How to Hide Apps on iPad & iPhone

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Want to hide your digital journal from prying eyes? Perhaps remove some apps so that your kids can’t find them on an iPad or iPhone? Or declutter your home screen and make it more organized? If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading because this article is for you.

iOS is different from Android, and you won’t be able to fully conceal the apps. You can delete them, but that is not an option here. Instead, let’s explore some quick and easy hacks that can make apps more difficult to find or locate on an iPad and iPhone.

Hide an app in a folder

You can use folders to hide an app. Of course, you have to pick the best possible folder to be the hiding spot. For instance, if you want to prevent kids from finding it, make sure you don’t place it with the games.

The best option is to find a folder that already has a lot of apps in it. We are talking about several pages. You probably already have a folder containing numerous Apple apps you rarely use, and it is perfect for this.

On the other hand, if you often use the app you want to hide, find a more practical place. Perhaps a folder with your work apps will do? Get creative and see what you already have on your phone.

And how do you place an app in a folder? Simply tap on an app icon and hold it for a couple of seconds. The icons will start shaking, indicating you can move them around. Tap and hold one app and then place it over another. It will automatically create a new folder you can name whatever you want. Of course, use the same method to drag an app into an existing folder.

Remove an app from Search

A search box is a tool that allows you to find apps quickly. However, it can also help others locate an app on your iPhone or iPad. There are also Siri Suggestions that show up next to Search. If you frequently use the app you want to hide, chances are it will pop up here. So what can you do about it? 

Tap on Settings, scroll down, and find Siri & Search. Open it and continue scrolling until you find a list of apps. Then, pick the app you want to hide. As you can see from the screenshot, I am excluding Duolingo from search results.

Disable Show App in Search and Show on Home Screen. Once you do this, you won’t be able to find the app by using Search. Instead, you have to locate it either on your home screen or in folders.

No notifications

After you remove an app from Search and Siri Suggestions, keep in mind that you will still get notifications from it. Luckily, you can turn the notifications off in no time. Go to Settings and find Notifications.

Scroll down until you find the app you want to hide, then tap on it. You will see Allow Notifications at the very top of the screen. Tap on disable. Now you can be sure a notification won’t pop up on your phone until you enable this option again.


There is no dedicated feature on iOS to hide apps. But there are some workarounds. The best possible option is to hide it in a folder where no one would think to look and disable notifications. Of course, it’s not bulletproof. Another option is you can delete the app when you are done with it and download it again when you need it.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a perfect solution to this problem, but this is the best solution we can offer to you.


Do iPad’s have kids mode?

Officially, no. However, there is a way to childproof your device. The first thing you need to do is turn on the Restrictions. Go to Settings and tap on Screen Time. Scroll down a bit and find a tab called Use Screen Time Passcode. Enter a passcode you want. This step will ensure that your youngster doesn’t modify the restrictions themselves.

From there, start creating restrictions that you want. For instance, disable the camera or Facetime. It will prevent them from accidentally starting a video call. Don’t want your kid browsing the web without your approval? Then disable Safari.

Additionally, kids could go into the App Store and start downloading paid apps. The same goes for in-app purchases. You can disable all of that to make sure they don’t spend money from your account without you knowing about it.

Another good thing you can restrict on an iPad is multiplayer games so that your kid can’t chat or add unknown people to their friend list. You can do so in the Games Center tab.

How do you hide app names on iPhones?

This option is not currently available on iPhones and iPads. But there are many other things you can try to fully customize your home screen and make it as unique as you. The App Store has many nifty tools that will allow you to unleash your creativity and organize your apps better.

How do I keep apps on my iPhone and iPad separate?

Many of us like to keep our devices connected because it is trouble-free. But you might not want to have the same apps on both your iPhone and iPad. Don’t worry – this feature is easy to switch off.

Go to Settings and find the App Store tab. Then turn off the Automatic Downloads for Apps. Of course, if you have purchased an app on your iPhone, you can download it to your iPad. But you have to do so manually in the App Store.

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