How To Clean Your Tablet’s Screen?

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Every once in a while, you will feel the need to clean your tablet, laptop, and your phone’s screen. The reason is multiple finger marks due to excess usage of the device, or sometimes you watch your device when you eat, so chances are you might touch the device with your food hand, and that will again leave a mark or stain on your screen. Of course, these are just the obvious ones.

There may also be other reasons your screen needs cleaning. 

Also, do look for certified screen cleaners when buying them because some cleaners might be compatible with screen cleaning, but there might also be some which are used for household cleaning, which you should definitely avoid. They might end up damaging your screen. 

What Should You Use To Clean Your Tablet, iPad, And Smartphones?

Always use a lint-free microfiber cloth to clean your tablets, iPad, and smartphones. The main reason for using a microfiber cloth is because it leaves no cloth strings or scratches on the device. 

Use 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe or spray on your device. If it is a spray, then first gently spray the device with the isopropyl alcohol and then wipe off the liquid with the microfiber cloth.

The isopropyl alcohol wipe or spray is used so that the rigid stains on the screen can come off without having to use excessive force. Other alternatives are Clorox disinfecting wipes or ethyl alcohol wipes(75% alcohol).

Check some recommendations below.

Step-by-Step Instructions: How To Clean Tablets/iPad Screen

  1. Lock the device and remove the cover or case if there is any on your device. Unplug your device from the charging port so as to avoid a short circuit. The other reason why you should lock(or turn off) the device is so that you can see the stain or watermark clearly, which you want to wipe away.
  2. Use a lint-free microfiber cloth to clean the screen of your tablet or iPad, or smartphone.
  3. Use isopropyl alcohol spray on your device. Spray it gently on the surface and then use the microfiber cloth to slowly clean away the liquid from the screen. You can also use soapy water to pour on the screen but be careful to not submerge the device with the mixture. You do not want to test your device’s water resistance for something like this. You can also use the lens cloth of your sunglasses or eyeglasses as an alternative cloth. 

What Not To Do When Cleaning The Tablet, iPad Or Smartphones?

  1. Never use tissue papers, wet wipes, paper towels, or abrasive cloths. Avoid using these things to avoid getting scratches or permanent damage on your device. These are completely harmful and unnecessary products for your phones or tablets.
  2. Avoid using excessive wiping of the device. The main reason being you might accidentally damage the screen with excessive force.
  3. Make sure there is no collection of moisture on any of the phone’s openings. We don’t need to tell you what happens when moisture gets into your phone. Just make sure you dry off all the openings if you see any moisture building up.
  4. Absolutely avoid using hand sanitizers, window cleaners, or basically any harsh chemical on your device. It will definitely leave a lasting effect on your screen. Also, avoid spraying the isopropyl alcohol spray directly into any of the device’s openings.

Best 7 Screen Cleaners For Tablets, Ipads, And Smartphones

Here are some recommendations from us. We have tried/tested these, and they are great for any tablet/iPad.

1. Paperlike Cleaning Kit

Okay, so not to be biased or anything, but I’ve used the Paperlike Cleaning Kit myself, and I find it extremely useful. From having a microfiber covering on the entire case with a screen cleaning liquid that didn’t require a whole lot of sprays to be effective, the only downside (in my opinion), is the steep price.

  • Uses – Cleans Smartphones, Tablets, TVs, iPads, iPhones. 

Add-ons and use – The entire cleaning case is covered with a microfiber cloth with a spray nozzle found at the top. Spray the liquid onto your screen and then use the microfiber side as a sort of an eraser to wipe any smudges off. 

2. Monster Spray Screen Cleaner Kit

Monster Spray Screen Cleaner Kit

  • Uses – Cleans Tablets, Laptops, Computer monitors, iPhones, iPads, Smartphones, LED, LCD, Smart TV.
  • Add-ons and how to use – Microfiber cloth. The Monster spray cleaner screen is a simple spray and use product. Spray the liquid which is apparently no drip gel on the screen of your device and clean it with the microfiber cloth which uses AEGIS(reactive silane quaternary ammonium compound) to wipe the screen. 

3. Click Clean Touchscreen Mist Cleaner

Click Clean Touchscreen Mist Cleaner

  • Uses – Cleans Smartphones, Tablets, Tv’s, iPads, iPhones. 
  • Add-ons and how to use – Microfiber cloth is attached with the device and so is the liquid spray. Spray the liquid and then clean the desired device with the cleaner. There is also a draw key within the cleaner which acts as a stand for your device.

4. Eveo Screen Cleaner Spray

Eveo Screen Cleaner Spray

  • Uses – Cleans Macbook, iPad, iPhones, Laptops, Television, Smartphones or any electronic device. 
  • Add-ons and how to use – Microfiber cloth is included with the product. Attach the spray gun onto the head of the spray bottle. Spray the liquid on the microfiber cloth and then clean away your device. Wipe your device until it achieves desired cleanliness and shine.

5. WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner Kit

WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner Kit

  • Uses – Approved cleaner for all Apple devices and available in all Apple stores. It also cleans other Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, Televisions, and more.
  • Add-ons and how to use – There are Three 6” x 6” cloths included with the product. It is a spray bottle that can be directly sprayed on the device or on the cloth and then be used to wipe the device. 

6. Flawless Screen Cleaner Spray 

Flawless Screen Cleaner Spray

  • Uses – Cleans all types of electronics including iPads, Macbooks, Smartphones, iPhones, Tablets, and also on mirrors or in cars. 
  • Add-ons and how to use – Microfiber cloth is included with the cleaner. It is a simple spray and wipe product with an effective result. 

7. iCloth Screen Cleaning Wipes

iCloth Screen Cleaning Wipes

  • Uses – Cleans Tablets, iPad, iPhones, Smartphones, Macbooks, and Sturdy Computer monitors.
  • Add-ons and how to use – There are 24 pre-moistened, non-scratch, non-paper fabrics with 70% isopropyl alcohol and purified water formula-soaked wipes. They are even aerospace-approved grades that are used in planes and jets. There is no spray or liquid included as there are just wipes that are pre-soaked and ready to use. 

8. Carbon Klean SmartKlear Smart Phone Cleaner

Carbon Klean SmartKlear Smart Phone Cleaner

  • Uses – Exclusive product for small screens i.e Smartphones, iPhones and iPads, Android tablets.
  • Add-ons and how to use – The product here itself is a pocket-sized device that is easy to use. The SmartKlear is a dry-clean and substance-free product which is also used by NASA. It is a handy pocket device that can be used at any given time. The SmartKlear is just 3.25 inches in measurement and travel friendly. 


How Do I Clean Fingerprints Off My iPad Screen?

You can use various screen cleaners that are available online. Make sure these products are approved before using them on your iPad. These cleaners may come with a Spray bottle and liquid solution along with a microfiber cloth that is scratch-resistant. Spray the liquid on the iPad and clean it with the microfiber cloth for desired results.

There are 3 steps for cleaning the iPad as well. a) Turn off your iPad and unplug it from the charging station(if it is charging). b) Apply the liquid spray on the screen and gently wipe it with the microfiber cloth. c) Make sure the opening of your iPad remains moisture-free during and after cleaning. 

Can You Clean The Ipad Screen With Eyeglass Cleaner?

Avoid using eyeglass cleaner such as Windex wipes on your iPad. These cleaners are only meant to be used on glass and other such tough surfaces. The iPad has a delicate screen that will eventually show damage if you use eyeglass cleaner on it. The device will show scratches if you use eyeglass cleaner so it’s best that you avoid using it and instead use certified screen cleaners which are available in numbers online.

Is Glasses Cleaner Safe For Tablet Screens?

There are very few glasses cleaners that are safe to be used on tablet screens. One such cleaner is the iCloth which can be used on both without damaging the screen. Then there is the Optico cleaning wipes which are also safe to be used on tablet screens.

So there are some glasses cleaners that can be used on tablet screens, but if you are not desperate then it is recommended that you go for cleaners that are exclusive or tablet-approved cleaners. 

Can I Use Alcohol To Clean My Tablet’s Screen?

No, we do not recommend using alcohol on your tablet’s screen. This is because most devices that have glass screens also have a factory coating on them. This coating can easily get scratched / removed if you end up using alcohol. In some cases, the alcohol may wear the coating off.

Can You Use Wipes On Tablets?

Wipes are primarily alcohol-based. Alcohol is not great for your screen’s coating as it can cause scratches on your screen. Therefore, you should not be using wipes on your tablets.

How Often Should I Clean My Electronics?

We recommend cleaning your electronics every 2 weeks. If you are in a dusty environment, you can reduce that duration to a week. But, depending on how dusty the environment is, cleaning your electronics often won’t cause any harm.

Can Hand Sanitizer Be Used To Clean Electronics?

No, do not use a hand sanitizer to clean your electronics. This is because hand sanitizer contains alcohol which can be detrimental to your phone’s screen. However, you should clean your hands with sanitizer before you clean your electronics.

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