iPad Speakers Making Static Noise – How To Fix It

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The iPad’s speakers have long been the talk of the town for their impressive audio quality given the tablet’s size. With that said though, the iPad has also been prone to produce an eerily annoying static noise ever so often which can get quite annoying. 

Here’s how you can fix the iPad’s speakers making a static noise:

  • Check the audio that’s playing
  • Restart your iPad
  • Reduce your volume
  • Clean your iPad
  • Remove water from your tablet
  • Switch to mono audio

In this article, we’re going to be going over all the fixes to your iPad’s speakers making a static noise alongside detailed steps on how you can fix them. 

Is Your Audio At Fault?

Check whether the audio you are listening to has static noise present within it. Oftentimes, we often ridicule our electronic devices when the problem is of no fault of their own. Therefore, we recommend hopping on a quick Facetime call to ensure that the static noise issue isn’t a problem on the particular audio that you are listening to.

Restart Your iPad

A quick restart is the quickest way to ensure a software glitch isn’t the reason why your iPad speakers are making a static noise. While this may not be the reason, it is quite easy to rule out and we recommend doing so first before you go about any of the other fixes we’re going to be mentioned.

You can either hard-reset your iPad by holding the Lock and Volume Up button or reset it normally by holding the Lock button and then swiping the screen and turning it on again using the same method.

Reduce Your Volume

Your iPad speakers may make a static noise when they are being pushed to their limits and are distorting on the higher ends. While uncommon, since Apple tends to not let volume levels go to the point where they make noises, it is still possible. This is especially true if you are listening to music / audio that may just have a static noise when it is being recorded.

Therefore, before you start blaming your device, we recommend a quick listen to Crab Rave

Clean Your iPad

Static noise may come off your iPad when the speakers are dirty or clogged up. If you have an older iPad that has remained in a relatively dusty environment, this probably is the root cause. No worries though, the fix is quite simple.

Dirt and grime usually don’t get trapped inside your speakers but are rather present on the grill. So, you can either use a tissue tipped with isopropyl alcohol or a cotton bud and gently clean each grill in a series of circular motions.

Remove Water From Your Tablet

Static noise may come off your iPad’s speakers when there is water inside them. While sitting your iPad in a bowl of rice may help alleviate some of the water, generally, water trapped inside your speakers seldom goes out unless you directly pay it some attention.

Firstly, we recommend using cotton buds to dry out the exterior of the grill to ensure there isn’t any water stuck there. After doing so, if you still hear a static noise on your iPad, then, chances are that water has been lodged inside it. 

Thankfully, by playing extremely high-frequency sounds, you can dislodge most of the water from your iPad which should fix all the static noise. After you play the clip, make sure you use a cotton bud again to dry out your grill.

Switch To Mono Audio 

Switching to one or the other speaker ends up fixing the static noise issue on your iPad as the noise might just be coming from one of your speakers. Moreover – sometimes, having a stereo soundstage can also lead to noise disruptions.

If, after doing this, you see that one of your speakers does not emanate a static noise but the other does, then, chances are that one of your speakers is faulty and you should get it checked by a professional.

In the meanwhile though, here’s how you can temporarily solve the problem:

  • Open the Settings application on your iPad
  • Scroll down to Accessibility and tap on it
  • After doing so, tap on Audio / Visual
  • Now, turn on Mono Audio and move the slider to the Right 

Note: If your static noise is not fixed after moving the slider to the right, move it to the left instead.


The iPad’s static noise is an issue that can be quite annoying to deal with. However, personally speaking, the fixes I’ve mentioned above have rid me of this woe on my iPad Mini. But, if these don’t work for you, I recommend consulting Apple Support and heading down over for a consultation from a technician. 

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