you want to know which controller is the best for ipad? we have the ultimate list of the best options

Best Controller for iPad

Are you tired of struggling to play your favorite games on your iPad with just touch controls? If so, you may be in the market for a gaming controller. But with so many options available, …

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how to play fortnite on your ipad

How to Play Fortnite on iPad

You seem to be a Fortnite fan like me. That is why you are asking about how to play Fortnite on iPad? But can you still play Fortnite on an iPad after its ban on …

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why apple banned fortnite

Why Apple Banned Fortnite?

Why Apple Banned Fortnite? How To Play Fortnite On iPhone / iPad Apple’s known to keep a tight ship. Their closed ecosystem has sparked many issues. However, their decision to ban Fortnite from the Apple …

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