ernests embuntieks founder of

Ernests loves tech. Is an iPad Pro, Macbook, and iPhone user. He's also the founder and chief editor of the WolfofTablet blog. No article gets published before he reviews them. Making sure the information is accurate and helpful to the user.

saad muzaffar senior content creator for wolfoftablet

Saad has been an important part of the WolfofTablet blog. He's a Senior Content Creator and an excellent writer. He makes sure that the articles are up to date and that they resolve the readers' problems. He explains difficult things in a very simple way, so it's understandable for the pros and the beginners.

tosin german translator

Tosin has helped tremendously. He has translated most of the articles into German language. He's fluent in English and German. Currently living in Germany, Berlin. He also has a passion for technology and often comes up with ideas on how to improve the articles. He also loves to point of typos.