If you take care of it, don’t drop it, clean it, don’t fill it up with apps you don’t use, and update it regularly, I’m sure 7 years of lifespan is possible. After that, you will face problems that you won’t be able to get the latest apps because your device is just too old, and the developers don’t want to invest time to update their software for such old devices.

That’s the biggest problem – software updates. Everything else is manageable. Yes, the apps will become more demanding and require more processing power, and apps will become bigger, but you can manage that, but you can’t manage software updates.

I personally have an iPad Pro 2020, and it’s been almost 3 years now, and I haven’t had a single issue where I feel it’s getting slower, incapable, freezing, or crashing. Zero errors. Almost like new, besides a few scratches, but from a hardware and software perspective, it works on 100%

Are iPads easy to break?

iPads are an investment, so taking good care of your device is recommended. Sadly, iPads are easy to break. Users often drop iPads, and unless they have a good protective case, the screen could crack.

Additionally, iPads bend easily. So make sure you don’t leave them in the seating area of your home, especially if there are kids around. Pet owners should also be careful because our furry friends could get their paws on an iPad and decide to chew the device.

What Do Real People Say?

Your friends and peer will tell you one lifespan, and experts will tell you another lifespan, but what do people on the internet say? The truth is somewhere in the middle.

Stories are different, and experiences are different, but your iPad should last around 7 years. Based on these stories, you can expect to last it even more.

Warranty and AppleCare

When you purchase a new iPad, you will automatically have a one-year warranty on that device. It means that if your iPad stops working or you experience any issues with hardware, Apple will fix it for free. The standard warranty doesn’t include accidental damage. After one year, users have an option to purchase the AppleCare service.

AppleCare extends the warranty for up to two years. What makes it super convenient is the yearly repairs for accidental damage. It includes broken screens and even water damage. Unfortunately, there are fees for these replacements, but they won’t be super high. Users may purchase AppleCare in a single or monthly payment (depending on their location).

How To Make Your iPad Last Longer (Tips)

good tips to make your ipad last longer

Every iPad has its lifespan, and it won’t last forever. But there are some things you can do to keep your device very functional:

  • Clean the storage: Unused apps can take up a lot of space on your iPad and make the device perform slower than before. Remind yourself to clean the storage once every 3 months. And don’t focus on the apps only. There are probably hundreds of photos, screenshots, and files you don’t need anymore!
  • Improve the battery life: If you have noticed that the iPad’s battery is getting weaker, make a couple of adjustments. Start by lowering the screen brightness. It can have an impact on battery life. Furthermore, consider turning off the Wi-Fi & Bluetooth when you don’t need them. While unpractical, remember that you don’t have to be online all the time, especially when reading an eBook or listening to a downloaded episode of your favorite podcast. 
  • Keep your iPad protected: Finally, put your iPad in a protective case, and don’t forget to use the screen protector. Both will ensure that your device looks new for a longer time and prevent physical damage. Don’t forget to clean the iPad occasionally and wipe any dirt and dust from it. Focus on the charging port too!

When Is It Time To Buy a New iPad?

It’s a tough question. Right? I remember I asked my mom when I was a kid – can I buy a new computer? She replied, “What’s wrong with the old one?” I had to come up with a bunch of reasons, but the truth was I wanted a new laptop to play the newest games.

So let’s make a list of valid reasons when you should truly consider buying a new iPad, not because the newer iPads are shinier. You shouldn’t update your iPad every time they release a new one; that’s a bad investment.

Valid reasons to update the iPad to a newer model:

  • Cracked Screen/Physical Damage
  • Performance Starts Declining
  • Incompatible Accessories
  • Battery Starts Declining
  • New Valuable Features
  • No More iOS Support
  • No App Updates


When will my iPad become obsolete?

The first iPad was introduced in 2010, and many models have become unusable since then. An iPad becomes obsolete when it hasn’t been in production for seven years. Apple Repair Center can’t fix these iPad models anymore, which is another downside.  

Are old iPads good for anything?

Absolutely! There is no need to throw away your old iPad because you bought a new one. Instead, think outside the box and repurpose it. For instance, you can use your old iPad as an eBook reader and always keep it on the nightstand. If you love cooking, your iPad can become a cookbook. Furthermore, give the old iPad to the kids so they can watch videos or do their schoolwork on it. The ideas are endless!

Does iPad slow down over time?

Unfortunately, yes. The OS updates can be troublesome for older iPads that don’t have the required hardware. But keep in mind that all devices need to slow down over time, especially if you use them frequently. You can try a few tricks like cleaning up the storage space and turning off the Background App Refresh, but it won’t do much if your iPad is super old.

Also, it is crucial to address the rumors that Apple is slowing down the devices deliberately. While the company admitted they decreased the performance of some older iPhones to save the batteries, Apple openly stated that iPads were never on the list because they don’t have the same power features.

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