How to use WhatsApp on an iPad or Tablet

No one can deny the immense popularity that WhatsApp has gained over recent years. Almost everyone uses WhatsApp multiple times a day, maybe for chatting or video calling.

But did you know that WhatsApp is not available for iPad? But of course, there is a workaround for almost anything. So, let’s get all the answers about whether you can use WhatsApp on iPad/Tablet or not.

Can I use Whatsapp on my iPad/Tablet?

While there’s no official WhatsApp app on App Store/Play Store, we’ll explain how you can use it on your device. The procedure or process isn’t as straightforward as you would expect. You can’t just go into the app store/play store and download WhatsApp. I’m sure we would all be very happy and grateful if we could do that, but unfortunately, there’s a bit of hassle to get and use WhatsApp on your tablet/iPad. If you’re wondering why can’t you do it, why can’t you just download WhatsApp from the App Store like any other app – it’s complicated. Let’s talk about that later. Right now, let’s go through the steps in order to get WhatsApp running on your device. Step-by-step guide. 

Here’s how you can use Whatsapp on your device:

  • Step 1 – Open the web browser, Chrome, Safari, Brave, or Mozilla Firefox. Enter and open the website. Once you open the website, the Whatsapp Web interface will appear in front of you. 

However, this might not work on Chrome & Opera for some reason. (Not for all devices)

  • Step 2 – Take out your iPhone or Android phone, open the Whatsapp application, Tap Settings on the bottom right-hand corner and, bring the settings up, open the Whatsapp Web/Desktop option on it. As for the Android phone, open the Whatsapp application, Tap the three dots on the upper right side and select Whatsapp Web/Linked devices.
  • Step 3 – Open the Whatsapp Web on Chrome or Safari. A QR code will flash on your screen. Take your phone, and once Whatsapp Web is selected, the phone will search for the QR code, point the phone directly at the QR code appearing on the screen and you are connected!
  • Step 4 –  Once you are connected, the Whatsapp Web will let you know that you are logged in to other devices. You can now use Whatsapp on your iPad/Tablet. You can now send, and receive files and messages on your iPad/Tablet. 
  • Step 5 – If you want to log out from the Whatsapp Web on the iPad/Tablet, you can do that through either your phone or browser. You can select the log out from all devices option on your phone and Whatsapp will cease to exist on the Web browser and you will log out from it. Same way, you can log out from the desktop version too by simply selecting the logout option from settings.

How to Install Whatsapp on Tablet/iPad(without jailbreak)?

There is a way to install Whatsapp on iPad without jailbreak. That method is the Tweak Box app. You will have to install the Tweak Box app on your iPad for Whatsapp to work. 

Let’s take a look at how you can install the Tweak Box app on your iPad and then how to install Whatsapp via the Tweak Box app.

P.S this is something we do not recommend, but it is a working workaround on how to get WhatsApp on your iPad/Tablet. It’s an unofficial app, which is not listed on App Store and there are some safety concerns about whether Tweakbox is safe or not.

  • Installing the Tweak Box app

Step 1- Open the Safari web browser. Opening the Safari web browser is a must because the Tweak box app won’t open in any other browser, then write “” in the address bar.

Step 2 – When the website opens, there will be an install option on the home page. Click on the install button, and the Tweak Box app will be installed on your iPad.

Step 3 – When you open the Tweak Box app, there will be a button for installing the app on the top right cover. When you hit the install button, the iPad will ask for your password to complete the installation. Once you complete the formalities of entering the password, the Tweak Box app is fully installed on your iPad. 

  • Installing Whatsapp via Tweak Box app

Step 1 – Open the Tweak box app. On the home screen, you will find the Tweaked app’s icon, tap on that icon.

Step 2 –  After tapping on the tweaked app’s icon, you will find varieties of apps on it, search for the Whatsapp icon by scrolling down and tap on it. There are three versions of Whatsapp, but you need to click on the Whatsapp++ icon. 

Step 3 – After clicking on the Whatsapp++ icon, click on the install sign, and the app will start downloading. Press the home button and watch the installation getting completed. 

  • Configuring Whatsapp on iPad

Step 1 – After installing Whatsapp, the app will not open at first. Go to the settings.

Step 2 – Select the general category in the settings.

Step 3 – Go to the Profiles and Device Management option.

Step 4 – In that, you will see MASTERTEX APPLIANCE REPAIR LLC, select that option and it will take you to the trust ”MASTERTEX APPLIANCE REPAIR LLC” button, press the button and then press the trust option that will pop up.

Step 5 – Go to the home screen and press the Whatsapp icon again. The app will start running. 

Why does Whatsapp Not Work on iPad?

There are a couple of reasons why Whatsapp does not work on the iPad.

  1. Whatsapp has not yet created a version for iPad.
  2. The other reason Whatsapp doesn’t run on the iPad is the restriction imposed by the Whatsapp website backend. The web interface of the app is meant to be accessed only on a desktop computer. Hence the limitations are not due to the iPad having iOS software. 

Can I Make Video Calls on Whatsapp on My iPad?

This might seem a bit frustrating, but unfortunately, you cannot make video calls on WhatsApp on your iPad. This doesn’t work even on the tablets!

Best Apps for Video Calls?

Let’s take a look at some of the best Video-Calling apps that are trending today.

  • Zoom Meeting

Probably the most popular and one of the most downloaded video-calling apps. Zoom is especially popular amongst professional teams. It is also highly popular for one on ones. Zoom offers Screen sharing, live annotations, and encryptions. There are two versions of Zoom – free and paid.

In the free version of Zoom, you can make a video call as normal, but when you decide to invite more than 3 people on the call, Zoom limits the video calling to 40 minutes. 

If you want to, then you can buy a $15 monthly package of Zoom where no such restrictions exist, and you can call any number of guests on video calls with the premium account. 
Zoom works on all platforms. (iOS and Android)

Tablets with Best Cameras For Zoom Calls|

  • Skype

The veteran app for video calling. Skype has been around for years. It is as reliable a video calling app as they come. Built by Microsoft, Skype has an impressive 50 person limit. Skype also offers screen sharing, encryptions, or live transcriptions. 

Skype works on all platforms too.

  • Google Duo

Google duo comes pre-installed on Android phones and tablets. Google Duo has a maximum 32 person capacity for video calls. Remember leaving voice messages when the person you called couldn’t receive the call? Well, you can do that exact same thing but with video even if the other person is not active! You can leave video messages or shoot fun skits and leave them as video messages for other people.

While Google Duo is android’s answer to Apple’s FaceTime app, Google Duo is available on iOS. Google Duo’s 32 people max capacity is less compared to Skype and Zoom, but Google Duo offers good flexibility and is really fun to use.

  • FaceTime

The big fish. The most popular video calling app on iOS. It is also probably the best Video calling app out of all. FaceTime is very easy to use. The SharePlay function lets you watch other people’s content and streams. 

The reason why FaceTime is so fun to use is that it lets you use emojis, memes, and stickers during video chats and you can do that in either one or one or group calls. There is no real downside of FaceTime other than Android and Windows users do not have access to it. FaceTime’s users are limited to people who have Apple/iOS products. 

FaceTime comes pre-installed on all iPhones, Mac, and iPad. 

What Are The Best Whatsapp Alternatives for iPad/Tablets?

Here are some of the alternatives to Whatsapp that you can use:

  • Signal

Signal is probably the best alternative to Whatsapp. Signal offers all the functions and features that Whatsapp does. You can send messages, images, videos, voice notes to an individual or group. 

Signal offers end-to-end encryption. The tech used by the Signal app is also used by Facebook and Google for their messaging app. Signal is available on both Android and iOS.

  • Telegram

Telegram has seen a recent boom in its users and downloads mainly due to Whatsapp changing its privacy policy. At one point they had 25 million new users within the 72 hours of Whatsapp changing its policy.

Telegram also has all the messaging features as well as a video call option. You can privately chat or make a group. Every feature is available on Telegram.

Here’s the catch, Telegram doesn’t offer end-to-end encryption as a default setting. You have to turn on the encryption for private chats. It’s not a deal-breaker but something that you should be aware of before downloading the app.

Telegram is available on Android and iOS.

  • Wire

The wire is a free-to-use app in general, but it also has a premium tier option which it charges for. Wire offers messaging features as well as video conference call options.

The Wire is end-to-end encrypted, and the company, which is based in Switzerland, says its security has been audited from time to time, and they have the records to show for it, with the most recent one in 2018. 

The wire is available on Android and iOS.

Why is there no official Whatsapp for iPad?

Each WhatsApp account is linked to a single number only, and WhatsApp doesn’t allow the use of a single number on multiple devices. This essentially means that you can only log in to one device at a time.

So, if you are using your WhatsApp account from your phone, WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to use it from any other phone or tablet. Hence, there is no official Whatsapp for iPad!

You might think – that’s not a good enough answer because competitors like Telegram also is linked to a single number only, but you can access it from multiple devices simultaneously.

Unfortunately, that’s all we got. There’s no additional explanation we can give you since there isn’t one from WhatsApp, but there are rumors that WhatsApp is working on multiple device support.

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