It’s easier to create a shared album with your friends and family than sending them pictures one by one.

Let me show you how you can create a shared album on your iOS device.

You will create an album, add pictures, and add people who are allowed to see the contents of this album. You can even give access to the group members so they can add pictures as well.

How To Make a Shared Album

How To Make a Shared Album on iPhone for all your selfies
  1. Open the “Photos” app.
  2. Tap “+(Plus Button)” at the upper left corner.
  3. Select “New Shared Album”
  4. Name your shared album and tap “Next.”
  5. Add the names of friends, emails, or phone numbers associated with Apple ID to share.
  6. Tap “Create”
  7. Open the newly created album
  8. To add pictures to the album, tap “Add.”
  9. After choosing the images you want to include, tap “Done.” 
  10. Your photos are now shared with your invitees.

Photos and videos you add to the shared album are copies. The originals stay in your library unless you delete them.

When you create a “Shared Album” on your iOS device you will be able to add pictures to it and videos. You will also be able to add more people(up to 100 people) to the album, and you can choose whether they can post or not and whether you would like to receive notifications or not.

You can even make the shared album public, so anyone with the link can see the content that’s in the album.

This is a really amazing feature that Apple offers, especially if you are traveling with a group and everyone is taking photos. You create a shared album and everyone just uploads their pictures there.

Shared albums use the iCloud storage of the person who created the album. Make sure you have enough storage if you are hosting the album.

When you delete a shared album it will automatically delete it for the rest of the users as well if you are the host.

Shared Album Invite NOT Showing Up

Some people reporter that the invite is not showing up and that can happen, don’t panic, this is fixable.

So, you invited someone to a shared album, but the recipient never received the invite on their iPhone.

  • Open “Settings”
  • Open “Privacy & Security”
  • Find “Lockdown mode” at the very bottom and make sure it’s turned off.

If it was off already, don’t worry, we still have few more steps.

  • Open “Settings”
  • Tap on the “iCloud name” (Your Name) at the very top
  • Verify that the person was sending the invite to the right email (you will see the email connected to iCloud)

if they didn’t ask them to send another invite to the album with the correct Apple ID email.

Assuming the email was correct and that wasn’t the problem:

  • Tap on the “iCloud”
  • Tap on “Photos”
  • Make sure the “Sync This iPhone” is on
  • Make sure that the “Shared Albums” is also turned on

This should fix the problem. When you have done this I want you to close the “Photo App” and re-open it again and your invites should appear there. Where you can accept them and decline them.

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