In the fast-paced world of tech innovation, Samsung has always been a trailblazer, changing how we connect with our devices. One of their coolest innovations, the Samsung S-Pen, has totally upped the game for user experience. We’re diving into the universe of Samsung S-Pen compatibility, uncovering how it teams up with all sorts of gadgets, from phones to tablets and beyond.

Let’s explore together which devices are compatible with S-Pen.

All Samsung Tablets That Support The S-Pen

Here’s a quick table that mentions all the Samsung tablets that support the S-Pen:

Model NameRelease DateCompatible S-Pen
Galaxy Tab S9 UltraAugust 11, 2023S-Pen Pro
Galaxy Tab S9 PlusAugust 11, 2023S-Pen Pro
Galaxy Tab S9August 11, 2023S-Pen Pro
Galaxy Tab S8 UltraFebruary 25, 2022S-Pen Pro
Galaxy Tab S8 PlusFebruary 25, 2022S-Pen Pro
Galaxy Tab S8February 25, 2022S-Pen Pro
Galaxy Tab S7August 5, 2020S-Pen Pro
Galaxy Tab S7 PlusAugust 5, 2020S-Pen Pro
Galaxy Tab S6 LiteMay 23, 2022S-Pen Pro
Galaxy Tab S6August 1, 2019S-Pen Pro
Galaxy Tab S4August 1, 2018S-Pen Pro
Galaxy Tab S3March 24, 2017S-Pen Pro
Galaxy Tab Active ProOctober 22, 2019S-Pen Pro
Galaxy Tab Active 3September 28, 2020S-Pen Pro
Galaxy Tab Active 2October, 2017S-Pen Pro
Galaxy Tab ActiveDecember, 2014S-Pen
Galaxy Tab A 8.0May 1, 2015S-Pen
Galaxy Tab A 9.7July, 2015S-Pen

Other Samsung Devices That Are Compatible with S-pen Pro

Unlike Apple Samsung also made smartphones compatible with their S pen. You can take notes and draw on Galaxy Z Fold5, S23 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Book 3, etc. Let’s take a look at the full list.

Model NameRelease DateCompatible S-Pen
Galaxy Z Fold 5August 11, 2023S-Pen Pro
S23 UltraFebruary 17, 2023S-Pen Pro
Galaxy Book 3February 17, 2023S-Pen Pro
Galaxy Z Fold 4August 25, 2022S-Pen Pro
S22 UltraFebruary 25, 2022S-Pen Pro
Galaxy Z Fold 3August 27, 2021S-Pen Pro
S21 UltraJanuary 29, 2021S-Pen Pro

Best Samsung Tablets

Samsung S-pen Compatibility

What Devices Are Compatible With The S-Pen Pro?

All devices that are compatible with the S-Pen work with the S-Pen Pro except a select few released before 2017. Therefore, if you have a compatible S-Pen Pro, you’ll be able to use it with your older tablet too.

Is S Pen Fold Edition Compatible WIth Samsung Tablets?

No, the S Pen Fold Edition is not compatible with Samsung tablets, and the S Pen Pro isn’t compatible with the Fold Series. This is because the S Pen is meant to be housed outside a case, while the Fold series requires a case. 

Is The S-Pen Pro / S-Pen Worth It For A Samsung Tablet?

Absolutely yes, the S-Pen Pro / S-Pen is worth it for any Samsung tablet. Whether you are an avid artist or just like to take notes, the S-Pen really shapes up your tablet experience. It’s even convenient if you just want to browse the web; sometimes, using your Pen instead of a finger is more convenient. And, since it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, it is a worthwhile purchase regardless of your Samsung tablet.

Can You Use The Samsung S Pen on Any Tablet?

Typically, you can’t use a Samsung S Pen with tablets made by other brands unless they specifically mention compatibility. Samsung S Pens use their own special technology that might not work with non-Samsung tablets.

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