The specifications which you need to consider are Processing Power, RAM, Camera, Screen Size, Battery, and last but not least, Storage Capacity. Is 128GB enough for a Tablet? At times the storage capacity is the most underrated specification, which no one bothers to consider because of many alternatives such as cloud storage, USB storage, etc.

Whether 128GB is enough for a tablet depends on your usage. For general tasks like browsing, email, and streaming, it should be sufficient. However, if you plan to store large media files and games or use a tablet for professional work, you might need more storage.

Now let’s explore the importance of storage capacity, what options are available in the market for Samsung tablets and how much we need.

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Why storage space is important?

While purchasing a tablet, we need to check every nitty-gritty of the specification, most notably the storage capacity. It is when we can decide the trade-off between the price and the specification.

If you do not make the right decision, you might end up cursing yourself the rest of the time why you have not chosen the right specs while purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Because after using a gadget for a while, the data stored on the device becomes more precious than the money we spent on it. This data could be from personal images, documents, project reports, music files, games, software, etc.

Once we are out of Storage, we have to compromise certain files on the tablet, and even we have to uninstall some apps that we do not want to do.

This condition is so frustrating that we might think of replacing our tablets, which eventually place an extra burden on our pockets. So, it is highly recommended that you understand the importance of the storage capacity and make the right decision in the first place. 

How to check the Storage on your Samsung Galaxy Tab?

When buying a new tablet, it is straightforward that you can check the Storage on the box of the Samsung Galaxy tab. Secondly, you can check the specification on the Samsung website as well.

Once you have purchased the Samsung Galaxy tab and still want to check the storage status to know the exact situation, how much space remains? What apps are consuming higher Storage? And what are the apps which are no more required? Then use the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Touch and swipe up or down from a home screen to display all apps.

These instructions apply to Standard mode and the default Home screen layout.

  1. Navigate Settings  
  2. Then Device care  
  3. And then Storage
  4. View Available space to see the remaining space on the device.

Once we have found out which apps or item is consuming high storage space, we can quickly transfer them to the SD card or uninstall the no longer required apps.

Following are the items which we can easily remove or move to the SD card:

  1. Apps
  2. Music
  3. Pictures
  4. Videos
  5. Messages
  6. Installation files

How do you store your files? (Offline or on the Cloud?)

The essential thing while managing the Storage is the user’s behavior and how they store files on the devices, either offline or over the cloud. Many other options are also available for file storage, such as SD cards and USB.

If you have limited storage capacity and want to manage it, you must be cautious while saving even a single file over your tablet. We would recommend you use an SD card or a USB for offline file saving as many tablets are now supporting the USB ports for data transfer and so do the Samsung tablets.

For online Storage, we have a couple of options that can give a bit of relaxation in such a frustrating situation. These options are:

  • One Drive
  • Google Drive
  • Mega
  • Dropbox
  • Wetransfer

But, keep in mind that all the services mentioned earlier provide limited storage capacity, and you have to spend a lot of time uploading and downloading data over them. Some services also charge extra bucks for providing or extending your storage capacity. 

Do you prefer streaming or saving movies and music?

We are very fortunate to have a fast internet connection which gives us the freedom to stay online. We can now stream movies and music and play games online, cutting down our significant storage needs with this seamless connectivity.

On the other hand, if we do not have this internet blessing with us, you can imagine how difficult life could be with a limited storage device up to 128GB. Some movies come in 4K and 8K formats that occupy space on the tablet from 2GB-20GB, depending on the resolution they are coming in. 

Similarly, many people love to have an offline music library which also takes hefty Storage, which is required in the absence of the internet or when you want to listen on the go.

Many people love to play games offline, acquiring space over the tablet. In this scenario, our storage requirement increases. Although 128 GB storage volume is enough for most of our needs, storage management is something which we need to consider with this capacity.

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Is it possible to expand your Samsung Tablet’s Storage?

While you are using a Samsung tablet, you gain plenty of advantages, such as it becomes easy to extend the tablet’s storage with the help of a built-in SD card slot, which comes with almost every Samsung tablet.

Another alternative is a USB port which allows us to connect a flash drive with the tablet and move our data. Although it is pretty time-consuming to shift data with the help of a flash drive, and we will not be able to use our files offline anymore, this will still solve the space shortage problem on the tablet. 

Do not forget the importance of cloud storage which we can use in case of space shortage. So, we can say that we can expand the Samsung tablet’s Storage in a couple of ways, and we can survive with the 128 GB storage capacity.

Is 128 GB a good value for your money?

Although this question is not as simple as it seems to be, so is the answer. In the eye of a university, this is the best deal one can have, or for an average user who wants to have a Samsung tablet just for entertainment or for some email writing kind of task, this Storage is a good value for money.

But the pro users or photo and video editors who like to work on the go might not think similar way. Samsung has launched various tablets with multiple storage options to fulfill the ever-changing needs of their customers.

Also if you want to travel without an internet connection and plan on downloading movies and music – we recommend getting a bigger storage model.

Samsung provides multiple storage variants, extended memory (SD card), and cloud-based storage options that are not only enough for the basic needs but somehow serve the pro users or the users with significant storage needs.

Overall having 128 GB storage is not a bad option with a microSD card and cloud storage. It can give us hefty Storage to store movies, music, and games, which we can enjoy while on a road trip, in a park, or anywhere where the internet is not available or we experience limited connectivity.

Is 128GB enough for a Tablet for Personal and Professional use?

128 GB on standard is more than enough when used intelligently for personal purposes such as storing photos, movies, and games. As you have to manage the Storage cleverly. You have to organize the storage capacity on the bases of priority, such as

  • Apps
  • Documents
  • Photos
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Games

Usually, people do not want to uninstall an app from the tablet as it is their requirement due to which they have installed that application. But still, we recommend revisiting the installed apps and uninstalling all unnecessary ones.

Our second priority should be the documents that we have created over the tablet or downloaded from our email or somewhere else. The third important thing on the list is the photos that most people want to store on their pills because of ease of use.

Movies, Music, and Games are the minor priority things we can delete after a while. Let’s talk about the productive work conducted by any professional. There might require more extensive storage as they might store their edited videos in high resolution over the device for future use or portfolio maintaining purposes.

But overall, in the presence of USB support, microSD card, and cloud storage, 128GB of internal storage can serve personal & professional purposes.

Storage capacities of Various Samsung Tablets

Samsung has already identified the ever-changing storage needs of its customers, due to which they are offering their tablets in multiple storage variants. Please refer to the below chart for your ready reference.

Tablet NameStorage Capacity
Samsung A764 GB + MicroSD 1 TB
Samsung A832GB, 64GB, 128GB + MicroSD 1 TB
Samsung S8128GB, 256GB + MicroSD 1 TB
Samsung S8+128GB, 256GB + MicroSD 1 TB
Samsung S8 ultra128GB, 256GB, 512GB + MicroSD 1 TB
Samsung S9128GB, 256GB + MicroSD 1 TB
Samsung S9+128GB, 256GB, 512GB + MicroSD 1 TB
Samsung S9 Ultra128GB, 256GB, 512GB + 1TB + MicroSD 1 TB

Although Samsung tab has provided us with several storage capacity options, it is still far behind its rival Apple iPad Pro, which provides up to 2TB of storage capacity.


Overall, the 128 GB storage is quite a good storage capacity that can serve the users for all their needs such as entertainment, productivity, gaming, etc. A user should consider while purchasing a tablet that the android operating system also occupies some space over the tablet, so it is always better to go for a higher storage model of the slate.

Everything comes with a price so does the storage capacity. If you have budget constraints, you need to compromise on the Storage as we still have the blessing of 1TB microSD extension and USB ports with which we can handle the storage exhaustion issue. But if budget is not your problem, we suggest you go for higher Storage.

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