How To Enable Low Power Mode on iPad

Some time ago, iPads didn’t have low power mode; now they do. Let’s talk about how to enable it and what exactly it does, how it saves battery, and let’s do some tests. I’ll set a timer for 1-hour and play a movie on Netflix with low power mode enabled and without it, and let’s see and compare the difference.

How To Turn On & Off Low Power Mode on iPad

how to enable low power mode on ipad pro


  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll Down To Battery – Click On It
  3. Toggle On/Off Low Power Mode

When your battery level drops to 20%, iOS will automatically offer you the option to enable low power mode on your screen and if you don’t enable it it will offer to enable it again at 10%.

Benefits of Low Power Mode on iPad

Let’s talk about what changes and how your iPad manages to save some battery enabling low power mode or in other words what does low power mode actually do for your device:

  • Display brightness reduces
  • Auto-Lock set to 30 seconds
  • Display refresh rate limited to 60Hz (iPad Pro, by default, has a 120Hz refresh rate)
  • iCloud Photos gets paused
  • Visual effects
  • Automatic downloads paused
  • Email fetch
  • App background refresh stopped

For me personally – it’s nothing too dramatic, and hard even to notice the difference when the low power mode is enabled or not. Besides the yellow battery icon, of course.

I reached out to a friend who’s an artist and uses an iPad for his art, and he mentioned that he would never draw when low power mode is enabled. There’s a huge difference. If you use your iPad for drawing, then probably low power mode is not that great if you plan to get some work done. I personally use my tablet to take notes with Apple Pencil, and I can barely see the difference(probably that’s why I’m not an artists, not such great eye for details).

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Test – How Much Battery Does Low Power Mode on iPad Save

Test (A) – My iPad is charged 100%, and all the apps are closed. I’ve opened up Netflix and pressed played (Rick and Morty) and set a timer to 1 hour. I want to know how much the battery will drop.

Set a timer for 1-hour on my iPhone and my iPad only drained 3% of battery life. Honestly, never paid that much attention to my battery I knew the battery life is good, but only 3% that’s crazy.

Should have tested how long it took to charge my iPad battery to get back to 100%.

Test (B) – My iPad is back to 100% and low power mode is enabled. Again I opened Netflix. All apps are closed besides Netflix and I pressed play(Rick and Morty). A little entertainment for myself while I do a little work.

1-hour passed my iPhone is bringing and the battery is at 97%. Does that mean that low power mode doesn’t help? No. It means the 1-hours test was insignificant.

Of course low power mode saves battery it disables app background refreshes, lower your brightness, lower your refresh rate and other disable other options and even limits your 5G internet connection.

Of course it won’t make your battery last forever it will give you few extra minutes at best, which is something you might value if you don’t have access to electricity.

How To Know Low Power Mode Is Enabled?

how to know if low power mode is enabled on ipad pro

There are two options: you can go to Settings>Battery and see if the low power mode toggle is enabled. 

The easier way to notice is to check if your battery at the top right corner is yellow. If it’s yellow, it means low power mode is enabled. If it’s green, it means the low power mode is disabled. 

When Did iPads Get Low Power Mode?

Low power mode is available for iPads since iOS 15 which was released at September 20, 2021. If you’ve been using iPads for a while you might have missed it if you never let your battery drop below 20% (then iOS suggests you to enable it).

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