Is Magic Keyboard for iPad Worth It?

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When it comes to keyboards, Apple did have a couple of misses in the past. Creating a model compatible with an iPad and praised by the public seemed almost impossible. But they did redeem themselves after the introduction of the Magic Keyboard. It is a first-rate accessory that is also a bit pricey, so it is understandable if you are on the fence about buying it.

I bought my Magic Keyboard a while ago, and honestly, I rarely detach it from my iPad, only to clean the devices. I’m used to using the iPad in landscape mode, and most of the apps are responsive to horizontal mode.

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Here is a list of reasons why we think the Magic Keyboard is one of the best accessories for iPad:

1. It will turn your iPad into a Laptop

If you don’t own a MacBook but want to have an ultra-portable laptop, pairing an iPad with the Magic Keyboard could give you a similar experience. The device is smaller than a computer and has slightly limited options, but you can still complete most tasks on it.

The keyboard will lift the iPad so that the device is closer to eye level. Additionally, you can choose the angle of the iPad, which is very laptop-like. The Magic Keyboard has a built-in USB-C port as a part of the hinge. It is solely for charging. But that enables you to use the standard charging port for file transfer, which is incredibly handy.

Of course, there are some drawbacks if we compare iPads to laptops. But you can do basic stuff on an iPad if it doesn’t require specific software.

2. Comfortable typing experience

ernests iPad Pro attached to magic keyboard

Apple truly perfected the keyboard design with this one. The typing feels natural and is a significant improvement from some of the company’s earlier attempts. It might look like any other keyboard from afar, but you will immediately notice the difference.

The keys feature the scissor mechanism that takes the overall experience to a whole new level. Plus, there is 1 mm of travel. The Magic Keyboard allows you to type in all environments, including low light. The keys are backlit and not loud. So you can use this accessory in a library, and you won’t disturb anyone.

I’ve also a 2020 Macbook and I like writing much more on Magic Keyboard instead of my laptop since the keyboard is quite bad and gets stuck all the time. I’m not the only one who noticed how bad their butterfly keyboards are. Had to buy an external one for my Mac.

3. The much-needed trackpad

The Magic Keyboard features a trackpad that allows the use of gestures. These can improve your productivity tremendously. A trackpad unlocks a wide range of options in Apple applications such as Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.

The trackpad is smaller than the one on a MacBook, but you will quickly see there is enough space to use it efficiently. So if you do most of your work on an iPad, the Magic Keyboard could be just the thing you need.

4. High-quality build

magic keyboard on ipad floating

As soon as you unpack the Magic Keyboard, you will feel how sturdy it is. It might not be to everyone’s liking, especially when looking for a super-light keyboard. On the other hand, the quality of the product itself is undeniable.

The keyboard feels super stable, even with the floating screen. The thickness makes it incredibly comfortable when typing for a long time. Furthermore, the size of the keyboard enables you to reach the screen while you are using the keyboard.

It’s super stable when I use it on the desk. Since the surface is stable, in bed, it’s not that comfortable. If you want to watch movies, TV series, YouTube, or whatever on your iPad, I suggest getting a tablet stand specifically for bed. It’s a game changer, but you can easily use it in bed, just with a pillowcase; it’s a bit more comfortable.

5. It is compatible with iPad Air and iPad Pro

The Magic Keyboard is not only compatible with the latest iPad Pro. So if you have an older version of iPad Pro that can run iPadOS 13.4, you may use the keyboard with your device. 

An 11-inch iPad Pro (1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation), 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd, 4th, and 5th generation), or iPad Air (4th and 5th generation) are fully compatible with the Magic Keyboard. Additionally, Apple offers the keyboard in two colors – black and white!   

6. No battery

Magic Keyboard doesn’t have a battery. Instead, it is powered by the iPad itself. So you can forget about checking the percentage all the time. When you charge your iPad, the keyboard charges too. Once you disconnect your device from the charger, you will get at least ten hours of usage. It is more than enough to complete all your work while on the go.

7. Suitable for all situations

The Magic Keyboard is travel-friendly because it can double as an iPad cover and protect your device. You can carry it around in your bag or backpack without worrying something could damage the screen. Furthermore, it is suitable for both business and academic settings. Even though it is not exactly a laptop, you will transform your iPad into a productivity machine with this accessory.  

If you don’t feel that your iPad is protected enough, you can find an iPad case that’s compatible with Magic Keyboard. I personally bought MagEZ Case 2, and I love it. Works perfectly with the Magic Keyboard.

Can iPad with Magic Keyboard replace MacBook?

The iPad with a Magic Keyboard can be a good option for basic computing tasks such as browsing the web, checking social media, checking email, creating and editing documents, using apps, video calls, etc. It is portable and lightweight, even with all the accessories, making it convenient to take on the go. The Magic Keyboard also provides a comfortable typing experience and access to shortcut keys.

If this is how you use your MacBook, then yes, an iPad with Magic Keyboard can serve as a replacement for your Mac.

However, there are some limitations to what the iPad can do. iPad doesn’t have the same processing power as MacBook Pro, nor the storage or the RAM. Also, many softwares are made purely for desktops, which won’t be available for iPad users. iPads don’t have desktop OS unlike MacBooks, which run macOS.

Most people prefer a desktop/laptop for advanced tasks.

To summarize, it depends on your needs whether an iPad can or cannot replace a MacBook.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to how you plan to use your iPad. If you purely want your iPad for social, occasional internet surfing, or controlling your smart gadgets, perhaps you don’t need it. If you plan to type on it – I recommend it. As I mentioned before, I practically use my iPad only in landscape mode, and I haven’t really stumbled upon apps or websites that aren’t responsive to landscape mode.

I personally love to send emails from my iPad, make quick responses in other messaging apps and just plan my day and take notes(that’s probably the only time when I change it to portrait mode).

If Magic Keyboard is not for you I recommend checking our other article, where we talk about Keyboards for iPads and Tablets, where you can find some great alternatives. Some are cheaper, and also some are more expensive, believe it or not.

We suggest checking: Best iPad Magic Keyboard Alternatives


Is Magic Keyboard overpriced?

The price tag of a Magic Keyboard is undoubtedly high. Considering that some users will probably purchase an iPad Pro or iPad Air along with it, chances are the price tag will be shocking. However, the overall quality of the keyboard itself and the options that come with it are exceptional. It can be equally valuable for students, business people, and casual users.

Is Magic Keyboard waterproof?

Unfortunately, Magic Keyboard is not waterproof. Therefore, avoid spilling a large amount of liquid all over it. Accidents happen, and you can try to rescue your Magic Keyboard, but it will probably stop working right away or in the next couple of days.

Can you put a case on iPad/iPad Air/iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard?

Yes, your iPad can be fully protected even when using the Magic Keyboard. But you have to know if a protective case is compatible with this accessory. There should be a smart connector. If the manufacturer hasn’t mentioned it in the description, look for three tiny dots on the back of the case. 

Can you fold back the Magic Keyboard?

Users can’t fold back the Magic Keyboard so that it is on the back of the iPad. While this feature could be practical, Apple is sticking to the original design. Therefore, you can either use your iPad as a laptop or close the Magic Keyboard. The hinge is preventing the fold.

Does the Magic Keyboard open all the way?

The Magic Keyboard can open to a certain angle. So if you are planning to use your iPad for taking handwritten notes or drawing while attached to the keyboard, it will be a bit difficult. After all, you can’t open the Magic Keyboard all the way.

Can you clean Magic Keyboard with water?

Absolutely not! Considering that the Magic Keyboard is not waterproof, soaking it or using a super wet cloth is a huge mistake. However, you will still have to clean it somehow. It is best to use a damp cloth over the keys. Don’t press on them too hard – just a gentle wipe will do. If there are any more stains on your Magic Keyboard, invest in the keyboard wipes. They have just the right amount of cleaning product and won’t damage the keyboard.  

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