Is 128GB Enough For Your iPad?

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The more storage you want on your device, the more you have to pay. Let’s be honest; the prices are not going down, and overpaying for things we don’t use isn’t the best option. 128GB storage for iPads is considered for the Average User. But will it be enough for you? Let’s find out.

There are some questions you need to answer before we can come to a conclusion:

Do You Watch Movies Online or Offline?

So an important question is whether or not you watch movies online? Do you stream them or do you download them? If you only watch movies, TV-shows using services like Netflix, Amazon Video, Diney+, Apple TV, YouTube, Spotify, etc. Great! That doesn’t require any storage besides the apps don’t weigh much Netflix is 150MB big, and Amazon Prime Video is 62MB. That’s insignificant even if you have a 32GB iPad.

On the other hand, you download movies, tv-shows, and podcasts on your device, which requires storage space.

is 128gb enough to download movies on ipad?
  • One episode of Breaking Bad is 160MB from Netflix
  • A full movie is 600MB from Netflix

There are a lot of episodes you can download and movies if you have a 128GB model.

Do You Store Your Files on Cloud or on Your iPad?

If you like to do some lightweight work on your iPad, do you download PDF/Word/Google Docs? Or do you view them on Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud?

1 files weighs anywhere from 1 to 10MB

Same with pictures. If you store them locally, they add up, and screenshots as well.

1 pictures weights anywhere from 1 to 10MB

iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive are free tools until a certain storage point is reached, so you can take advantage of that. As well there are other alternatives.

How To Expand iPad Storage?

You can’t expand your iPad’s storage by buying a bigger Hard drive or SSD or even a microSD card. The only possible way you can increase your device’s storage is to buy cloud storage. The best option is to use Apple’s own iCloud.

You can transfer files, photos, music, movies to iCloud, which will give you more space.

Every Apple user has 5 GB of free storage on iCloud.
Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage.

This is something you can leverage if there’s not enough space on your iPad.

If using cloud services is not an option for you, the only other possible action for you is to buy an iPad with bigger storage.

You do need access to the internet(LTE) in order to use cloud services. Buying an LTE iPad again increases the price.

Is 128GB Enough For School, College, or Professional use?

128 GB model is the standard choice an average user chooses, and if you are organized and manage your device, it’s more than enough.

With 128 GB you can:

  • Save/download photos
  • Download music
  • Save/download videos
  • Download apps
  • Play/download games
  • Use web
  • Watch movies offline/online
  • Save/download notes

If the storage starts to run low, you can always delete some unused apps. This is actually recommended. It will speed up your device.

Movies, videos, and games we can delete in a while. They don’t need to take up storage forever.

Overall, 128 GB should be enough for college, personal use, and even professional use. The files aren’t that big, but in case they are many, you can always delete the ones that are no longer needed. You will just have to be organized.

What Are The Storage Options For iPads?

iPad ModelStorage Options
iPad 64 GB, 256 GB
iPad Mini64 GB, 256 GB
iPad Air64 GB, 256 GB
iPad Pro128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB

Apple has removed the 32GB option for the latest models, and you can’t even get iPad Air, iPad Mini, or classic Ipad with a 128GB option. Only iPad Pro is available with this storage option.

iPad Pro (2022 model) 11-inch model 128 GB costs $797, and the 256 GB model costs $898, so there is a difference.

Conclusion: Is 128GB Enough For Me?

I personally have a 128GB iPad Pro, and for me, it’s more than enough. I have never cleaned up my iPad from apps, pictures, and files. I’ve them quite a lot. I wouldn’t say I’m organized with my iPad, I have a lot of notes, a lot of files a lot of apps that could easily not be there, and I have only used half of my storage.

128 gb ipad pro storage - I've only used half of my storage

I’m an average user. I download some files here and there, I download a movie when I need one, I work a lot with cloud files, and I play a game or two on my devices, and I have never complained about my storage. I have like 1000+ screenshots and pictures on my iPad as well.

So, how much storage do you need on your iPad? If you’re anything like me, 128 GB should be more than enough. If you are a power user and you work a lot with pictures, are a photographer, or are an influencer, you might need more unless you use cloud services.

How To Check iPad’s Storage?

Open Settings>General>iPad Storage:

how to check ipads storage

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