The first iPad ever had 256MB RAM, the iPad 10th gen has 4GB of RAM, and the latest iPad Pro model has up to 16GB of RAM.

The amount of RAM in iPads is crucial for performance, multitasking, and running resource-intensive apps.

Having an adequate amount of RAM allows iPads to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and switch between apps faster, contributing to an overall better experience.

In this article, I’ll list all the iPads, split up by models: iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro, and show you how much RAM they have. Let’s discover how much power these devices have.


how much ram does an classic ipad have?
iPad ModelRAM
iPad256 MB
iPad (2nd Gen)512 MB
iPad (3rd Gen)1 GB
iPad (4th Gen)1 GB
iPad (5th Gen)2 GB
iPad (6th Gen)2 GB
iPad (7th Gen)3 GB
iPad (8th Gen)3 GB
iPad (9th Gen)3 GB
iPad (10th Gen)4 GB

The original iPad only had 256MB of RAM, and the latest iPad 10th generation has 4GB RAM. The first iPad was released in 2010, and the iPad 10 was released in 2022. This is what 12 years gets you.

iPad Mini

how much ram does iPad mini have?

iPad ModelRAM
iPad Mini (1st Gen)512 MB
iPad Mini (2nd Gen)1 GB
iPad Mini (3rd Gen)1 GB
iPad Mini (4th Gen)2 GB
iPad Mini (5th Gen)3 GB
iPad Mini (6th Gen)4 GB

iPad Mini started off with 512MB of RAM, and now the latest-gen iPad Mini 6 has 4GB RAM. Switching from one app to another effectively.

iPad Air

how much ram does ipad air have?
iPad ModelRAM
iPad Air (1st Gen) 1 GB
iPad Air (2nd Gen)2 GB
iPad Air (3rd Gen)3 GB
iPad Air (4th Gen)4 GB
iPad Air (5th Gen)8 GB

First iPad Air was released in 2013 the latest iPad Air (5th gen) in 2023. In 10 years iPad Air has gone from 1GB of RAM to 8 GB.

iPad Pro

how much ram does ipad pro hav?
iPad ModelRAM
iPad Pro 9.7″2 GB
iPad Pro 12.9″ (1st Gen)4 GB
iPad Pro 10.5″4 GB
iPad Pro 12.9″ (2nd Gen)4 GB
iPad Pro 11″ (1st Gen)4 GB or 6 GB
iPad Pro 12.9″ (3rd Gen)4 GB or 6 GB
iPad Pro 11″ (2nd Gen)6 GB
iPad Pro 12.9″ (4th Gen)6 GB
iPad Pro 11″ (3rd Gen)8 GB or 16 GB
iPad Pro 12.9″ (5th Gen)8 GB or 16 GB
iPad Pro 11″ (4th Gen)8 GB or 16 GB
iPad Pro 12.9″ (6th Gen)8 GB or 16 GB

The powerhouse of all iPads – iPad Pro. It started already with 2GB of RAM, the very first model, and now you can get an iPad Pro with 16GB of RAM.

iPad Pro is the premium model; hence, it offers the most RAM. It also offers other features that other iPads don’t have, like a 120hz screen, Face ID, 2TB storage, LiDAR scanner, etc.

Does RAM Make iPads Faster?

In general, the amount of RAM in an iPad plays a crucial role in its performance. A higher RAM capacity allows the iPad to handle multiple apps simultaneously without slowdowns or performance issues.

More RAM also helps to load the apps faster and smoother, which makes the overall usage of the iPad more pleasant.

It’s important to note that you cannot upgrade the RAM in an iPad

Why Do Android Tablets Have More RAM than iPads?

You probably have seen Android ads, Windows ads, and Apple ads. You might have noticed that Windows & Android advertise how much RAM their devices have, and Apple never does that because they have less RAM. Does that mean their devices are slower?

Apple devices are known for their tight integration, where the various components communicate with each other directly rather than passing information around in a less efficient manner. This approach allows for the creation of powerful devices, which is why Apple doesn’t typically advertise specifications like GHz, RAM, battery capacity, and so on.

Apple optimizes their devices to their fullest potential, and despite having lower specifications, they can create devices that run faster.

Should I Get 8GB RAM or 16GB RAM iPad?

Think of your iPad as a bag. 8GB iPad is a smaller bag, and 16GB iPad is a bigger bag.

Naturally, in the smaller bag, you will be able to pack fewer things inside than in the bigger one. Eventually, your bag will be stuffed, and to find things, you will have to take stuff out and put them back it, which will take up more time.

On the other hand, if you have a bigger bag, you can put more stuff in it without getting it crowded. You have room for everything you need at hand, so you don’t have to take things out and put them back in, which results in faster workflow.

The more RAM you have, the more apps and tabs you can open without closing the old ones.

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