iPad Prices Compared

Explore iPad pricing: iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro. Find the best retailers that offer the cheapest price. Find out why they are so expensive in the first place!

Beginner Choice
iPad Air
iPad Air
  • OS: iPad OS
  • Release Date: October 2022
  • Screen Size: 10.9”
  • Price: ~$559
Best Overall
iPad Pro
iPad Pro
  • OS: iPad OS
  • Release Date: October 2022
  • Screen Size: 12.9/11”
  • Price: ~$799+
Best Budget
  • OS: iPad OS
  • Release Date: October 2022
  • Screen Size: 10.9”
  • Price: ~$449

The newest iPads range anywhere from $449 to $2399. The cheapest iPad is the classic one, and the most expensive one is the iPad Pro 12.9 inch with 2TB storage and Cellular Connectivity. If you add accessories, it’s close to $3000.

iPad Prices

There are four types of iPads: iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. They have different sizes, different specifications, and even different features.

iPad Model:Starting Price:Highest Price:
iPad Mini$499$799
iPad Air$599$899
iPad Pro 11-inch$799$2099
iPad Pro 12.9-inch$1099$2399
These are the latest iPad generations. These prices are taken from Apple’s official website.

The pricing of iPads depends on two key factors: storage and RAM capacity, along with the choice between a WiFi-only model or a WiFi+LTE model. It can also be more expensive if you want accessories like an Apple Pencil, Magic Keyboard, etc.

Each iPad model has a different set of specifications and features. This article explains the iPads and helps you decide which one is the best option for you.

Why iPads Are So Expensive?

There are multiple factors that make iPads as expensive as they are. Here are the key reasons why iPads are so expensive:

  • Touch Screen Displays: Apple uses High-resolution Retina displays that are responsible for sharp colors and motion, making everything look smooth. It’s the most expensive part of iPads.
  • Materials & Build Quality: Apple uses aluminum and glass construction in iPads. Which increases durability and improves aesthetics.
  • Processors: Apple has started to manufacture their own processor and it’s one of the most expensive parts in iPads.
  • Software and Ecosystem: iPads have their own software called iPad OS. Which is similar to iOS but still different, adding to the overall cost.
  • Innovation: Apple has to invest in research, development and innovation to keep up with the latest technologies and trends.
  • Brand: Apple still invests heavily in brand recognition and reputation. Consumers are willing to pay a premium for products from a brand with a strong reputation. Buying ads ain’t cheap, and that adds to the overall price.
  • Supply Chain and Manufacturing: Apple devices are often manufactured in countries with higher labor costs, which increases the overall costs.

iPads can get expensive, especially the premium models(iPad Pro) with highest storage and LTE, but that’s why Apple offers various iPad models at different price points.

iPads are expensive, but what isn’t worth buying these days? There’s always an option to buy a refurbished iPad.

Why is The iPad Pro More Expensive Than The iPad Air?

There are several reasons why iPad Pro models are more expensive than iPad Air. The key reasons are:

  • iPad Pro has a more powerful processor, allowing users to work with high-demanding apps.
  • iPad Pro has a ProMotion 120Hz display. These advancements in display technology contribute to the production of sharper, crisper images and more vibrant colors. Making them better choices for movies, videos, and artwork.
  • iPad Pro has Face ID, while iPad Air only has Touch ID.
  • iPad Pro has more storage and RAM.
  • iPad Pro has better-quality cameras.
  • iPad Pro has a bigger screen and body.
  • iPad Pro has higher brightness (up to 1600 nits)

It’s important to mention that iPad Pro is intended more for professionals and users that require more processing power, while the iPad Air offers a balance of performance and value.

Why is The iPad Air More Expensive Than The iPad Mini?

iPad Air is more expensive than iPad Mini for several reasons:

  • iPad Air has a bigger screen and body.
  • iPad Air has a faster processor.
  • iPad Air comes with more RAM.
  • iPad Air has better-quality cameras.

Why is The iPad Mini More Expensive Than The iPad?

iPad Mini is more expensive than iPad for several reasons:

  • iPad Mini is more compact, achieving a small form increases the overall price.
  • iPad Mini has a laminated screen, just like the iPad Air and Pro, but the classic iPad has a non-laminated screen.
  • iPad Mini has a more powerful processor.
  • iPad Mini has better-quality cameras.
  • iPad mini has a sharper display.

The iPad Mini is generally more compact and portable than the standard iPad. Achieving a smaller form factor with similar performance may involve additional engineering and design considerations,

Why is The iPad Cheaper Than The iPhone?

There are several reasons why iPhones are more expensive than iPads:

  • iPhones have smaller and more compact designs, so putting premium features and hardware inside small devices is more costly.
  • iPhones have faster and more capable processors.
  • iPhones have better-quality cameras.
  • iPhones have OLED displays.
  • iPhones have Face ID.
  • iPhones have LTE.

Best Retailers To Buy iPad



Amazon: Premier online marketplace offering tablets & tech gadgets. Explore vast selection, competitive prices & fast shipping.

best buy

Best Buy

Best Buy: Top destination for tablets & tech. Wide range of products, expert advice, and convenient shopping experience.



Apple’s site: Hub for iPads & tech. Sleek interface, intuitive browsing. Shop for the latest gadgets and accessories for iPads.



Target: One-stop shop for tablets & tech. Diverse selection, competitive prices, and convenient shopping for all your electronics.



Walmart: Tech hub for tablets & gadgets. Find diverse options, great deals, and seamless shopping for all your electronic desires.

Do iPads Ever Go on Discount?

ipad discount

Yes, iPads do go on discount from time to time. Apple and various authorized retailers often offer promotions and discounts on iPads. However, these discounts are not nearly as impressive as Android discounts.

Occasionally, you can see an iPad go on Discount on Amazon and Best Buy.

Do iPads Go on Discount on Black Friday?

You won’t see a Black Friday discount on Apple’s website, but you might see a Black Friday offer on iPads from Apple’s authorized resellers like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, etc.

Do iPads Go on Discount on Christmas?

Apple’s website usually doesn’t offer Christmas discounts on iPads or other Apple products, but other retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Target do offer Christmas discounts for iPads.

iPad Student Discount

Apple offers discounts for students or educational pricing, as they call it. This discount applies to all Apple products—iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, AirPods, etc.

Apple offers a $50 discount on iPads for students. You can apply for this discount if you are 16 years old or older and you have enrolled in higher education(University, College). You will need to show your ID or upload it to the website. You have to be a newly accepted student.

iPad Teacher Discount

Apple offers teachers and staff members discounts. You can get a $50 discount on all iPads if you are a teacher or a staff member. You will need to verify this, so prepare the necessary documentation.

Best iPad Deals

Android tablets have new deals every month, and iPads offer discounts rarely. So, what are the best cheap iPad deals at this moment? Right now, Amazon offers the best iPad deals.

Things You Can Do On iPad


Why older iPad models are still so expensive?

Apple does offer modest price reductions for older generation models, albeit not substantial ones. iPads, on average, receive support for up to 7 years, encompassing both software and security updates. This extended support period sustains a continued demand for these products, leading to a scenario where there isn’t a compelling need to significantly lower prices. Apple’s confidence in the quality and durability of their products, coupled with a strong brand appeal, means that consumers are often willing to pay a premium for these devices.

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