How to label Bluetooth devices on your iPad or iPhone?

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People use so many Bluetooth devices with their iPhones or iPad that at one point it becomes confusing as to which device is which. You may think the Bluetooth device that you are connecting with is your preferred one but it turns out to be a completely different one and that becomes frustrating after some time. 

It is advisable you start naming the Bluetooth devices as per your own preferences, it becomes easier to connect with them afterward. There are so many Bluetooth devices nowadays that it genuinely becomes confusing, there are headphones, speakers, car multimedia Bluetooth, and earbuds. You need a different name to differentiate between these devices. Settings>Bluetooth>Search for the device>Tap on name>Label/Rename That’s how you label your headphones, earbuds, AirPods, car, TV, etc.

Note: You will only be able to change the name of the devices that are connected to your iPad/iPhone

Step by Step: How to rename Bluetooth devices on iPad & iPhone

how to label bluetooth devices on ipad and ophone

1. Turn on Bluetooth

Turn on the Bluetooth device that you want to connect with your iPhone or iPad. This move is imperative as without turning on the Bluetooth and connecting the device to your phone, you won’t be able to rename or label the Bluetooth device. The device NEEDS to be connected first.

2. Settings 

Go to the settings options on your iPhone or iPad and click the Settings app to open it.

3. Bluetooth 

Once you open the settings, there will be a Bluetooth option inside it. Tap on the Bluetooth option to open it.

4. Search for the device 

When you open the Bluetooth option, find the device you want to label. The device that you want to label will say “connected”. You will only be able to label that device if it is connected to your iPhone or iPad. So look for the connected device and then press the “i” on the right side of that device.

5. Name 

Once you tap the “i”, the Name option will appear in front of you. Tap the “Name” option.

6. Label/Rename 

Once you tap the “Name” option, then you can change the name of the device, label it according to your preference and then tap the “Done” option to finish the process. 

Viola! You are done labeling the Bluetooth device according to your own preference with these easy steps.

How to change iPad & iPhone Bluetooth name

Often you need to connect your device to another device and it might get confusing if you live in a house full of people that also own iPad & iPhones or you’re in a very public place like school, college, dorm rooms, etc. Or you just want to stand out of the crowd, so you’re not just another brick in the wall, nevertheless, whatever the reason, changing your name on iPad/iPhone is simple:


That’s it, you can change your name to whatever you like and change it back whenever you like.

Does leaving Bluetooth on will drain the iPad’s battery?

Having Bluetooth turned on all the time on your iPad won’t drain your battery any more than having Wi-Fi turned on. When you’re not accessing the network. Of course, it might pull an insignificant amount of energy from your battery, but it will not drain it during the course of a day. You will probably drain more battery just by turning the iPad on and switching Bluetooth off.

Why Can’t I Rename Apple Pencil?

You just can’t. Apple Pencil cannot be renamed. Some of the devices do not support renaming and Apple Pencil is one of those devices and it will probably stay that in the future. We personally, don’t see a reason why would anyone want to rename it, we couldn’t come up with any scenario why would anyone need to rename it.

A Word Of Caution

If for some reason you cannot change the name of your desired Bluetooth device then do take note of the fact that some Bluetooth devices do not give your permission to change their name. So you will not be able to change some selected Bluetooth devices’ names or label them. 

That’s it for this article. I hope this was helpful, in case not, drop me a line below, maybe I can help.

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