How To Connect PS5 Controller To iPad – Quick and Easy Guide

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Step-by-step process on how to pair your PS5 controller with your iPad effortlessly. With just a few simple taps, you’ll have your controller synced and ready to command your favorite games with unparalleled precision.

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on the iPad.
  2. Hold the “share screen” button and Playstation button for ~5sec.
  3. Press on DualSense Wireless Controller under “other devices” on your iPad

It should show “connected” under my devices, and your PS5 controller’s touch screen should be orange, which means it’s connected.

Connect PS5 Controller To iPad

Below you will find a step-by-step guide with pictures and a YouTube short, to make things even easier.

Step 1 – Turn On Bluetooth on iPad

how to enable bluetooth on iPad

Settings>Bluetooth>Toggle On

You need your Bluetooth on in order to connect to the controller.

Step 2 – Turn On Pairing Mode on Your PS5 Controller

how to enable pairing mode on ps5 controller

To enable pairing on your ps5 controller, press the PS button + Share Button and hold for ~5 seconds.

If you did everything correctly, your controller should start blinking blue light. (Make sure your controller is charged)

Now go back to your iPad.

ipad bluetooth ps5 controller under my ipad devices

DualSense Wireless Controller should appear on your Bluetooth list. You should press on it, and it should connect both of the devices.

Your controller will show an orange light – that means it’s connected. Also, your iPad will show that they are connected.

Here is a YouTube Short on how I connected PS5 Controller with my iPad with some game play from Apex Legends:

How To Navigate iPad with PS5 Controller

With L1 and R1, you can jump between app pages. With both analogs and arrows, you can navigate apps and which one you would like to open. It’s all nice, but as soon as you open an app, like Netflix, that’s it. Your controller won’t work anymore because the app is not compatible with the controller.

So there are quite a few limitations.

Customize Your Controls

Now that you have connected your PS5 controller and iPad, there should be a new setting for “Game Controller”

Settings>General>Game Controller

change controller setting on ipad

Here you can customize your controllers and “Identify Controller” which means the controller you have connected to your iPad will start vibrating as soon as your press the button.

how to identify controller on ipad
set up custom controls for your controller with ipad

I personally like to leave all the controllers on default, but here you can switch up the keys however you like.

You can also customize the “share button” with a double press, you will take a screenshot on your iPad, and by pressing and holding it will start recording your gameplay. You can also edit it and make it record your highlights of the game. To share with your audience or friends.

Playing Games on iPad with PS5 Controller

Now I’ve only tried a few, and I invest the most time in Apex Legends Mobile.

mobile apex legends champion squad

Managed to get 17 kills on the first try. I wish I was this good at the real game.

I used the controlled, which is allowed, but honestly, it felt like cheating a bit. I was just way better than anyone else.

It’s important to know that you can’t use the controller in the games menu. You can only use the controller in the gameplay. So if you log into a game and you can’t use the controller – don’t worry. Skip all the tutorials and go into practice mode to make sure everything is working. You can also change the controllers under the settings.

Not all games support PS5 controllers, but Apex Legends Mobile did. It was so enjoyable that I should do an article on all the shooter games that support controllers.


With your PS5 controller in hand, you now have the power to navigate your iPad with ease, jumping between app pages and exploring a variety of apps like never before. Although some limitations exist when it comes to app compatibility.

As technology continues to evolve, the possibilities for gaming on your iPad are bound to expand, and I hope this guide has been helpful. Embrace the freedom to game wherever you are, and explore new dimensions of entertainment, all thanks to the seamless connection between your PS5 controller and iPad.

P.S When I connected the PS5 controller to the iPad, I noticed another thing:

you can see your ps5 controller battery levels on your iPad

iPad shows how much battery is left in your PS5 controller.

Stay tuned if you want more articles about iPad games with a PS5 controller.


Why My PS5 Controller Is Not Connecting to the iPad?

ps5 controller error on ipad

You have to make sure your iPad is updated to the latest iPad OS. This might cause problems. If your iPad is updated, turn off Bluetooth, restart the iPad, turn Bluetooth back on and start the pairing process from the start, this should resolve your problem. Make sure the controller is not connected to PS5.

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