which ipads have face id? only ipad pro models have this feature and here is the full list of them

Which iPads Have Face ID?

Face ID was introduced as a replacement to Apple’s previous biometric authentication method, Touch ID. Creating a 3D mapping of your face, Face ID has now gone through multiple iterations on the iPhone and has …

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how to screenshot on ipad - multiple ways - simple guide with pictures and videos

How to Screenshot On iPad

Perhaps you stumbled upon a perfect meme you want to share with your friends or a recipe you plan to make for lunch. You can quickly save them to your iPad by taking a screenshot. …

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do ipads have headphone jacks? which ones? full list of ipads with headphone jacks

Which iPads Have Headphone Jack?

Apple is known for its continuous improvements and innovations. So when they announced that iPhone 7 doesn’t feature a headphone jack, it was clear this was a brand new trend. The technology behind headphone jacks …

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ipad pro 2021, PROS, CONS, SPECS

Apple iPad Pro (5th Generation) (2021)

Here’s everything you need to know about the Apple iPad Pro, with Apple’s own M1 chip. When we say M1 being a game-changer, then we absolutely mean it. Inspired by Apple’s own A14 Bionic chip, …

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