Can iPad Protective Cases Cause Overheating?

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Protective cases are a must-have accessory for most iPad users. They are handy and will prevent damage. Cases also prop up the iPad while you work, watch videos, etc. However, protective cases can also be the reason why your iPad is overheating. Let’s take a look at this common issue and learn how to prevent it!

iPad protective cases and overheating

If you already own an iPad, you probably know that the device is incredibly silent. It doesn’t have coolers, so there is no noise. Squeezing in the bulky coolers is impossible, considering the overall design. iPads also feature the latest energy-efficient processors and use the limited battery power in the best way possible.

It is essential to allow your iPad to cool itself down after playing a mobile game for hours, using video editing software, or drawing in Procreate. All of these apps require more processing power than usual. So make sure you get the best protective case for your device and pay close attention to a couple of details:   

  • Your protective case should fit your iPad. If it is too tight and made of rubber, the case could stick to the back of the device and the sides. It can cause the temperature to rise no matter what you do on an iPad.
  • Find a protective case that has vents. There are so many different cases available online, and some have small openings designed to keep your device cool. Unfortunately, these could also have a higher price tag. 
  • Remove the protective cover now and then. If you can use your iPad without a cover – do it! Just make sure you put it back on when you are on the move to protect the device from potential damage. It’s also a good idea to clean it every now and then. Remove the dust.

Choosing the material

Let’s address the question that is likely on your mind right now – which protective case should I choose for my iPad? The answer is to avoid latex or rubber and find a plastic protective case that fits your device perfectly.

Furthermore, those who use iPads in a vehicle or a cockpit could consider getting a case with a built-in cooling system. There are a couple of advanced models with a whole mounting system. These are designed to keep your device in place and prevent overheating regardless of the environment.


Why does my iPad feel hot?

Different outside and inside factors can influence the temperature of your iPad. For instance, if your device uses the processor for mobile games or even an app like Procreate, you will feel it heating up. On the other hand, warm weather conditions may also cause overheating. Users who tend to work outside in direct sunlight can confirm this.

How do I stop my iPad from overheating?

You can do a couple of things when you notice that your iPad is getting overheated. If you are using an app that requires a lot of processing power, shut it down. And don’t open any demanding apps while your iPad is charging.

Furthermore, users sitting in direct sunlight with iPads should move to the shade. Don’t try to cool down your device by drastically changing the temperature around you. It is better to do it gradually. Finally, shut down your iPad if none of these tips are helping. This can prevent any possible damage to the battery.

Does iPad have a cooling fan?

iPads don’t have cooling fans. The device itself doesn’t generate too much heat because the processors are more advanced than the ones found in laptops. Additionally, iPads are designed not to waste too much power and have passive cooling systems.

Can background apps cause overheating?

iPadOS has a very nifty feature called background refresh. As the name suggests, it refreshes all the launched apps in the background, and you might not even be aware of this. It shouldn’t cause any serious temperature increase, but it is best to close the apps running in the background. It may affect your battery life.

Should I use my iPad while it is charging?

It is okay to use it if you need to. But remember that iPads do heat up while plugged in. So if you launch any demanding apps, chances are your iPad will be overheating. Therefore, it is better to leave your device to recharge and continue using it when it is ready.

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