Floating Magic Keyboard Not Connecting To iPad? Here are 6 Ways You Can Fix It

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The Magic Keyboard remains an integral accessory for the iPad. However, sometimes – you might succumb to the issue of it not connecting properly. With the line between laptops and tablets quickly thinning, having your Magic Keyboard not connect in an important meeting can be quite cumbersome.

Here are all the ways you can fix your Magic Keyboard not connecting:

  • Reconnect / Reseat Your iPad
  • Clean Your Keyboard And Connectors
  • Turn Your Bluetooth And WiFi
  • Restart Your iPad
  • Reset Your Settings
  • Head To The Apple Store

In this article, we’re going to go over all the methods you can utilize to fix why your Magic Keyboard is not connecting alongside a few common tips and tricks you can utilize.

Reseat / Reconnect Your iPad

Your iPad may lose connection with the Magic Keyboard because it isn’t connected / seated properly. Therefore, your first fix – is to ensure that the keyboard is connected properly to your iPad in the first place.

In order to do so, connect the iPad as you would normally to the magnetic attachments present. If it ends up working, then, it was probably your case or some sort of bump that led your keyboard to disconnect in the first place.

Clean Your Keyboard And Connectors

Both your iPad and the keyboard are connected together with the help of a magnetic attachment present at the bottom of your iPad. Generally, if you’ve been using a case or have been in a relatively dusty environment; dust or grime can interfere with your iPad leading it to lose connection.

Personally speaking, I’ve had this happen to my iPad often. I use it fine one day and then see it randomly disconnect. The best fix to that is to just wipe the connectors off with 99% isopropyl alcohol. We do not recommend using a damp cloth as it might interfere with the connector’s overall integrity.

Turn Your Bluetooth and WiFi Off

Yes, the magic keyboard does not use Bluetooth or WiFi for connecting – everything is done physically using magnetic connectors. However, a random device connected via WiFi or Bluetooth can interfere with your keyboard.

So, if you’ve tried both the steps mentioned above, we recommend turning on Airplane Mode or just disabling WiFi or Bluetooth and then connecting your keyboard back to your iPad.

Restart Your iPad

Source: Apple.com

Restarting your iPad ensures there’s no temporary glitch or bug that’s preventing your iPad from connecting to your Magic Keyboard. From what we’ve seen, your keyboard can glitch out if you’ve been disconnecting or reconnecting it often. 

Plus, it’s one of the first fixes you can try regardless of what the issue may be. In this case, we’ve seen our iPad often glitch out when we’ve been moving it around and reconnecting devices. A quick restart alleviated that issue.

Reset Your Settings

Resetting your settings on your iPad ensures there’s no software conflict that’s refraining your Magic Keyboard from connecting to your iPad. This should be used as your last resort as while it does not erase any personal information; it will reset your settings back to default.

However, sometimes, when all else fails, a software conflict or bug might just be the reason why your iPad isn’t connecting to the Magic Keyboard in the first place. Here’s how you can reset your settings on an iPad:

  • Open the Settings application on your iPad
  • Now, head to General > Reset > Reset All Settings

After doing so, your iPad will be reset back to its factory default settings which will include the removal of all your WiFi passwords, paired devices, etc. But hey, if your Magic Keyboard works – that’s a worthy sacrifice, isn’t it?

Head To The Apple Store

If your Magic Keyboard seems to have a hardware issue, then, you should head to the Apple Store to get it diagnosed. All Apple Devices have a year-long warranty that includes your Magic Keyboard just not connecting.

So, head on down to your nearest Apple Store and get your keyboard checked out immediately. Unless and until there’s no physical damage present in your device, you should be able to get a replacement / get your Magic Keyboard repaired and have it up and running again.


How To Connect Magic Keyboard To iPad?

You remove the magic keyboard from the box and you attach your iPad Pro or iPad Air and the two devices will be connected. There’s no Bluetooth involved and there are no cables involved and there are also no switches.

How To Fix Apple iPad Magic Keyboard Backlight Not Working?

Adjust your backlight options by heading to your Settings application and then going to General > Keyboards > Hardware Keyboard and then adjusting your backlight settings to a maximum in order to turn the backlight on.

Does Apple Magic Keyboard Require Charge?

No, the Apple Magic Keyboard is connected using a magnetic connector and therefore has no internal battery and does not require charging. Different variants of the Magic Keyboard, however, like the ones meant for Mac do require charging.

Magic Keyboard Trackpad Not Working – How To Fix It?

We suggest you try out reconnecting/reseat the Magic Keyboard, clean the connectors, turn off Bluetooth so it doesn’t interfere with other devices, and restart your iPad, if nothing fixed the problem, we recommend going to the Apple store to diagnose the problem, cause most likely it’s a hardware issue.

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