What To Do If You Get Your Tablet Wet?

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Getting your tablet wet is a concerning time for anyone who wants their electronics to stay alive. While most tablets do have some sort of water resistance, they aren’t meant to be dipped in water, unlike smartphones.

If your tablet does get wet, time is of an integral essence. Therefore, we recommend following the steps that we’ve mentioned down below as quickly as possible. All in all, the chance of your success is completely dependent on the amount of damage that has already been done.

Dry It Off

First things first, while your tablet is still turned on, dry it off completely. While doing so, check whether the primary functions of your device are working. This is so that you can immediately find out if your device has actually had water seep through and proceed accordingly.

If your device functions normally and there seems to be no moisture-related issue, then, you can let it rest for a few hours after drying it off and let it go. However, if you still see moisture seeping in, you’ll have to proceed to the next step.

Turn Your Tablet Off

Alright, now that we’ve realized that our tablet is going through some sort of moisture-based damage, it’s best to turn it off immediately. This is so that the electronics present in the device aren’t messed with further and the water does not immediately start harming them.

Clean Your Ports

Your headphone jack, SIM tool (if your tablet has one), volume rockers, home button, and any other physical port or opening are where moisture can collect and damage your device. Therefore, cleaning them as quickly as possible is of utmost importance.

In order to do so, we recommend picking up a dry Q-tip and gently rolling it in areas where your hands or fingers can’t reach. After a few tries, you should have cleaned up your ports pretty well. If your ports were affected by water damage, you can turn your tablet on at this stage and try charging it.

If your tablet starts charging, well and good! If it displays a water warning, you’ll have to proceed to the next steps like the rest of us. Sucks.

Its Rice Time

There’s a reason why you place a wet device in ice. Simple, rice absorbs all the moisture and gets to places in your device where your hands and fingers can’t. Plus, it is completely harmless for your device later on.

Get a tray of rice, fill it to the brim, then place your tablet inside it. Next, turn your ceiling fan or any sort of A/C right near the tray to speed the process up. Generally, leaving your device in rice for 24 hours does the trick.

Use Alcohol

Pure isopropyl alcohol (99%) alongside other alcohols has the property of displacing water when present near it. Isopropyl alcohol does not harm your device, unlike water. Therefore, you can gently pat your entire device with isopropyl alcohol, wait for it to dry off, and you should see some positive results.

Back Up Time

If all of this fails and your device still is not able to boot up, that means that you’ll probably have to give up or take it to a certified technician for them to try their fair share of fixes. Before you do that though, we recommend checking whether your tablet still is able to connect to your PC.

If it is able to do so, backing up your files and making sure you have the latest copy of them should be of utmost importance. You can use iTunes for iOS and Google Drive for Android to make sure that happens.

Head To A Repair Technician

Most repair technicians tend to not cater to water damage unless they’re absolutely sure they can fix it. This is generally because a tablet that has been soaked in water for too long is a lost cause since all the electronics short circuit or rust.

However, if your device still has parts that are dry, they can be salvaged. For instance, if your storage module or camera is intact, valuable information or parts can be extracted which can then be salvaged for parts.

In essence, even if you feel like there is no hope for your device after it is wet, we still recommend taking it to a local repair technician to hear their second thoughts.


What Happens When A Tablet Gets Wet?

When a tablet gets wet, it can immediately short out its circuits or give you a slight shock as well. As the water starts further reeking in, it can damage most of the electronics present to an unfathomable scale. Therefore, it is recommended to act fast and to make sure you get as much water out as possible.

Can Electronics Still Work After Getting Wet?

Yes, electronics can still work if they are wet given that they are dried off before you turn them off again. This is because water can only harm your device when electricity flows through it. If the device itself is turned off, there is no way water can affect the device.

How Do You Know If Your Tablet Has Water Damage?

If a part of your tablet has suddenly stopped working after being wet, there is discoloration or moisture found under the screen, blurriness, fuzziness, a crackled speaker / microphone, or an indicator on your device, chances are that your tablet has water damage.

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