The Paperlike screen protector is made of a matte finish material that mimics the texture of paper. It reduces glare, provides a more tactile feel when using Apple Pencil with iPad, and enhances the precision of drawing and note-taking. Not only does it provide a paper-like feel, but it also serves as a protective shield against fingerprints and smudges on your iPad.

Essentially, it’s a screen protector that gives you the feeling that you are writing on paper. That’s exactly what I was looking for a screen protector that can shield my screen from scratches while providing the feeling of writing on paper rather than glass.

Based on my criteria, I stumbled upon the Paperlike screen protector, and I bought it. Here’s my review of the product. I thought it might help other people decide whether it’s worth it for them or not.

Best Rated
Paperlike Screen Protector
  • Screen Protector Type: Matte anti-glare
  • Mimics Paper: Yes
  • Unit Count: 2
  • Hardness: 3H
  • Features: Anti-fingerprint, anti-smudge, anti-glare, water repellent

Why Should You Trust Me?

After all, why should you trust me, of all people, to provide you with an honest screen protector review? I’ve been using my iPad for years and have been a religious fan of the iPads for as long as they’ve been released.

I’ve used a ton of screen protectors. From off-brand glass protectors plastic protectors, and matte privacy protectors, I’ve had the pleasure of testing them all. 

Does this make me an expert? Hardly! But all these screen protectors have given me certain experiences and allow me to quickly separate bad from good and good from great.

Not only have I tested screen protectors, but I’ve tested hundreds of apps, tens of tablets, and all kinds of accessories: cases, stands, folio cases, chargers, and styluses.

I’m not biased towards Paperlike. I was not paid for this review.

What’s In The Box?

whats inside paperlike screen protector box
  • 2x Paperlike Screen Protectors
  • 2x Cleaning Wipes
  • 1x Dry Wipe
  • 2x Sticker Pack 
  • 1x Postcard

Application Process

Applying a screen protector can feel daunting, especially for someone as clumsy as me.

Jan Sapper, Paperlike’s CEO himself has created instructional video for his customers.

I know many people are thinking, “I’m going to mess it up, there are going to be bubbles, it’s not going to be straight, etc.”

Actually, it’s easier than you think. Just follow the guidelines the video provides. Don’t improvise and don’t think. Follow the guide.

Estimated Application Time: The average user, even if it’s their first time, can apply it in just 5 minutes.”

You will need to place the protector on your iPad and line it up precisely. Then, you use the included guiding stickers and use it to create a sort of hinge. After doing so, you place a sticker on the other side and open up the protector as a book of some sort.

Clean your iPad. Their included wet wipes and dry wipes will do. Now, you peel off the sticker, sort out the bubbles by using a credit card, and voila, you are done. 

Overall Experience

ipad with paperlike screen protector in pitaka folio case next to magic keyboard and apple pencil

The Paperlike screen protector combines the qualities of a matte finish screen protector with a hint of smooth plastic incorporated into it. The texture is slightly grainy and offers a subtle depth. When using an Apple Pencil, it feels akin to very soft and smooth chart paper. However, the experience is noticeably different when using your iPad without the pencil.

In terms of color accuracy and display quality: you will immediately notice the lack of glare.

The lack of fingerprint smudges constantly accumulating on my display and the glare reduction led to a more pleasurable experience overall. 

It’s definitely more comfortable to use an iPad with Paperlike, but there are also a few drawbacks:

The colors appear less vibrant because of the matte finish, and with several months of use, you may start noticing screen scratches, which can somewhat diminish the overall display quality.

To be fair this is something you need to expect from all matte screen protectors. This problem is not exclusive to Paperlike.

Writing Experience

Writing was where I noticed the greatest amount of difference. After all, it is meant to simulate paper, right? Well, yes. And it does a great job at it. The grainy texture, combined with the lack of glare, led the Apple Pencil to roll off on the device better.

I’ll put it this way: if you have never used your iPad with a screen protector that mimics paper, you will be amazed. So was I the first time.

You transition from writing on glass, which is undeniably cool, to the experience of writing on paper. In that moment, Brian exclaims, ‘Wow, I didn’t realize technology can do this.”

Writing has turned into a much more enjoyable experience now. There were times when I preferred using a journal or notebook, especially for longer, more drawn-out sessions. But now, I prefer my iPad.

Drawing Experience

Full disclosure: I’m not a professional artist. But, I know enough designers and illustrators, and I also got feedback from them.

It’s a more natural feeling when you draw on an iPad with a screen protector on.

The protector allows for a greater deal of control compared to using the iPad’s initial glossy screen. For instance, you are able to get a greater idea of the pressure you are applying at any given moment alongside the entire process feeling a bit more controlled due to the more paper-esque experience.

Is It Durable Against Scratches?

Oh, you will see scratches all right, but the most important thing to point out is that the scratches stay on the screen protector.

If you used an Apple Pencil on your iPad, it wouldn’t scratch it. Unless your Apple Pencil tip is worn out or damaged, you can read more about how it works here.

But when you use Apple Pencil on any screen protector, you will see scratches. The screen will start to look messy in a few months, but the good part about the Paperlike is that you get two screen protectors in the package.

How Long Does Paperlike Last?

This depends on your usage and your tolerance of scratched screens.

I use my iPad and Apple Pencil daily. After 6-9 months, the screen looks messed up. Feels dirty, with scratches all over the place. I can’t clean it even with the best screen cleaners.

That’s my limit. I change it once, or twice a year. But of course, you can use it even for 2-3 years. I know people who don’t use their iPads that often and they still have their first Paperliek screen protector on, and it looks good. Good enough, at least.

How Often Should You Change Screen Protector on iPad

It depends on the usage, and Apple Pencil is the one that will leave the scratches, not your finger, so let’s put it like this.


The more you use Apple Pencil on your iPad, the quicker it will be scratched, and the visibility will decrease.

Does Paperlike Wear Out Apple Pencil Nibs?

The Paperlike has a matte, grainy texture, while the Apple Pencil was originally designed with a glossy glass surface. So, yes, the Paperlike protector wears out your Apple Pencil nibs faster.

But, case in point, Apple Pencil nibs generally take a long time to wear out, given that you use them without applying obscene amounts of pressure. So, the comparison between both surfaces isn’t particularly intimidating when it comes to wear and tear. 

Why Do People Buy Paperlike?

There are several reasons why someone would want to add a matte screen protector to their iPad:

  • An extra layer of protection: it prevents scratches, cracks, and other damage that might be caused by accidents.
  • Enhances the writing experience: writing on an iPad feels like you are writing on a glass, but if you have a Paperlike screen protector on, it feels more like writing on a piece of paper.
  • Prevents smudges & fingerprints: The screen protector prevents fingerprints and smudges from accumulating on the screen. If you like to keep things tidy and clean, a Paperlike screen protector will help with this issue.
  • Reduces glare: the screen protector will reduce glare and reflection on the screen, especially if you are outdoors or working under bright light.

What Do People Say About Paperlike?

As Rocky Balboa said, life is not rainbows and sunshine. Some people don’t like Paperlike, but mostly they don’t like it because they failed to read the instructions and didn’t apply the screen protector correctly.

Most people love Paperlike, and some hate it, but in those cases, no one is being really rational and giving a reason for hate. Some people just like to throw that word around for no reason.

Overall, there are more positive reviews than negatives. I’m definitely leaving a positive one.

Is The Paperlike Screen Protector Worth It?

My recommendation: if you want to write or draw on an iPad, buy a Paperlike screen protector. If you don’t intend to do that, don’t buy it!

How To Remove Paperlike Without Damaging The Screen?

Honestly, it is easier than it looks. I created a video for this purpose. You just need a sharp object so you can have a grip on the edge of the screen protector. After that, it peels off easily. I personally used a knife, but you can get it done with anything else that’s sharp, perhaps even with your nails.

Why Doesn’t Paperlike Have Screen Protectors for Android Tablets?

I noticed that a lot of Android users have been asking this, and I reached out to Paperlike for comment, and this is what they said:

By contrast, Android tablets come from a variety of manufacturers. Their technical specifications vary, as do the styluses and apps on offer. Creating products that can accommodate such a broad market and still deliver the amazing experience that we’re known for would be a very tall order. The variation in materials and accessories would play a major role in how the Paperlike feels and how effective it would be for users, making it difficult for us to deliver a consistent experience that aligns with our own high standards. While we may consider Android tablets in the future, we have no plans to do so at this time.

In my words, there are too many Android Tablets out there, and all of them have different surfaces and designs, and creating screen protectors for so many designs would be too damn hard.

You shouldn’t be expecting Paperlike for Android tablets anytime soon.

Paperlike 2.1 vs Paperlike 2.0

There are two versions of Paperlike screen protectors, with Paperlike 2.1 offering improved visibility compared to the 2.0 version. The 2.0 version may reduce color vibrancy more quickly. Opting for Paperlike 2.1 ensures a notable increase in screen protector transparency and picture clarity while still delivering the same great stroke resistance and that paperlike feeling.


With which iPads Paperlike is compatible?

Paperlike creates screen protectors for all iPad models. It’s compatible with iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro (11-inch and 12.9-inch)

Is Paperlike Screen Protector Reusable?

No, Paperlike screen protectors are not reusable. You can’t take it off it loses adhesive properties and effectiveness when removed.

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