How To Screenshot Full Page on iPad

Last Updated on September 21, 2022 by Ernest

Some time ago, it was only possible to take a screenshot on your screen, now, you can take a screenshot of a whole web page, and this article is just about that.

This is what a full-page screenshot of my blog looks like:

Step 1 – Take a Screenshot

Take a screenshot on your iPad as you would usually.

iPads without a home button:


Press the volume button + lock button(top button)

iPads with a home button:


Press the home button + lock button(top button)

Step 2 – Change to a Full-page Screenshot

When you take a screenshot on an iPad, a preview will pop up in the bottom left corner. Click on that preview.

screenshot on ipad full page on website

Switch from “Screen” to “Full Page”

That’s it. You have yourself a full-page screenshot. It will save as a PDF file. You can draw over it, highlight some parts, draw arrows, circles, whatever. You can also crop it however you like and just cut out some parts that you don’t require. You can also turn that PDF file into a JPG. If that is necessary.

Screenshots on iPads and iPhones have evolved and there are a lot of tips & tricks to know that could make your life a bit easier and make you more productive.

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