Yes, the iPad is a tablet. Apple has done to tablets similar thing what they have done to smartphones. Often, people use the term “iPhone” to describe a smartphone.

People often use the term “iPad” to describe a computer tablet. That just shows us how good Apple is at branding.

We can see in Google trends how popular the iPad is in comparison to tablets. Under tablets are Android tablets, Chrome OS tablets, Windows tablets, Fire OS tablets, etc.

What Is A Tablet? (Definition)

A tablet is a portable computing device equipped with a touchscreen interface that allows users to interact with the device using their fingers or a stylus.

iPad falls directly under the “tablet” category.

Tablets, just like TVs, smartphones, PC, and laptops have different manufacturers, and they come with different operating systems, technology, specifications, sizes, designs, etc.

What Is An iPad?

iPads are the most popular tablet computers and are widely used in the world. It’s just like any other tablet computer, but it’s manufactured by Apple.

In 2010, Apple’s co-founder, visionary, and technology entrepreneur, Steve Jobs, introduced the first iPad to the world. Ever since, Apple has sold billions of devices all over the world, and iPad OS is the most popular tablet operating system in the world.

What Advantages Does iPad Have Over Other Tablets?

iPad functions the same as other tablets. You can browse the web and download apps that enable you to watch movies, videos, TV shows, listen to music, play games, take notes, and more.

But there are a few things that iPad does better than other tablets.

  • iPadOS is more user-friendly
  • Exclusive apps & games
  • Desktop-like experience
  • Longer support (longer iPadOS updates)
  • Handoff, AirDrop, and Continuity (close integration with other Apple devices)

People choose iPads due to the operating system and its simplicity. How easy it is to navigate it, even if the person has never used it before.

iPads are also supported longer than Android tablets. iPads are supported for 7+ years.

What Disadvantages Does iPad Have Over Other Tablets?

There are also a few things iPads could do better and improve on their devices in comparison to their competitors.

  • Limited storage (no micro SD card slots)
  • Can’t create multiple users
  • iPads are expensive
  • Customization

To be fair, you can incorporate a microSD card in an iPad using a dedicated USB-C hub or a specialized adapter, but you won’t be able to create multiple users for one device.

Should I get an iPad If I Have A Windows Laptop?

You can still use the iPad, even if you don’t have an iPhone or a MacBook. Getting an iPad alongside a Windows laptop makes sense if you need a tablet computer.

The only disadvantage will be that you won’t be able to use features like handoff and AirDrop.

  • Handoff – universal copy/paste between devices.
  • Airdrop – share files between devices.

Of course, alternatives like Microsoft Surface Pro 9 and Microsoft Surface Go 4 would be in the Windows ecosystem.

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