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Perhaps you stumbled upon a perfect meme you want to share with your friends or a recipe you plan to make for lunch. You can quickly save them to your iPad by taking a screenshot. The screenshots on the iPad go directly to the gallery, where you can crop and edit them however you like.

There are several different ways to screenshot on an iPad. It all depends on the model you have. Forget about downloading files to your iPad because screenshots are faster and more convenient. So let’s learn the art of screenshotting on an iPad!

Taking a screenshot on an iPad

If you own an iPad without a home button, you have to locate the top button and the volume button. Then press them at the same time. Don’t hold the buttons for too long. A tiny image of a screenshot should appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. Tap it if you want to make any adjustments to your screenshot.

how to screenshot on ipad that doesn't have a home button
How to screenshot without the home button

Those who have an iPad with a home button have to press the power and home buttons. Remember to do it at the same time. Once again, make sure you don’t hold them for too long. You will see an image of a screenshot in the bottom left corner. Want to crop the screenshot or write something on it? Then tap it. If you miss a chance, you can always find the screenshot in the camera roll.

how to screenshot on iPad with the home button
how to screenshot on iPad with the home button

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Taking a screenshot with AssistiveTouch

Sometimes, the buttons on iPads stop working. For instance, my iPad’s home button was broken for years, but I could still use it thanks to AssistiveTouch. So what you need to do first is enable the AssistiveTouch.

Go to Settings and scroll down until you see the Accessibility tab. Tap on it and find the Touch option. Here you can switch on the AssistiveTouch. You will notice that a small grayish button will appear on your screen.

With that out of the way, here is how to take screenshots with AssistiveTouch. Tap on the button, and a menu will pop up. Find the Device and tap on it. Here you should select More. And right on the top, you will see the Screenshot option. Tap on it, and the iPad will take a screenshot.

Taking a screenshot on an iPad by using a keyboard

Some of us also use a hardware keyboard with an iPad, and that little gadget allows us to create screenshots too. It doesn’t matter if you use a Magic Keyboard or any Bluetooth keyboard – just double-check if it is connected to the iPad.

When you press Shift + Command (or Alt) + 3, you will take a screenshot that will go directly to your camera roll. However, when you press Shift + Command (or Alt) + 4, your screenshot will open in the image editor.

Taking a screenshot with an Apple Pencil

Artists, listen up! You can quickly take a screenshot on your iPad with an Apple Pencil only. Swipe your pencil from any bottom corner towards the center of the screen.

You will automatically get a screenshot, and you can edit it on the spot with the help of Markup.  

Honestly, it’s great when you have to teach someone through your iPad, you make a screenshot, quickly and use your Apple Pencil to quickly wrap around the important parts to stand out.

Taking a screenshot with a PS5 Controller

Before you’re able to take a screenshot, you will need to connect the PS5 controller to your iPad. When that is done, you need to double-tap the “share button.”

This might come in handy when you’re playing games. You can also screen record with that button, and you can set that button to screen record the last 15 sec of the game – highlight recording.

How To Take Full-Page Screenshots on iPad

Some time ago, it was only possible to take a screenshot on your screen, now, you can take a screenshot of a whole web page, and this article is just about that.

This is what a full-page screenshot of my blog looks like:

Step 1 – Take a Screenshot

Take a screenshot on your iPad as you would usually.

iPads without a home button:


Press the volume button + lock button(top button)

iPads with a home button:


Press the home button + lock button(top button)

Step 2 – Change to a Full-page Screenshot

When you take a screenshot on an iPad, a preview will pop up in the bottom left corner. Click on that preview.

screenshot on ipad full page on website

Switch from “Screen” to “Full Page”

That’s it. You have yourself a full-page screenshot. It will save as a PDF file. You can draw over it, highlight some parts, draw arrows, circles, whatever. You can also crop it however you like and just cut out some parts that you don’t require. You can also turn that PDF file into a JPG. If that is necessary.

Screenshots on iPads and iPhones have evolved and there are a lot of tips & tricks to know that could make your life a bit easier and make you more productive.


How to screenshot on an iPad with a broken home button?

We have already explained this in the text above. Essentially, you have to enable AssistiveTouch, and you will get a home button on your screen. You can continue to use your iPad comfortably without worrying about replacing the home button. And take screenshots too!

Can I create a screen recording on an iPad?

Absolutely! But first, add the Screen Recording option to your Control Center. You can do so by going to Settings and selecting the Control Center tab. There you can add Screen Recording. Next time you open your Control Center, you will see the Screen Recording option. Tap on it, wait for the countdown, and your iPad will start recording video and sound automatically.

Why won’t my iPad take a screenshot?

The best solution for this problem is to try to restart the iPad. First, power off your device. Then wait for half a minute, and reboot your iPad. Try taking a screenshot once again. If you still have issues, check if all the buttons are working properly. In case your home button is broken, you can always use AssistiveTouch.

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