Do you need a tablet if you already have a smartphone? There are some things a tablet can do that a phone can’t, and there are some things you can do on a tablet in a much better quality.

Tablets Have Larger Screens

Tablets have bigger screens. The larger screen provides a more immersive and visually engaging experience compared to smartphones. They are making it ideal for various activities such as watching movies, taking notes, playing games, reading, and productivity tasks. The larger screen enhances the visibility of content and allows for more comfortable multitasking, allowing the use of two applications simultaneously.

Best Large Screen Tablets

Tablets Can Open Two Apps Simultaneously

This feature, multitasking or split-screen mode, is available on many tablets. This functionality allows you to have two applications open and visible on the screen at the same time, promoting enhanced productivity and efficiency.

The split screen is something you can do on a tablet but not on the phone; you can open up YouTube on one side and the notes app on the other side and take down the key points of the video.

split screen

Tablets Have Better Audio

In general, tablets have better audio quality due to larger physical dimensions, allowing larger speakers and advanced audio systems, but this depends on the models.

The enhanced audio system allows you to enjoy movies in better quality, video calls, and music.

Audio is often underrated when it comes to videos and movies, but actually, it’s just as important as the picture quality.

Tablets Are Less Expensive Than Phones

Tablets, on average, tend to have lower price points than smartphones. This price difference can be attributed to several factors.

Tablets typically have fewer built-in components and features compared to smartphones. While smartphones are designed to be all-in-one devices with calling capabilities, high-quality cameras, and extensive connectivity options, tablets are often more specialized for tasks like multimedia consumption, productivity, and browsing. This specialization allows manufacturers to offer tablets at a lower cost.

Tablets come in a wide price range, from budget options below $100 to premium models reaching $2000. However, on average, tablets tend to be more affordable than premium smartphones.

Tablets Offer Better Gaming Experience

playing games on tablet

Depending on the operating system of your tablet, you will have either Google Play Store, App Store, Microsoft Apps, or Amazon App Store, where there are exclusive games just for tablet owners.

You can also connect a Bluetooth controller to your tablet, which allows you to use your tablet as a gaming console. It really gives you an advantage over other players, especially in shooter games and racing games.

If you have a Playstation or Xbox, you can play all the games you have on your console on your tablet as well. Game streaming services allow you to play console games on a tablet by streaming the game content over the internet. This means that the actual processing and rendering of the game occur on the console, and the video and control inputs are transmitted to the tablet in real time. Services like PlayStation Remote Play or Xbox Cloud Gaming (formerly known as Project xCloud) offer such capabilities.

Tablets Offer Better Movie Experience

woman watching movies in bed on tablet

Tablets provide a superior movie-watching experience compared to smartphones due to their larger screens, higher resolution displays, and more favorable aspect ratios that eliminate black bars. With enhanced audio quality and comfortable form factors for extended viewing, tablets offer an immersive and cinematic environment. Their portability also makes them a convenient choice for on-the-go movie watching, striking a balance between screen size and mobility that enhances the overall entertainment experience.

Personally, I find it hard to fall asleep without watching something. I don’t have a TV in my bedroom, but I can take my tablet in bed and watch Netflix. It’s really convenient, I have a case that offers multiple viewing angles, and it’s easy to take with you when traveling.

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You Can Take Handwritten Notes on a Tablet

You can take handwritten notes on a tablet using a stylus(digital pen). Many tablets, especially those designed for productivity and creativity, come with touchscreens that support stylus input.

These styluses often offer features such as pressure sensitivity and palm rejection, making the note-taking experience more natural and accurate. You can choose from various note-taking apps available on the tablet’s app store or use built-in note-taking functionalities.

Best Tablets with Stylus For Note-Taking

You Can Create Art On a Tablet

Artists can use a digital pen to sketch, draw, paint, and apply various artistic effects on the tablet’s screen. The digital nature of this process offers advantages such as easy undo/redo, layering, and the ability to experiment with a wide range of tools and colors. Professional artists often use tablets specifically designed for creative work, and there are numerous apps available that cater to different artistic styles and preferences.

There are many artists that use tablets to create art: tattoo artists, digital illustrators, comic book artists, 3D artists, graphic designers, photographers video editors, etc.

You Can Read on a Tablet

Tablets have larger screens, providing a more comfortable reading experience. The increased display size allows for more content to be visible at once, reducing the need for frequent scrolling.

With thousands of ebooks accessible on platforms like Kindle, Google Books, and Apple Books, it’s a valuable resource for avid readers. If you find yourself in books frequently, consider investing in a screen protector for your tablet. This accessory serves to minimize blue light emission, reducing eye strain and enhancing the overall comfort of your reading experience.

What Can Tablets Do That Phones Can’t?

  • You can create music.
  • You can take handwritten notes.
  • You can edit photos and videos.
  • You can use a split screen. Open two apps at once.
  • With a keyboard, you can use it as a laptop replacement.
  • You can draw and create illustrations and other art pieces.
  • You can watch movies with much better video and audio quality.

Can a Tablet Replace a Smartphone?

Phones have distinct advantages over tablets, including the ability to make calls, send text messages, operate with one hand, and conveniently fit into pockets.

You can download apps on tablets that allow you to make calls and send text messages over the internet. Popular apps for this purpose include Skype, WhatsApp, Google Duo, and other VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) applications.

While a tablet is too large to fit into a pocket and can be cumbersome to use with one hand, it’s worth noting that, with a few workarounds, a tablet can technically replace a smartphone.

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