How To See and Delete Google History on iPad & iPhone

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Perhaps you are using a work iPad, and you don’t want anyone to see your Google history once you turn the device back in. Or you want to clear the cache on your iPhone to make it work faster. Don’t worry – we got your back.

Deleting the history now and then is a great thing, especially if you have noticed that your browser of choice is not working as quickly as before. We will focus on the two most popular browsers among iPad and iPhone users – Safari and Chrome. So, let’s begin!

Deleting the history in Safari

Most iPad and iPhone users use Safari daily. It is the default browser on Apple devices with excellent security and privacy options. Of course, Apple made sure that you can access and delete your Safari history through Settings.

So, launch Settings and find the Safari tab. Continue scrolling on the right side until you see an option Clear History and Website Data. A warning will pop up, and you have to confirm that you want to delete your history.

Once you tap on Clear, your history, including your Google searches, will be gone from your device. It will remove cookies too. Just remember that you can’t recover your data after you delete everything.

Deleting the history in Chrome

If you use Chrome on your iPhone or iPad, clearing the history is even faster than in Safari. You can do it straight from the app without going to Settings.

Start by launching your browser. You will see three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap on them. A menu will appear, and there should be a History tab. Tap on it, and you will see your browsing history.

The option Clear Browsing Data is located at the bottom of the window. Once you tap on it, you can choose what you want to delete. For instance, you can clear your browsing history only and leave all your cookies and other files. You have to confirm that you want to delete the browsing data, and that’s it!


Does iPad store browsing history?

It does. If you have multiple Apple devices and use the same iCloud storage for all of them, you can view the history on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Just remember to switch on the Safari option in your iCloud settings first.

Where is my browsing history on Google?

Google allows you to view your account’s activity in crazy detail. You can view a list of your actions straight from your Google account. Get there by logging in and visiting the Google Account page. A panel will appear on your left with Data & privacy option. Click on it, and a new page should open up. Find History settings and click on My activity. There you will see a list of your most recent activity on Google.

Can you find deleted history on iPhone?

The recovery could be a bit tricky. You can try to find the deleted history through Safari settings by going to Advanced, but you won’t be able to recover it if you have already deleted cookies and cache. You won’t find your deleted history on iCloud either. However, you can get all your bookmarks back because they are on iCloud.

How do I look at browsing history on iPad?

If you just want to look at the browsing history on an iPad without deleting it, here’s how to get there. Launch the Safari app and find the bookmarks icon from the toolbar. Tap the history icon (a small clock), and see your browsing history there. However, you can’t make any changes or delete your browsing history from the Safari app.

How do I see activity history on the iPad?

There is no way to see what someone did on the iPad. But you can analyze the screen time report to see exactly how much time they spend in various apps. Of course, you should switch on the Screen Time in your Settings first. Once you do that, a full report will show up on your screen. It is an amazing tool for time management and limiting screen time too.

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