Sometimes we enable the split screen on iPad on purpose, and sometimes, we do it by accident. We all have been there.

TLDR: Located the divider between the two opened apps in split screen mode. Press and hold the divider with your finger and draw the divider all the way to the left or right edge of the screen. This will eliminate the split screen and one of the apps with then take up the full screen.

There are multiple ways how to get rid of the split screen mode on iPad, so let’s go a bit deeper, and I’ll show you step-by-step with pictures, and I’ll add a short YouTube video on how to open up split screen on iPad.

How To Get Rid of Split Screen on iPad

How To Get Rid of Split Screen on iPad - method 1

Method 1: Slide The Divider Bar with Finger To Close One Window

Whether you accidentally activated split-screen mode or used it intentionally but now you want to turn off the split screen on iPad follow this guide.

Locate the divider bar separating the two windows and slide it all the way to either the right or left side of the screen. By doing this you will close one of the apps, leaving you open with one app in full-screen mode.

Method 2: Use the Multitasking Button to Close a Window

How To Get Rid of Split Screen on iPad - methods 2

Another option to close a split screen window involves the Multitasking button located at the top of the App. Locate the 3 buttons at the top, click on them, and choose either “Full screen” Your remaining window will be maximized. or “close” and unwanted window will vanish

This is also a great way how to open up split-screen mode on purpose. Just by clicking the three dots at the top of any up that’s opened.

A Note on iPadOS 15 and Later: For those running iPadOS 15 or newer versions, you may have noticed that Apple has removed the ability to disable split screens from the settings. While this change may seem inconvenient, the steps mentioned above still work like a charm for closing split-screen windows.

How To Enable Split Screen on iPad

Here’s a quick YouTube short video where we show you in few seconds how to use the split view mode on your iPad:

Slide Over Feature on iPad

The Slide Over feature on iPad is a multitasking feature that allows you to quickly access a secondary app without completely exiting the current app you’re using

This option will help you: open up the split screen, close the split screen or slide over one app to the side.

split screen setting slide over ipad

The slide-over function is pretty neat. It’s a way to temporarily overlay a smaller app window on top of your main app, making it convenient to perform quick tasks or reference information without fully switching between apps.

Dismissal: To dismiss the Slide Over app, swipe it off the screen to the right. This action will tuck it away, and you can easily bring it back by swiping in from the right edge again.

To close it completely you will need to close the app.


In Method 1, we unveiled the elegant dance of the divider bar – a ballet of swipes that gracefully closes one window, leaving the other to claim the entirety of your attention. Through the accompanying visual demonstration, we strive to make this method second nature.

Method 2, a companion in your quest for a refined screen experience, brought the Multitasking button to the forefront. We discovered its ability to grant liberation from split-screen captivity – either elevating one window to full-screen prominence or banishing the unwanted with a simple click.

If hope this article was helpful and you managed to close up the split screen on your iPad.

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