Need to go offline but want to watch YouTube videos? Let me show you how you can download YouTube videos on iPad for offline viewing.

I’ll show you how you can do it for free, which is something I don’t recommend because of copyrights and YouTube’s terms of service, and you can get in trouble for that. So, let’s respect the creators’ rights and only download content for personal use, keeping it legal and ethical. And I’ll show you how to do it legally where you don’t have to worry about anything.

So grab your iPad, and let’s get started.

How To Download YouTube Videos on iPad For Free

Downloading YouTube videos is a bit of a hassle, but I’ll show you how you can make it happen. There are two main routes to download YouTube videos: dedicated apps and online services.

Download YouTube Videos with Documents App

Documents by Readdle is a great app that will help you download YouTube videos for free. Here’s how to use them:

  • Install and open Documents and leave it for now.
  • Head over to YouTube and locate the video you want to download, and copy the link.
When you press the share button in YouTube App it will offer you to copy the link
  • Press “Download” on the quality you desire.
  • You will be able to locate your downloaded videos under “My Files.”

Warning: you will need to click 4-7x until it starts downloading, because the website will spam you with adds before you will be able to download YouTube videos for free. Also, the Documents app will offer you the premium version, just decline, you don’t need it to make this happen.

Download YouTube Videos with Premium

This is the method I recommend using.

YouTube Premium membership offers a hassle-free solution for downloading videos. With a subscription, you can easily download your favorite content for offline viewing on your iPad. Here are the quick steps:

  1. Open YouTube app on your iPad.
  2. Sign in to your YouTube account that has a premium membership. (You can sign to premium here.)
  3. Search for the video you want to download. 
  4. Tap the video. 
  5. Below the video, you will see a “Download” button.
how to download YouTube videos on ipad
you won’t see the download button if you don’t have YouTube Premium

Where Are The Downloaded YouTube Videos?

All the videos you download will remain within the YouTube app, and don’t worry, you can still enjoy them even without an internet connection.

where do youtube downloads go
You will only see this section if you have YouTube Premium

How To Cancel YouTube Premium on iPad and iPhone?

  • Open the “Settings” app on your device.
  • Tap on your Apple ID profile, top left corner
  • Tap on “Subscriptions”
  • Tap on “YouTube”
  • Tap on “Cancel Subscription”
how to cancel youtube premium on ipad and iphone

You are done.


So there are two methods you can use to download YouTube videos on iPad:

  1. Download the Documents app and use
  2. Buy YouTube Premium

I, of course, recommend getting the YouTube premium, it’s less hassle and it’s only $13.99/month and you don’t have to worry about ads and workarounds and you can watch as many videos you wish offline.

Note that downloading YouTube videos without the copyright owner’s permission is illegal in most countries. Additionally, downloading copyrighted content may lead to legal consequences. Therefore, you should always respect the intellectual property rights of content creators and use videos on YouTube according to the platform’s terms of service.

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