Face ID was introduced as a replacement to Apple’s previous biometric authentication method, Touch ID. Creating a 3D mapping of your face.

Face ID has now gone through multiple iterations on the iPhone and has also made its way to the iPad. This begs the question. Which iPads have face IDs?

Face ID is exclusive to iPad Pro models. The Face ID feature sets them apart from other iPads. By keeping this feature exclusive, Apple ensures that the iPad Pro remains the premium model.

iPad Pro Models with Face ID

As of yet, only the iPad Pro models have Face ID. Here’s a list of all the iPads that currently have Face ID:

ModelRelease DateFace ID
iPad Pro (1st gen) 11-inchNovember 7, 2018Yes
iPad Pro (3rd gen) 12.9-inchNovember 7, 2018Yes
iPad Pro (2nd gen) 11-inchMarch 25, 2020Yes
iPad Pro (4th gen) 12.9-inchMarch 25, 2020Yes
iPad Pro (5th gen) 12.9-inchMay 24, 2021Yes
iPad Pro (3rd gen) 11-inchMay 24, 2021Yes
iPad Pro (6th gen) 12.9-inchOct 26, 2022Yes
iPad Pro (4th gen) 11-inchOct 26, 2022Yes

Is Face ID Better Than Touch ID?

Arguments can be made that Face ID is better than Touch ID because it does not require you to physically touch your device to unlock it.

But, that doesn’t mean that Touch ID doesn’t have its own merits. For instance, you need to look at your device to unlock it, but, with Touch ID, only a simple fling of your finger is enough to authenticate your device.

In terms of security, both Touch ID and Face ID are extremely secure. You can comfortably use Apple Pay / Apple Keychain without the worry of either system being compromised. While it does boil down to personal preference, I feel like Face ID is a welcomed improvement over Touch ID.

Why Don’t Other iPads Have Face ID?

Newly released models like the iPad Air 5 come equipped with the M1 and offer a lot of the same functionalities that are present in the iPad Pro models. However, one key differentiator is that the iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad series use Touch ID. 

On the other hand, the iPad Pro seems to be the only model that has Face ID. Why is that? Well, this is because of two reasons:

Cost Cutting

Implementing Touch ID is less expensive compared to Face ID. This is because Face ID utilizes TrueDepth cameras and requires a secondary sensor beside the front-facing camera for proper operation. 

On the other hand, Touch ID requires you to put in a fingerprint sensor anywhere on the chassis of the iPad, be it on the home button or lock button. So, since the iPad Air, Mini, and the iPad are all entry / mid-range iPads, cost-cutting is generally practiced in these models.

Establish Differences

You wouldn’t really want to purchase an iPad Pro if almost every feature that made the iPad Pro was present in the iPad Air, wouldn’t you? So, to ensure there’s a difference between the two models, Apple has implemented their latest standard of biometric authentication in their most premium product.

Will iPad Air / iPad Mini / iPad Have Face ID?

No, we do not expect to see Face ID coming to the iPad Air / iPad Mini / iPad anytime soon. This is because these tablets still are considered mid-range, and implementing Face ID on them will lead to a large design overhaul in order to accommodate the larger front-facing sensors.

Moreover, for as long as the iPad Pro uses Face ID, we don’t expect Apple to be adding the same features to their mid-range generation of products. This is so that they can establish a clear-cut difference between the two tablets.

This makes sense if you think about it from a business perspective.

Latest iPad That Has Face ID

The iPad Pro 12.9-inch (6th gen) and iPad Pro 11-inch (4th gen) are the newest iPad Pro models that are equipped with the Face ID feature.

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