Let Me Try To Convince You Why You Need An iPad [19 Reasons]

Apple should be enough of a reason to buy an iPad. But on a serious note iPads are generally reliable and easy to use devices. We will delve into these reasons in detail later but the iPad since its introduction by the late great Steve Jobs in 2010 has always been a premium player in the tablet section. Apple has always updated and upgraded its iPads year after year without fail.  

The quality that the iPad provides in day-to-day life is immeasurable and compared to some of the other company’s tablets Apple has a definitive edge over them. Versatility, Powerful company made the chip, Apple pencil, Connectivity, and many more reasons why the iPad pips most of its competitive tablets. 

Without much further ado let’s dive straight into some detailed reasons why one should buy an iPad.

1. Powerful Chip and Performance 

Let’s start strong. Apple has always updated and upgraded its processor and software right from the off. Every new model comes with an upgraded processor and the older models can update new software instantly as it becomes available.

The game-changer in this department was the newly introduced M1 chip by Apple in 2020. Before that Apple used Intel as its core processor as it switched from PowerPC to Intel. With a max clock rate of 3.2 GHz, it is a powerful chip and performance of the highest standard. Apple also later released M1 Pro and M1 Max versions. The latest release was that of the M1 Ultra chip in March 2022. 

The M1 chip is available in every latest iPad be it iPad Pro or iPad Air. The difference in the quality of the M1 chip in comparison with the other companies’ chips is pretty evident. Apple has created its own Frankenstein’s monster with the M1 chip and for the foreseeable future, Apple products are the way forward. 

2. Multitasking 

Who doesn’t love multitasking? The iPad, especially the newer generation, is aptly built for multitasking. You can open Safari, Chrome, or any other web browser all at once. Surf away on the web for shopping, usual web browsing, or just some casual viewing. Use multiple apps at once with the slide-over function or the split view function. You can also drag and drop content from one app to the other in no time. Now that is what you call multitasking with time-saving quality as well. 

3. Note Taking  

takes notes for school on ipad

Apple Pencil is one of the finest styluses on the market today. Use the Pencil to make handwritten notes on your iPad. With perfect pressure sensitivity and ease to use makes it a smooth experience. Note-taking is fun as you can copy the handwritten texts and use them as typed text in other applications and draw pictures around it or use it for additional information whichever is the case. 

With the Apple Pencil, you can also scribble away in the safari browser and it will show immediate results. Even safari recognizes the pencil. You can open the links on the browser and screenshot or copy/paste texts from the articles into your notes via the Apple Pencil. It is all too easy and convenient. Note-taking on iPads is really smooth and convenient. It is a must-try feature. 

4. Drawing and Painting 

Did we say the iPad is good for Note-taking? Well, it is even better for drawing and painting thanks to the Apple Pencil. The accurate pressure sensitivity and lag-free experience with the Apple Pencil allow you to draw freely. You can pour your imagination into this screen canvas and the result will be impeccable. 

You can design 3D sketches. Use your touch to move and manipulate the sketches. Incorporate your 3D designs in projects and meetings. View your designs in AR via your iPad. You can create your own animations as well on your iPad and bring them to life. There are several animated apps on the Apple store which run smoothly on the iPad. Possibilities are endless when you draw and paint via the iPad. 

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5. Podcast and Music-making

There are millions of podcasts available at any given time today. It is difficult to start your own podcast especially if you don’t have the right device. iPad gives you the perfect platform to start a podcast. Not only podcasts but you can create your own music via iPad. There is a GarageBand app on the Appstore which is perfect to start a podcast or record music. You can create, edit and even plug in a musical instrument and start recording your album or start a podcast of your liking.  

6. Video Streaming 

The iPad is really a quality device when it comes to video streaming. Let’s start with the obvious feature. Apple right from the bat gives you a 3-month free subscription to Apple TV+. You can watch Apple’s original series and movies from their library. You can also watch YouTube and different versions of YouTube like YouTube Kids(for kids) and YouTube Music(with videos) on the iPad. Then there is Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+ which you can stream on the iPad once you download them from the app store. It’s the iPad’s cool LED display and crystal clear viewing that enhance the overall streaming experience, not to mention the quality of its speakers and excellent battery life. Even when traveling iPads are the perfect companion for video streaming as they are not massive in size as well.

7. Book Reading

If you’re an avid book reader or even just a casual reader then the iPad becomes a good option for you. Instead of having to collect books and physically storing them in your home space, you can just download Kindle, Apple Books, and audiobooks or iReader from the Playstore. There is also an option of downloading Audible, which is an Audiobook exclusively for you to listen to rather than read. You get so many options with the iPad for reading that it’s unreal. 

You don’t have to turn on reading lamps at night as the iPad has a well-lit reading feature. There are millions of books that can be downloaded from the above-mentioned play store and multiple books at once. You can store the books in the library and can read them at any given moment. The audiobooks are a gamechanger too, if you’re too busy to physically read the books on your iPad then you can listen to the audiobooks when you’re working or driving or for casual listening. 

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8. Scanning Documents

A very underrated quality of iPad and devices alike is their ability to scan documents. Apple iPads have an inbuilt scanner in them, so you can use the back camera of the tablet – to scan the document and then share or send it to wherever. You can scan notes, documents, resize the documents and notes via the scanner and then send it. The process is pretty smooth and you can scan any paper document and then convert it into a digital document with ease via the iPad’s scanner. This may not look like a winning feature but people who are in an industry where documents are exchanged every day will appreciate this very underrated feature. 

9. Video Games

playing games on ipad

The power of the M1 chip in the iPads will also be witnessed when you play games on them. Download any number of games on your iPad and they will run smoothly. The heavier games like Batman Arkham Knight or Fortnite run smoothly even on the full tilt of settings. There are thousands of games available on the Play store from puzzles, action to RPG-based games. Select according to your preference and go crazy.

Another cool aspect of owning an iPad and playing games on it is the feature to connect either a Playstation or an Xbox controller with the iPad. Any gamer out there knows how comfortable it is to play games with a controller rather than tapping buttons on the screen. One other feature that the iPad provides its gamers is the Apple Arcade where you can buy a subscription and then play the games ad-free.

10. Photo and Video Editing

If you’re a content creator then the iPad is a perfect companion for you, even if you’re a beginner for that matter. There are so many great editing apps on the play store and you can select or download them according to your need and taste. The iPad’s own inbuilt editing feature is fantastic and easy to use as well. Using an iPad to edit photos and videos also saves you lots of time as you can edit stuff on the go. 

Whenever an idea pops into your head and the iPad is handy with you then you can just turn it on and edit the art in a jiff. But yeah, there are just so many cool editing apps on the play store that you will definitely like to give at least 4 or 5 of them a go-to edit your stuff and all with impactful results. 

11. Building Your Own Code

You can build your own real apps via Apple’s own SwiftUI. Build your codes in the Swift playgrounds and experiment with them and see your own ideas come to life via apps. SwiftUI lets you build your own code and apps with complete freedom and if you’re an app developer then this is a virtual playground for you and your ideas. You can also learn about AR from augmented reality learning apps. 

12. Portability

One of the greatest features of the iPad is its portability. When you are traveling light then bringing along an iPad makes way more sense than a Macbook or other laptops. It is comparatively lightweight and you get all the features of laptops in iPads and more. 

Then there are features such as book reading, video games, and editing things on the go that make the iPad a perfect traveling companion. What else do you need when you travel? Music? Movies, Video streaming? The iPad has got everything covered with its excellent display and immersive sound quality. All in all, the iPad is a perfect portable device.

13. Video Calls

The clarity of voice and video that the iPad provides during video calls is superb. The speakers in the iPad have always been quality be it the previous generation tablets or the present generations. 

On top of that Apple has never undercut its loyal following with a sub-standard camera, the camera quality has also been top-notch since the beginning. As far as options for video calls, the iPad offers FaceTime, Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, and every other Apple compatible video calling app to make video calls. You can even do multitask while on video calls with the help of the previously mentioned split-screen mode. 

14. Longevity

The iPad is an absolute beast of a device. They are extremely durable and long-lasting. Hence even if they cost a bit more than tablets which are in direct competition, iPads generally last longer and are effective right till the end which is why whatever you pay for the iPad it is absolutely worth it and in long run, it does make it a value for money device. 

Not just the software and feature-wise but the iPad overall physically is also rigid and tough. They have a tough exterior with solid resistance. You can easily seek out years of usage out of a single iPad. 

15. Brand Value

Come on, who doesn’t buy Apple products for its brand. You would be lying if you said no. Apple is one of the if not the biggest multinationals in the World with stock prices soaring through the sky. Not only that but Apple products have become a posh-style statement as well. 

It is also fair because of the amount of hard work you put in your daily life to be able to afford such quality products – they deserve to be flaunted. Not to forget about the resale value of Apple products as well. Their resale or exchange value is very high, hence once you buy an Apple product you can easily resell it for good value or exchange that product for a newer Apple product with a good exchange rate. 

The iPads are long-lasting devices and absolute quality with great value and quality style statement. So if you’re looking for a premium quality tablet then Apple will anyway always be at the top of your list because of the brand value and trustworthiness. 

16. Presentations

Making presentations on the iPad is super easy. You can do that via Keynote on the iPad. You can select any theme you like in the Keynote for the presentation, Select any themed layout for your purpose in it, and then there are placeholder images in every layout. You can replace your own image and content title in place of the placeholder image and you are ready to go. The process is very easy and convenient and is also one of the underrated features of the iPad.

17. Web Surfing

You get various options on the iPad for web surfing. There is already an inbuilt default safari app for every Apple device for web surfing. On top of that you can also download Google Chrome from the app store as an alternative or if you’re a frequent user of Google Chrome from previous devices. 

One of the better reasons to surf the web on the iPad in comparison to laptops or Macbooks is the ability to touch the screen and zoom in and zoom out any content of your preference. 

18. Social Media

Ah yes…Social media. It is a necessity nowadays to keep in touch with the latest news, family, sports, and gossip. You get the option to download every type of social media app from the app store i.e Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger. The iPad is also a better option to use social media apps than laptops according to many surveys. 

19. Emails 

Emails are part and parcel of our daily lives and an essential one at that. We get daily emails from our work, family, and leisure and it is necessary to get access to every email portal on your device. On iPad you already have access to your regular Apple mailing address but, you also get to download Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo from the app store. Every substantial mail app can be accessed on the iPad. 

I already have a MacBook and iPhone. Why would I buy an iPad then?

If you look at it the other way around then if you do have an iPhone and a MacBook then why not buy an iPad as well? We will give you certain reasons to buy an iPad alongside them as well but generally, the iPad gives you a totally different user experience than an iPhone and the MacBook. 

Look, it is a personal choice if you want to buy an iPad. We will give the reasons why you should buy an iPad as well. But basically, Macbook is capable of running every iPad app competently. There are still other reasons why you should go for an iPad as and here are those reasons. 

  • Drawing

You can draw and build sketches on the iPad which you cannot do conveniently on either the iPhone or the MacBook. You already have an inbuilt system to create art on the iPad and then you can transfer those drawings or art to your MacBook. The touchscreen function to edit and draw your art is essential as it gives you more control over the project and eventually gives you the desired result. 

  • Note Taking

Well, you can do note-taking on your iPhone and MacBook too but it is not as straightforward as it is on the iPad. The iPad gives you the luxury to drag and drop items from one app to the other with absolute ease. There is no lag or disturbance when dragging and dropping items as well. The iPhone does not do the drag and drop feature and the MacBook does not have a touch screen feature to carry it out. 

  • Portability

Granted, the iPhone obviously is a more portable device but the iPad is more portable than the MacBook on the other hand. When you’re traveling and you want to travel light but have work to finish, then the iPad makes much more sense to carry around than the MacBook. 

The reason is, the iPad can do all the work that a MacBook would, and the iPhone couldn’t do the job of the MacBook, hence it is wise to travel around with an iPad. The iPads are a convenient device.

  • Ecosystem

Now, this is not a bonafide reason to buy an iPad, it still may be a reason enough for some people to buy though. You can create an Apple ecosystem if you already have an iPhone and a MacBook. It is always convenient when you own devices from a single company. You can create your own ecosystem and keep your things secure because you will always have a backup if one of the three things were to break down and to be honest three Apple devices would look cool(wink)!

Final Thoughts –  Should You Buy an Ipad?

We will highly recommend buying an iPad over other tablets if you have the budget for a premium tablet. There are more than enough reasons we have given for you to make a calculated decision. Apple is a trustworthy, premium brand with good resale value. The products are top-notch and user-friendly.

The iPad is a whole package. It does offer more than an iPhone but will also do a substantial amount of work like a laptop. So if you are unwilling to splurge on a Macbook and want similar desirable results, then the iPad is a solid cheaper option. 

If you are making an Apple universe within your family, then for compatibility reasons too, iPads are recommended. iPads can work as a second screen for your Macbook too or you can connect your iPhone with the iPad as well. AirDrop your photos, videos, contacts, or anything that appears on your share sheet between the two Apple devices(iPad to iPhone and vice versa).

We also have gone through the quality features extensively so we don’t need to describe that again. The iPad is just a whole package brimmed with quality features. So if you made a decision to go ahead and buy an iPad then you will never regret it. Ultimately, the choice will always be yours.

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