The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8, like any tablet or consumer electronic device, for that matter – has its fair share of issues. One such issue, an astute one amongst Android aficionados, is that the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 won’t turn on, just black screen.

When this happens, your tablet may work, but you won’t be able to see it working. It may have notification noises or put off a charging sound. In any case, we’ve listed down the methods you can use to get your tablet back up and working again. 

Charge Your Tablet

samsung galaxy tab a8 won't turn on

First things first, your Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 may have a black screen simply because the battery is dead. In that case, a quick charge is all it’ll need. If it’s been off for an excessively long period of time, you may need to keep the tablet plugged in for as long as 2-3 hours before you see the screen brighten up again.

In any case, your first step when your Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is going through a black screen and isn’t turning on is to check your charging.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Won’t Turn On? – Force Restart Your Tab

Oftentimes, a black screen is due to a software glitch or error. In those cases, a force restart will clear all your woes. To force restart your Tab A8, hold the POWER button and the VOLUME DOWN buttons together for 20-30 seconds and let go after you see the SAMSUNG logo pop up on the screen.

As soon as you see the logo, you’ll see the Android logo come up eventually and will be led to your lock screen. 

Charging Cable Fix

Plug your Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 into your charger. And keep removing the cable and inserting it back again until you hear the audible charging Beep. As soon as you do, force restart your Tab A8 by holding the power button and the volume down button together for 20-30sec. Now, you should be able to see your lock screen pop back up.

Tap On Your Tab A8

Hold your Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 vertically and then forcibly tap on your screen. Keep tapping with your two fingers on every corner of the screen. Keep doing so on every part of your screen; your screen may eventually brighten up. The reason why we’re tapping in the first place is that some components may be dislodged inside your tablet.

And, when you tap on your table twitch some force, there’s a chance that that component might click back into where it is supposed to be, which will invoke the screen to turn on as soon as that happens.

If you still have the black screen, rotate your tablet and now do the taps on the back case. If you have white lines, a half-colored screen, or even a blacked-out screen, just force restart your tablet and see if the SAMSUNG logo pops up.

Press On Your Screen

If you’ve reached this point, chances are that your screen or its connectors have been dislodged. If the tap method doesn’t work, the next best thing is to gently exert pressure upwards using your thumbs on the screen.

This is pretty much like giving your tablet a massage. The reason why this works is because it helps connect any dislodged component present inside your screen. More often than not, you’ll hear an audible click inside your tablet, with the screen turning on immediately after.

Note: If you don’t want your screen to get dirty with fingerprint marks, we recommend using a micro fiber cloth on both your thumbs instead.

Remember, when performing this method, don’t be afraid to use a little bit of force to ensure that you’re really ensuring any dislodged components can get reconnected.

Put Your Tablet In The Freezer

samsung galaxy tab a8 won't turn on? put it in freezer

Yes, seriously, this works! Put your tablet in a clear plastic bag, a Ziploc, for example, and place it inside your freezer for 20-30 minutes. After doing so, take your tablet out of the freezer and force restart it, the way we mentioned prior. There’s a high chance that you’ll see your tablet come back to life.

The reason why this works is because there’s a chance that some internal component might have heated to the point where it simply doesn’t work. Or, the temperature sensor present inside your tablet may have malfunctioned. Throwing it inside the freezer will let it get a cold start.

Spam Your Power Button

If your Power button is jammed, has dirt or debris, or maybe you’ve had some chips last night, and now the button’s all moist – spamming your power button will do the trick. We don’t recommend applying a lot of force, but; go for it if needed.


If, after trying all these methods, your screen still does not turn on, there is some physical damage to your device. And, resorting to Samsung or a local technician will be necessary to get it sorted. 

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