Why Are iPads Never On Sale?

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iPads are the most popular consumer tablets out there. They hold a substantial market share in the industry and continue to dominate with innovative new features. With such a high volume of iPads circulating around, this begs the question, why are iPads never on sale?

iPads do go on sale sometimes, although it’s true that they do not go on sale as frequently as other tablet brands. Apple produces premium products. So, they aren’t keen on discounting products as it gives them a cheaper aesthetic. Moreover, the demand for iPads always overshadows their supply. So, Apple doesn’t need to discount iPads in the first place.

But that’s not all there is to the tale. In this article, we’re going to go over some ways you can find iPads on sale alongside the best places to get iPads at a discounted rate. Plus, we’ll go over why exactly Apple never discounts in the first place.

Reasons Why Apple Never Puts iPads On Sale

Let’s get one thing out of the way. Apple doesn’t conventionally put any iPad on sale. They only reduce the price of an iPad model when a newer iteration comes out. Until then, it’s offered at full price.

Even then, you’ll see a great discrepancy between Apple’s pricing of an older product compared to how its faring in the second-hand market. So, in most cases, people tend not to buy directly from Apple and instead resort to other retailers.

Apple Doesn’t Need To Put A Sale On

It’s that simple. Companies put up sales when they have an overwhelming amount of stock that they need to clear out. In Apple’s case, that simply never happens. Whether it be an iPad or an iPhone, they’re often running on empty and need to keep producing products to meet growing demands.

Unlike other companies that produce multiple models and products, the iPad lineup is still fairly limited in terms of its offerings. So, the company won’t be randomly running into a particular set of iPads not selling simply because there aren’t a lot of models that can warrant underperformance in terms of sales in the first place.

Apple Relays A Premium Image

Have you ever seen a Mercedes-Benz go on sale? It simply is against their brand’s culture. The same goes for Apple. iPads, amongst other Apple products, are meant to relay a premium image. And, premium products never go on sale. This is because discounts and a premium luxurious aesthetic do not go hand-in-hand.

If Apple were to start discounting iPads, it’d give off the impression that there are some models that are worse than the others which means their price must be reduced. Or, their sales might not be doing too well as initially expected. In any case, once you do start discounting, you’ve opened the figurative floodgates. And there’s no going back from that.

iPads Have A Unique Space In The Market

Unlike other tablets that constantly undercut and compete with each other, iPads hold a very unique space in the market. Simply put, no other company produces iPads other than Apple. So, if you were in the market for a new iPad, you can’t really get an iPad from any other brand.

google trends: iPads vs samsung tablets vs android tablets
Just to be clear, iPads are the same things as tablets.

Now, why do other brands put up discounts in the first place? Well, simple. There’ s a lot of competition in the Android tablet market, especially in the budget mid-range section. So, when a tablet wishes to truly undercut another one, discounts are the best way to get some damage done quickly.

With a discount, you are able to slash at your competitor’s price while still ensuring that your users identify that they’ll be receiving a higher-priced product for less. Now, since it’s hard to compare iPads to other tablets because of their difference in the operating system, the demand for iPads remains unique. 

Since the demand for the iPad is inherently unique, there’s no competition with the iPad directly. Due to a lack of competition, there’s no incentive for Apple to start discounting iPads that are already selling well.

How To Find iPads On Sale? (Discounted iPads)

While we’ve established quite thoroughly that the iPad doesn’t really do discounts. So, the brand doesn’t give them out. But, that doesn’t stop some retailers, or even Apple giving out discounts on very special occasions.

Here’s a quick look at some of the places and ways you can find an iPad on sale:

Claiming A Student Discount

Apple offers student discounts for a lot of their products including the iPad. The brand lets you get special education pricing for every model in the entire lineup. So, whatever your needs are, you’ll be able to get a device for a discounted rate compared to its general retail value. 

Being An Apple Employee

If you are an employee at Apple, you get a 25% discount for each Apple product. Moreover, you also get $500 in credit after two years. And, you can also have your friends and family get a 15% discount for up to 10 products.

This discount applies to all products, including the iPad. So, if you wanted to get an iPad on sale for cheap, this is a great way to do so.

Checking Retail Stores

Retail stores often have discounts on iPads and other Apple devices. This discount can vary from 10-30% depending on what you are purchasing. Generally, you will score a better deal on a site like Amazon or a big store like Walmart rather than opting to purchase something directly from Apple.

Regardless of where you get it from, you’ll still be covered by Apple’s stellar warranty. So, there’s no real inherent advantage of purchasing directly from the Apple Store other than the fact that newer products that have just been released are often present only on the Apple Store for a long time. 

Buying a Refurbished iPad

refurbished, used ipads are kinda on discount

There’s always an option to get a refurbished iPad. There aren’t that many downsides. It’s a great option if you want to save a few dollars.

You will still get a 1-year warranty, it will have a significantly lower price, and the condition won’t be new anymore, but it’s still great.

My Thoughts on Discounts

I personally dislike discounts. I respect Apple for applying a no-discount strategy to their products. Imagine you get an iPad for $1000, and the next day it goes on discount for $700. Wouldn’t you be pissed? I would be.

The next time you would want to buy a new product, whether that would be an Apple Watch, MacBook, iMac, iPad, etc., you will probably wait for a discount just not to feel like an idiot again, and that discount may never come.


Apple products like the iPad aren’t going on sale anytime soon. But you can still find them at lower prices if you look at retail stores or claim a discount directly from Apple. Their brand value, combined with their stellar demands, leads to them needing no reason to start putting iPads on sale. 

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