Uses for an Old Tablet: How To Reuse Your Old Tablet

Never throw away your old tablets without realizing their potential as a second option.

There is a quote about everything that deserves a second chance. Well, old tablets come into that category as well. First off, tablets are a luxury commodity, to begin with so you have to use them till the screen falls off or the battery finally caves. 

Once you buy a tablet, it is not imperative that you start thinking about what to do with it after its complete usage. But it won’t hurt to think about a backup plan for your tablet. 

The thing about the majority of the tablets is that they are pretty rugged and rough. Even if you are a rough user the tablet will not break down all of a sudden. If you have a software issue or something then it is a completely different matter but tablets just don’t break down easily. 

It is also not easy to just throw away your old tablets when they are actually in working condition. You won’t feel like throwing or giving it away either. Anything that is in a working condition will always have its uses. There is also an emotional attachment to your old devices. 

Consider every possibility before moving on your tablet or disposing it of. There are avenues you wouldn’t have even thought of. So take your time and then decide what to do.

Below we bring you a compilation of various ways in which you can resume your old gadget.

1. Use It as a Streaming Device

use your old tablet for streaming and movies

You can exclusively use your old tablet as a streaming device. You can’t carry your television everywhere, so this option comes in handy. You can stream movies or even stream sports on the go.

By making it your streaming device, you would not have to drain the battery of your main tablet. When you have to kill time on your travels, then this might just be your best option. 

Don’t we all want to watch our favorite shows wherever we want to? You can do this by using your old tablet as a television. 

2. Add It to Your Room as a Glorified Bedside Clock

use your old tablet as a dedicated clock

You can always say that it is a luxury you could afford! You have a tablet as your bedside clock. You can factory reset your old tablet, delete all the applications from it and leave it on airplane mode.

It is certainly some sort of innovation, well at least it is actually something though. The larger than normal alarm clock display certainly helps. You wouldn’t be squinting your eyes to look at the time anymore. 

Another great thing to use your tablet as an alarm is that you can put your favorite song as the wake-up tune!

3. Create Your Own Digital Photo Frame

use your old tablet/ipad as a digital frame

This is a pretty basic but excellent idea. Use your old tablet as a digital photo frame. Your stored pictures or the new ones, all the memories from Google Photos or any other cloud storage can simply be displayed on the screen.

You can also load all of your old photos into the tablet and let those scroll by, without the need to connect with the internet. This would also save the battery!

If you love someone dearly and plan on giving them a gift with a personalized touch, simply factory reset your tablet, load it with all the pictures that you want to, and voila! Your customized present is ready!

If you want all the latest photos to be shown as a slideshow, you will need access to a working internet connection.

4. Transform Your Tablet Into a Kid-Friendly Tablet

give your old ipad/tablet to a kid

If you have a kid, you will be very well aware of their craze for modern gadgets. One way to use your old tablet is to convert it into a kid-friendly one. You can remove all of your applications and load the tablet with kid’s applications.

With the onset of online classes and various online programs, your kid can also use the tablet to attend his classes or take those extra courses online.

You can also donate your tablet to the less privileged kid and help them.

5. Use It as an Exclusive E-Book Reader Device

use your old tablet as a e-book reader

If you are an avid reader, this should definitely top your list. In the 21st century, almost all books are available online, be it fiction or any study-related book. 

You can dedicate your old tablet completely to reading. Load and store as many books as you want on the tab, download multiple reading applications without any worry for storage, space, or memory.

Another great advantage about using the tablet to read e-books is that you can adjust the screen brightness as per your liking, and you won’t have to worry about being disturbed by any messages or calls on this tablet. Isn’t that amazing?

By using your tablet as your e-book, you will be saved from the hassle of carrying books while traveling.

E-books vs Tablets

6. Convert Into a Dedicated Music Player 

convert your old device to a dedicated music streaming tablet

With the variety of music options available, podcasts, and online radio streaming, you can be assured to never get bored by converting your old tablet into a dedicated music system.

All you need is a pair of speakers to be attached to the tablet to transform it into a music player.

You can download multiple songs if you want to create an offline music library, or else have access to the internet connection to get all the latest songs.

7. Notch up the Security by Using Your Android Tablet as a Security Camera

use your old tablet as a security camera

There are several mobile applications available compatible with Android phones, that you can use for video recording. They can very well act as a security camera.

You can place the tablet anywhere and using a compatible web browser, you can see the live recording and happenings.

8. Convert It Into a Family Device

use your old tablet for grocery list, calendar and other family stuff

Do you have several things to share with your family? For instance, grocery list or any saved recipes, downloaded shows, and reminders in the calendar?

You can convert your old tablet into a family-friendly tablet. Download your favorite recipes, set up reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other important day!

All the family members can keep on adding items to the grocery list on the common device.

9. Utilize It as a Universal Smart Remote 

use your old tablet as a smart home remote

All the smart devices operate with a remote. And more often than not, it is a complete headache to manage all the remotes. 

You can download the applications to operate your smart devices like Chromecast or Amazon devices.

10. Use It as a Video Conferencing Station

use your old tablet for zoom/skype and video calls

We sometimes need to have a meeting with our colleagues and sometimes we just want to talk to our loved ones and technology can make it happen even if they are living a thousand miles away.

Old tablets work great with Zoom/Skype/Google Hangouts and other video call applications. As long as your device has a decent camera and decent speakers it will make a great video-conference device.

11. Convert It Into a Dedicated GPS Device

use your old ipad as a gps navigation device

Are you fond of hiking, cycling, or driving? Do you require a GPS device to guide you through? You can convert your old tablet into a dedicated GPS device. 

The tablets that come with an inbuilt GPS  do not require an active connection too. You will have to compromise a bit on the accuracy, but it’s not a bad deal considering that you literally do not have to pay anything from your pocket.

12. Have Your Own Personalized Gaming Device

use your old ipad/tablet as a dedicated gaming device

If you or anyone in your family is an avid gamer, this option will be a delight for you. Most of the tablets have Snapdragon 208, 210, and 212, and Qualcomm 205 processors. This is enough for a smooth gaming experience. Most of the games available on the Appstore and Playstore can be enjoyed smoothly with these specifications.

Another option is to completely change your tablet into a retro gaming station. External devices are available like a joystick and buttons. You can find kits that will help accomplish this task.

Once the fitting is done, you can download any game and have a great gaming experience.

13. Get an Extra Screen for Your Laptop or Desktop

use your old tablet/ipad as an extra monitor for your PC or laptop

You can improve your productivity by getting an extra screen for yourself. If you are an architect or a student, who wants to have an extra monitor, you don’t need to invest much.

A tablet can be connected with your desktop via iOS and Android applications designed for that purpose. Once downloaded, you can pair your laptop and desktop, and all the activities on the desktop will be reflected on the tablet.

14. Movie Player for Your Car

setup your old ipad/tablet as a movie streaming device just for your car

Planning to go on a vacation and need some entertainment for the same? You don’t have to spend much on fixing the in-built monitors in your car. 

You can use your old tablet as a replacement. Simply get the help of some professional to replicate the setting, and your work is done here.

Your family members and you can now have access to all the entertainment while in the car at least cost.

15. Sell Your Tablet

sometimes it's just easier to sell your old tablet/ipad

You might be surprised to know how much money you will get by selling your old gadget. Someone else might want it and might be willing to pay a good amount for your old tablet. So if you didn’t find a good use case, it’s definitely a good choice to sell it, someone might need it and you could get some pizza money in return. 

Or you can use the money to buy a new tablet/ipad or whatever.

16. Donate the Tablet to Someone Who Needs It

what to do with an old tablet/ipad? - you can donate it

It’s always a good idea to donate your thing(at least good for your soul), which might be very useful to the needy and to someone who cannot afford it. There are many programs and organizations available wherein you can donate your tablet. 

It’s a very noble thing you can do for someone.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous ways in which you can use your old tablet. Tablets, just like mobile phones, have numerous features that when used can be utilized in a variety of ways. Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it deserves to see your trash can. You can find some great use cases for your old tablet above. 

These are probably not the only use cases for old devices, but we wanted to share our ideas and our experience if you have found some other use cases, please, feel free to leave your comment below, and we will make sure to add your idea to the list.

Thanks for reading!

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