You can leave your tablet on all the time. That’s one of the benefits of owning a tablet: to have immediate access to the web, camera, flashlights, and all the apps.

These days, leaving a tablet on all the time is not an issue. The new generation devices have built-in circuit boards that allow them to stay on all the time, and it’s no problem to leave your tablet plugged in all the time. It won’t damage the battery or the tablet itself.

Is It Safe To Use a Tablet While It’s Charging?

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Yes, you can use your tablet while charging it. With the new generation, tablets now have built-in circuit boards that prevent the devices from overheating and overcharging.

You might feel that the devices get a little hot while charging, but that’s just natural; it won’t get to the point where it can cause damage.  

Can Tablets Be Overcharged?

No, tablets can’t be overcharged thanks to modern technology. The charging of your tablet stops at 100% automatically, and your tablet will no longer consume electricity.

At What Percentage Should I Start Charge My Tablet?

It’s generally recommended to start charging your tablet when its battery level drops to around 20-30%. This helps optimize battery health and longevity.

You can unplug your tablet once it reaches around 80-90% charge for a balance between usability and battery longevity. Avoid letting it consistently reach 100% or dropping below 20% for extended periods to promote optimal battery health.

Do Tablets Charge Faster When Turned Off?

Yes, tablets typically charge faster when they are turned off, as the device’s battery is not being used while charging. Your battery gets drained by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, App background refresh, and many other things. By turning it off, it eliminates any battery drain. Thus, your tablet will charge a bit faster.

Another useful way of charging your tablet is keeping it in airplane mode instead of turning it off, it’s helpful when you are in a rush.

How To Extend Tablets Battery Life?

There are many ways you can make your tablet’s battery last longer, here are some tips:

1. Dim Your Tablet’s Brightness 

For starters, dim your brightness when not needed. You do not need to keep your brightness at full tilt in the dark or even when the surroundings are bright. Keep the brightness at around the medium mark normally.

2. Disable The Notifications 

Another useful hack is disabling the notifications. Pop-up notifications are not only annoying but also battery-draining when not disabled. Also, close all the unneeded apps in the background. These apps will keep running and keep draining your battery.

3. Turn-On Energy Saving Mode

You can turn on energy-saving mode on Android Tablets and Low Power mode on iPads. These settings may include options to limit background processes, reduce screen brightness, and optimize overall power consumption.

4. Use Wi-Fi Instead of Mobile Data

When possible, connect to Wi-Fi instead of using mobile data, as Wi-Fi typically consumes less power.

There are other things you can do to optimize your tablet’s battery life: Limit resource-intensive apps, disable background refresh, avoid extreme temperatures, and turn off unnecessary features like Bluetooth, GPS, and even Wi-Fi when not in use, which can help you save battery life.

Should You Turn Off Your Tablet and Phone Before Bed?


Turning off your devices at night can offer several benefits:

  • You will boost battery life.
  • You will reduce energy consumption.
  • You will limit your radiation exposure.
  • You will extend your device’s overall lifespan.
  • You will improve your device’s performance (regularly restarting your devices allows them to refresh and clear system resources).
  • You will sleep better (exposure to the blue light emitted by screens can interfere with melatonin production and disrupt sleep patterns.)

Stepping away from technology can offer a respite that can effectively alleviate stress and foster relaxation. This simple act can bring several benefits, including improved sleep, enhanced overall health, and heightened productivity—just by turning your gadgets off at night.

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